Sunday, July 8, 2012

Update: "White Sphere Over Aransas Pass, Texas" - A Pilot Reports Sphere Over Goliad


I received this email from a pilot, confirming a report made by a witness who observed a white sphere flying over Aransas Pass, Texas, March 10, 2011.

"I was reading the post on your site by the person who observed a bright spherical object on March 2011 that moved from west to east overhead where he or she lives in Aransas Pass, Texas. That town is on the bay northeast of Corpus Christi, and it is about 40 miles south-southeast as the crow flies from where I live in Goliad, Texas.

The way that object was described precisely fits the description of an object I saw from my home in Goliad on or around the same day. It was traveling west to east around the same date. The object was a bright sphere of solid white light. As it moved toward the east, its appearance changed to look sort of like a smaller version of a crescent moon for a few seconds before it completely blacked out, like somebody turned the light off with a rheostat dial switch. It didn't go black instantly but turned black over a couple of seconds after it changed to the crescent appearance. I'm convinced that what I saw was the same as what they saw in Aransas Pass, which means it was pretty big, whatever it was.

I am a pilot, so I know what airplanes and helicopters look like. This couldn't have been a conventional aircraft because it was very big and it did not have the required lights for an aircraft flying in our airspace."

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]
Goliad, Texas

Read the original report:
White Sphere Over Aransas Pass, Texas


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