Monday, April 30, 2012

Explosive "Booms" Rattle Windows In North Central Texas

The main entrance of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, Fort Worth, TX.
Courtesy NBC5 News.


April 30, 2012, just minutes before 10:00 a.m., residents of Granbury and surrounding areas were surprised and shaken by two loud "booms."

While some thought there was an earthquake, others feared that the local nuclear power plant, Comanche Peak, had exploded.

Frightened residents contacted DFW's NBC5 News and soon the answer came from local aircraft manufacturer, Lockheed Martin's spokesman, Norman Robbins.

"Lockheed Martin Aeronautics was contacted this morning by various media outlets reporting that listeners heard a supersonic boom this morning in Johnson County (Godley) and also from the Granbury area. The company did have supersonic flight activity underway this morning and while the activity generally occurs at very high altitudes, atmospheric conditions sometime result in disturbances on the ground. The testing is a normal part of the manufacturing process used for preparing military aircraft for our customers."

According to the NBC5 report, "Lockheed would not provide any specifics on the type of aircraft being tested."

One report I received from a man in Granbury stated:

"I actually saw the sonic air wave disturbance, with this one. You know how everything is distorted slightly in a circular pattern around a blast, as the percussion waves push outward. You can see that in video clips of massive explosions. I saw that today. Just as the blast wave hit us, everything became completely out of focus, a split second after the booms. We thought the giant cottonwood tree was going to fall on us. The tree was swaying back and forth, and over a dozen branches came crashing down all around us. I have storm glass through out the house, since the last boom we had. I know that there are broken windows all over Granbury today. We heard many, many police sirens right after the boom as well."

One witness posted a comment to this blog, stating:

"We just heard an unexplained explosion that shook our house, just North of Granbury. It sounded like it came from south. My first thought was Glenrose. We drove around to a look out point and don't see anything.  We put the news on and nothing. It was so weird. I googled and found this post about it also happening last year."

My question is, if this is true and Lockheed Martin was conducting flight activity on the morning of April 30, 2012, then why are these supersonic aircraft being "tested" over highly populated areas?

-Sunny Williams, LITS

Read the story at NBC5


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Recent Texas UFO Sightings Reports as of April 28, 2012

Video capture from MUFON Case # 37773


These are recent Texas UFO sightings reports, which were submitted to MUFON.  They are unedited.

MUFON Case #37773
Mission, TX

appeared as a circular disc based on the arrangement of the lights I observed    

It was around 9:30 when I noticed a Light to the East at about 30 degrees above the horizon. when I first saw the light it was at around 45 degrees NE and appeared to be moving to the south. I Got my Sony camcorder from my vehicle, which was parked right behind me In the driveway and began recording at 9:29. I then proceeded to film the object for about five minutes or so. I estimate the object was around three miles, approximately from my location. it appeared to be on a steady course to the south as it moved across the sky and did not appear to be changing altitude as it traveled. At first there appeared to be four lights with one of them blinking but as the object moved to the south it began to display more lights. soon there were six lights,two of which were blinking,the color of the lights were blue, white, and green. soon there appeared to be eight lights with two of them blinking. the object continued on its southerly course. at around 9:32 a red blinking light appeared as the most forward light and a third blinking blue light appeared behind it on what looked to be the center of the this point it appeared as if there were four blinking lights total with the rear lights blinking at a different interval than the red a blue lights at the front of the object. The object was now at about 100 degrees E and still on a southerly flight path. the number of lights visible were still the same. The craft continued on its course to the south and I lost sight of it behind a bank of trees at around 180 degrees. the whole sighting lasted around five minutes.I had just finished parking my vehicle when I felt compelled to look to the north east, if I had not done so I would not have seen this object nor been able to film it. this is not the first sighting of unidentified objects I have experienced, I had submitted a video clip of a UFO sighting to MUFON already from a sighting I had in 2009. I was not excited so much as I was curious about the nature of the object.

Video Link


MUFON Case #37770
Alvin, TX

Small green light fail from sky

I went outside on my back porch to smoke a cigg. I was talking with my husband and then right over my neighbors house I seen a small green light fall from the sky straight down. I waited for about 1 min. And then I turned to my husband and told him I just seen a small green light fall from the sky. He looked at me like I was crazy. I know what I saw. My husband and I got into our car and drove down the road to see if we could see anything. And of course there was nothing to be seen. The light I seen was light green it glowed kinda looked like a flare. It was falling downward. I never saw it again after driving back home.


