Sunday, July 22, 2012

Flashes of Light Seen Over Upshur County, Texas

Location of sighting between Gilmer and Ore City, in Upshur County, Texas.
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We received an emailed report of flashes of light in the sky over Upshur County, Texas. 

The report is as is, with no corrections.

July 20, 2012
Upshur County, Texas

I am hoping that someone has an idea what this might be. We have goats and milk at night. So we are outside walking and forth from the barn.

We have for a few mths been seeing what we are calling big flashes and little flashes of light. There are two of us and have seen them at seperate time. We had not talked about it until last night when we went to sit outside together and watch the stars. Something we do not usually do.

The flashes that we call the big flashes are like seeing a flashbulb go off behind you. You don't see a direct flash. It's like a big flash went off the brightens the whole sky all around you but you don't really know where it came from. We saw about 10 to 12 of them last night.

The small flashes are like a very distant but very bright flash bulb went off out in space. Very bright white concentrated light for less than a second. We saw it two different times last night. The first time if flashes 3 times about 30 seconds and 50 seconds apart in the same area. About 20 min later it did it 2 times right over head the flashes were about 20 seconds apart.

We have both seen these things in the past few mths but not while we were outside together so it never came up. The big flashes we thought might be our eyes playing tricks on us. Because if you are not actually looking up at the sky when it happens and it happens so fast the you wonder if you really saw something. But last night we would both say at the same time. "There it is." So we knew we were seeing it.

We live pretty far out into the country. We don't see lights from town. It's not spotlights because the big flashes are not concentrated to one area. They seem to come from all directions at once.

If anyone has any idea what this is please let us know.

We live in Upshur County, Texas. Between Ore City and Gilmer [location redacted].

Also I forgot to say we have looked up space debris and iridum flares on youtube and those are not what we saw.

We do see shooting stars and space debris out here but the flashes we saw were different.


Editor's Note:  I can't say for sure but these sightings could possibly have been meteors, that were exploding in the earth's atmosphere.-SW

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  1. I have been seeing burst of light over Olmsted County in Minnesota. Second time tonight about two hours between the first sighting. The second sighting was two busts about 3 sec apart. I was looking and there are no stars to the human eye, so I am baffled of what this might be.

  2. I witnessed this exact same phenomenon in northern Real County, at 11:58 pm on Thursday night, November 9, 2012. Another gentleman with me saw the entire night sky light up, like daytime, for a second. We had just finished a two-hour drive around our family ranch, performing a population deer count for wildlife game biologists. I'm 41 and from Austin; the gentleman, who is a friend of my father-in-law, is 81. The night was a full moon. We were sitting around a stone fire pit in front of our ranch house, there were no other lights on, and not weather conditions - just a clear night with an occasional breeze. The gentleman sitting with me said that his gaze was focused more at eye level and he recalls seeing trees/fences/the house and furnishing around the fire pit illuminate. My gaze was fixed east at about 45-degrees and it was as if night became day, for only 1-2 seconds.

  3. This my not have anything to do with this subject. But my mother said that When she was just a few years old she remembers that she saw two moons in the sky. She is 91 years old now and will be 92 in September. And that was in Upshur county where she grew up. i can't help but think that it may have been some kind of UFO. That would probably have been sometime in the 1920's or 1930's.

  4. Deepblue, you are correct that it was most likely an unidentified flying object (UFO). I receives such reports from other locations and have seen something similar, myself. Thank you and thank your mother for the information.
    Also, please wish your mother a very happy birthday for me. :)


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