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The Odessa Event, 1973 - Witness Testimony

Witness' depiction of craft over radio tower west of Odessa, Texas, 1973


I recently had the pleasure of talking with a witness to an event, which occurred in Odessa, Texas, in the summer of 1973 (39 years ago).

Mr. Stanley Wilson sent me a CD, with his verbal testimony, of he and family members witnessing a disc-shaped UFO, which hovered over a radio tower for more than an hour.

That event should have been investigated in 1973 but it wasn't.  It should also have made the UFO history books... but it didn't.  And that is a shame.

I listened to Mr. Wilson's audio testimony, spoke with he and his wife and have transcribed his testimony.  I present it here in it's entirety.  The recording was too long to post here, so I will attempt to do so at a later date.

Begin transcription:
This is Stanley Wilson, the date is the sixth month, 21st day, 2012.  I am sixty years old. This is also Georgia's birthday, my sister.

I wanted to tell everything that occurred with UFOs in 1973, that I can recall.  I just want and record of it before I die and it's for whoever is interested in listening to the truth.  I am a Christian, so I am not gonna lie about anything. 

It started in 1973, there was a flap going on.  A flap is a concentration of UFOs moving across the country.  And in this case they were moving across the southern United States.  The best I remember from the east to the west.  And you can get on the computer and check that out, you'll find out there was a flap in 1973.

The first event was a UFO, what they call a mother-ship and I refer to it that way because it was huge.  My grandma, which is my daddy's momma, Minnie Windham, she lived on the west side of town and I had worked real hard that day for the State Highway Department and she called and I was taking a nap.  My wife answered the phone and she told Judy, my wife, "Tell Stanley to go outside and look, there's a UFO heading y'alls way."

And before I forget it, let me say, everything concerning this UFO was in the daylight, no clouds, best I recall in the summer.

So I leaned up on the bed and told Judy, "Grandma Windham ain't much on teasing, so I guess I better go look."

I went outside, I looked to the north, I didn't see anything, I looked to the... toward Odessa, east and I didn't see anything.  I looked south, I didn't see anything.  But when I looked west, there was a tower about 1 mile from our house.  And, but on above the radio tower, just a little ways above it, sitting stationary, was a huge UFO.  We were about a mile from it, I didn't see any windows or doors, which would have been the eastern side of the UFO.  No noise.

So me and Judy are looking at it in the yard and my big sister, which is Georgia,  her and her husband Jim Hess, came running around the corner in their car real fast, hollering out the window, "Do you see it?  Do you see it?  Do you see it?!"  And we're saying "Yeah", and they whooped up in the yard.

So we're all four standing there and looking at this huge UFO.  And uh, I said you know that might might be a radio tower, I didn't know but I said it might be and my wife's 65 Malibu was sitting over there in the yard, front yard.  I went over there and turned the radio on and I located a station called KBZB and I the best I remember, it was a country station.  They were reporting live, on the radio that they have a UFO above their tower, causing static.  You can hear the static through the car radio as he's talking.

So I went in the house and got on the phone, cause back then there wasn't no cell phones and I called the radio disc-jockey and I got him and I talked to him, 'live' on the radio station and everybody was listening to it, whoever listens to  KBZB.

And I said that UFO that your talking about, we're looking at it.  And they could hear me talking to him, outside. they were still listening to the radio and they could actually hear me through the car radio, talking to him.

Well, in a little bit I got off the phone, went back outside and we all four stood there, watching the UFO.  And it wasn't making any kind of sound.

Well,  me and Jim Hess decided we'd go try to get closer to the UFO.  We told Georgia my sister and my wife Judy, to stay in the yard, that way, make sure they're safe.  And me and Jim took off and started going all over them little dirt roads out there.  There wasn't hardly anybody that lived out there then.

By the way, before I forget it, I did run to my neighbor's house and try to get a camera but they weren't home.  I didn't own one. If you wanted to get a portrait, you just went to Gibson's.  They had a portrait studio.  So we didn't get a picture of it.

And anyway, me and Jim's running out there all over them dirt roads, we can't locate the road that goes to it, so we go back to the main highway, which is 42nd.  And we start heading out towards 866.  We weren't very far from 866 when we turned north on a little dirt road that goes to the radio tower.

Well, when we first got on the road I said, "Jim, I'm not gonna [chuckle], I'm not gonna get real close to that, cause we might get a trip we don't want."  He said he didn't want to get close to it either.

So we stopped the car right there and it looked as though the UFO had been 'cast'.  We didn't see any kind of seams, no windows, no doors.  Now the west side of the UFO might have had them, or the north side, we didn't see those sides. And we couldn't see under the UFO, we wasn't quite there, close but you could see the side and over it, it was flat on the bottom and it was curvature over the top, like the common UFOs you see on TV.  That's what they really look like.  Well, at least the one we saw.

Anyway, we sat there quite a while and I don't remember what all we said but finally, the UFO drifted off of the radio tower and went out, not too awful far, and made a 90 degree turn and drifted off to the west and went out of sight.

So, me and Jim drove back home.  They were no longer reporting that there was a UFO above the radio tower, they totally, completely quit talking about it.  So I called the disc jockey up again.  And I said, "Hey man, I'm the one who was talking to you about the UFO, how come y'all quit telling that?"  He said, "Cause the government told us to shut it down, or we was gonna lose our license."

And I said, "Is there anything else you can tell me about it?" and he said, "Well, I can tell you this, our electrician went out there and he saw under the bottom of it, and it had some kinda writing on it, that looked kind of like hieroglyphics.  And he got scared and he left and we, he was so panicky, we actually had to go out and meet him on the way in.  And then we took him to the hospital and got a hypo to calm him down."  Which I didn't even know what a hypo was but that's what they said. What he said.