MUFON Case #37779
Dallas, TX

2 Chevron Shaped Crafts

Sitting outside with a friend in East Dallas looking at the stars when my friend pointed out movement overhead. We observed an object about 1000 to 1500 ft above. What we saw could easily have been overlooked at first as it was emitting no light or sound. The object which was about the size of a plane, at first seemed triangular in shape but subtly changed in shape (kind of like mercury) to a boomerang appearance and at times ovular it was a dull grey color with a hazy mist and seemed to at times have a faint glow. We watched as the object moved NNW. 2 to 2 minutes later we observed a second boomerang-like object much more elongated and thin than the first. This object could have at first glance passed as a flock of birds flying in V formation however it was solid, emitted a low glow and was heading smoothly NNW as well.


MUFON Case #37799
Granbury, TX   

this was a direct path ufo that obviousy left the atmosphere

an object, white no blinking lights was moving from north to south at an unknown altitude (probably 20000 ft) moved in a strait line then faded from sight in a clearly marked leaving the earths atmosphere pattern. This was a clear case of a vehicle leaving the planet, it was in the area of sky dominated by the orion constellation. as I reiterate it was plain that this object was definitely leaving the planets atmosphere. there was an airplane in the vicinity but I don't think it was connected in any way since that plane was probably at about 8-10 thousand feet


MUFON Case #37808
Arlington, TX

appeared to be a large and bright star or meteor falling downwards at extremely high speed, disappeared long before reached horizon

Driving southbound on 360 near six flags, I had noticed a few planes in the sky already. What looked like a very large and bright star appeared within my view while looking down the road and I watched it shoot downwards, coming from the upper atmosphere it seemed like. There was no trail behind it, despite its considerable size and if it was farther than it appeared than it could be even larger. I could immediately tell it was no airplane, and thought I might be seeing a shooting star or meteor.
The object did not break up at all or appear to get smaller, only moving in a downwards direction before disappearing completely well before it even got close to the horizon or any other obstacle that could have blocked my vision. My girlfriend sitting in the passenger seat exclaimed before I did, and we both confirmed we saw the same thing. It appeared as a solid white oval against the night sky and did not fade or shimmer out, just disappearing completely.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kinross Incident: The UFO Intercept and Disappearance of USAF Lts Felix Moncla and Robert Wilson



On November 23, 1953, an unknown object was sightied on radar, in a "no flight zone" area of the Great Lakes.  A United States Air Force allweather F-89 "Scorpion" was sent to intercept the unknown target.  Both the unknown and the jet were seen on radar, both targets merged and only the large unknown was left, which soon disappeared off radar.  The jet was never found, not until 2006.  Or was it?  

Why am I bringing up this case now?  Well, I feel it is important to find out what really happened to the two U.S. airmen, 1st Lt Felix Moncla, pilot and his radarman, 2nd Lt Robert Wilson.

Equally important, is the fact that our skies are not as safe as they should be and who knows how many accidents, or near accidents have occurred since, due to UFO interactions.

The facts of the case are presented here.  Let us seek the truth. -SW


The Kinross Incident

Felix Moncla and Robert Wilson



First Lieutenant Felix Moncla, pilot, and Second Lieutenant Robert Wilson, radar operator, disappeared when their United States Air Force F-89 Scorpion was scrambled from Kinross Air Force Base, and subsequently went missing over Lake Superior while intercepting an unknown aircraft in Canadian airspace, close to the Canada – United States border. The USAF identified the second aircraft as Royal Canadian Air Force C-47 Dakota VC-912, crossing Northern Lake Superior from west to east at 7,000 feet, en route from Winnipeg to Sudbury, Canada. Some ufologists have associated the disappearance with alleged “flying saucer” activity and refer to it as the “Kinross Incident”

On the evening of November 23, 1953, Air Defense Command Ground Intercept radar operators at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, identified an unusual target near the Soo Locks. An F-89C Scorpion jet from Kinross Air Force Base was scrambled to investigate the radar return; the Scorpion was piloted by First Lieutenant Moncla, with Second Lieutenant Robert L. Wilson acting as the Scorpion’s radar operator. Wilson had problems tracking the object on the Scorpion’s radar, so ground radar operators gave Moncla directions towards the object as he flew. Flying at some 500 miles per hour, Moncla eventually closed in on the object at about 8000 feet in altitude.