Anyway, about, uh, one month later, I called him again and I said, "Hey, this is the guy that had talked to you about the UFOs, is there anything else you can tell me?" and he said, "Well I can tell you KOSA TV Channel 7 went out there and took pictures of a UFO, right above the lights on West University."  Which is another main road out there and he said the government confiscated their pictures and told them they better not say anything else about it.  And they sure better not show any pictures, or they would lose their license.  And he said, "If you don't mind, I'd prefer that you didn't call me any more, because I'm afraid that I'm gonna lose my job over it."  And I said Okay.  So, that ended that.

And the next event was, we heard that the Smithsonian Institute was in our area out there, taking pictures of UFOs at night, with infrared cameras. So all four of us started hunting for them at night and we finally located them, out on some of the dirt roads and they were, had roads out there blocked off with their cars.  And there was a guy on each side of the car, in black suits... where you couldn't enter.  And you could see people out in pasture, with cameras on tripods, you could see little red lights out there.

So, we left that alone, cause we had already heard about it, we knew what that was.  And we could see that you couldn't enter. And of course there were things went on, cause we was watching for them. you know and after that.  We seen some lights and stuff, you know you couldn't swear any of that for sure. 

There was some odd things though, at night.  We'd sit up on our roof out there and look and watch for things but anyway, finally, I totally quit watching for them and uh, we was just back to normal life.

And one night, and normally I don't tell this story, cause I know if you tell too much, people think you are either lying, or you're crazy.  So I don't normally tell this particular story.  It's the last main thing that happened. And I don't know whether, you know, whoever was on that UFO had identified me and our location where we live, or what.

But anyway, one night I walked outside and there was this low cloud that looked like a cigar.  Oh, it was probably 50, 60 feet long [pause] and uh, it was moving slow, about 100 feet, a 150 feet above the road and I just watched it.  And it got down the road a ways and all of a sudden the cloud dissipated off of the UFO. It was a camouflage of some kind.  And it was moving through the dark sky and you could see the edge of the UFO.

And I hollered at Judy and I said, "Let's go, come out here and look."  She saw it to and we jumped in our Volkswagen, I said, "We're gonna follow it."  It's not moving real fast and I said, "You keep an eye on it and I'll do the driving."

And it started veering off more toward, uh, West University, rather than 42nd, so we got to 1936 and we dropped down to West University.  It started going toward town and the UFO was over a pasture out there to the north of University [pause] and it started flashing lights on it's side.  We was a little behind it and best I remember, they was blue, red and orange and they were flashing in sequence.  And the thing stopped and it started coming straight down, and it landed.  Out in that pasture.

So I pulled off of University, found a road out there that my head lights shined directly at it, it was about half a football field out there.  And I told Judy, I said, "This time, I'm gonna try to make contact."

And I remember looking at the cars up on 338.  They weren't stopping, wondering how come me, and then I realize they probably don't realize what this thing is, or else they're just not seeing it and uh, I told her I was gonna make contact.  She didn't say anything and I started flashing my headlights right at it.

Well, the next thing I knew, well me and Judy were real tired and there was nothing out in that pasture, it was just dark out there. And I said, "Man, I am so tired." And I looked at my watch and I said, "Where did all that time go?" 

And she looked at hers and she said, "I don't know.  Looks like about an hour." and I said, "Yeah, I think we've lost about an hours time."  And we were both extremely, extremely tired and we said we got to go home and go to bed.  And we both headed home, boy, and I mean we went directly to bed and went to sleep.

And I asked her later on about it and she said, "Well, all I remember is, we chased it and I remember we lost some time and it looked about an hour."  And she said. "That's about all I can remember about it."  And I said, "Well, I remember more than that. So evidently they hypnotized you better than they did me."

Anyway, I'm not saying we was picked up, we don't know for sure, if we was, or not but that occurred.

Everything I've stated here, is the truth.  And it sounds like it was a movie and we felt as though we were in a movie. 

But it wasn't.  This was real life and it's all true.  And that's the reason I'm documenting it right now, because future generations need to know they're real.  UFOs are real.

So, I can't think of anything else to say, other than it's documented and if you want to hear it, here it is.  Goodbye.

Stanley A. Wilson

[Transcribed from audio disc by Sunny Williams]


Investigator's Notes: For those unaware, infrared photography was discovered in the early 20th century but was not widely used until the mid to late 60s. 

I spoke at length over the phone, with Stanley and his wife, Judy.  Normally I do not post names but Mr. Wilson assured me that would not be a problem and that he insisted I keep the report, as is.

Both Stanley and Judy came across as honest, good people and their story never wavered.  A report of the main experience was submitted to NUFORC, in 2005.  That report can be viewed here:
And here:

There is also a report by Stanley's sister, Georgia (Hess) Landers.  You can view that report here:

I asked the Wilsons and both were forthcoming about illnesses that they each have experienced, since that night in the pasture, when they both lost an hour of time.  It also seems that Judy was more affected and not just more memory loss than her husband, at the time of the event.

I believe the Wilsons and other witnesses saw what they claim to have seen.  I also believe what the Wilsons experienced later, to be true. 

There was a country radio station in Odessa (at that time), with the call letters of KBZB.  It apparently changed hands in 1972 (Diama Joy Atkins took over after her husband died), then later the station was again sold.  The call letters have since been assigned to another station in a different state.

As in many such events, i.e., Roswell, there always seems to be a cover-up. 

- Sunny Williams
Location as it looks today.
Courtesy Google Maps



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