Ground Control tracked the Scorpion and the unidentified object as two “blips” on the radar screen. The two blips on the radar screen grew closer and closer, until they seemed to merge as one (return). The single blip disappeared from the radar screen, then there was no return at all. Attempts were made to contact Moncla via radio, but this was unsuccessful. A search and rescue operation was quickly mounted, but found not a trace of the plane or the pilots.

The official USAF Accident Investigation Report states the F-89 was sent to investigate an RCAF C-47 Skytrain which was traveling off course. No explanation for the planes disappearance was offered, but the Air Force investigators speculated that Moncla may have experienced vertigo and crashed into the lake. Others believe the plane made contact and perhaps even collided with a UFO.




Kinross AFB / F-89 Disappearance

On the night of November 23, 1953, an Air Defense Command radar detected an unidentified "target" over Lake Superior.   Kinross Air Force Base, closest to the scene, alerted the 433rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Truax Field, Madison, Wisconsin, and an F-89C all-weather interceptor was scrambled.  Radar operators watched the "blips" of the UFO and the F-89 merge on their scopes, in an apparent collision, and disappear.  No trace of the plane was ever found.

U S Air Force accident-report records indicate that the F-89 was vectored west northwest, then west, climbing to 30,000 feet.  At the controls were First Lieutenant Felix E. Moncla, Jr.; his radar observer was Second Lieutenant Robert L. Wilson.  While on a westerly course, they were cleared to descend to 7,000 feet, turning east-northeast and coming steeply down on the known target from above.  The last radar contact placed the interceptor at 8,000 feet, 70 miles off Keeweenaw Point, and about 150 miles northwest of Kinross AFB (now Kincheloe AFB).

The incident is not even labeled as a "UFO" case in Air Force records; instead, it was investigated by air-safety experts.  There were several layers of scattered clouds (one with bottoms at 5,000 to 8,000 feet) and some snow flurries in the general area.  Official records state, however, that the air was stable and there was little or no turbulence.

The Air Force later stated that the "UFO" turned out to be a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) C-47 "On a night flight from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Sudbury, Ontario Canada."  The F-89 apparently had crashed for unknown reasons after breaking off the intercept.  In answer to queries from the NATIONAL INVESTIGATIONS COMMITTEE ON AERIAL PHENOMENA (NICAP) in 1961 and again in 1963, RCAF spokesmen denied that one of their planes was involved.  Squadron Leader W. B. Totman, noting that the C-47 was said to be on a flight plan over Canadian territory, said "... this alone would seem to make such an intercept unlikely."

The Air Force suggested that "... the pilot probably suffered from vertigo and crashed into the take."  Harvard University astronomer and UFO debunker Dr. Donald H. MENZEL accepted this explanation, adding that the radar operators probably saw a "phantom echo" of the F-89, produced by atmospheric conditions, that merged with the radar return from the jet and vanished with it when the plane struck the water.

Exactly what happened that night remains unclear, as the Air Force acknowledges, and serious unanswered questions remain.  How likely is it that a pilot could suffer from vertigo when flying on instruments, as official records indicate was the case?  If the F-89 did intercept an RCAF C-47, why did the "blip" of the C47 also disappear off the radar scope?  Or, if Menzel's explanation is accepted and there was no actual intercept, why did the Air Force invoke a Canadian C-47, which RCAF spokesmen later stated was not there?  No intelligence document has yet surfaced that reports the radio communications between the pilot and radar controllers, and what each was seeing. Without this information, it is impossible to evaluate the "true UFO" versus the false radar returns and accidental crash explanations.

Richard Hall


More links:


Canadian authorities denied that a C-47 Skytrain, or any other Canadian aircraft were flying in that vicinity, on the night of November 23, 1953.  So what was it that showed up as an unknown on radar? Though there were a few snow flurries and clouds, the air was reported stable, with no turbulence.

There was something out there with the F-89...

The mystery deepens.

Approximately 40 minutes after the F-89 disappeared from radar, another pilot, a Lt. Mingenbach believed he had picked up a radio transmission from Lt. Moncla, the pilot of the missing plane. It is doubtful that Lt. Moncla transmitted a final message from the bottom of the lake, 40 minutes after his plane collided with an unknown object, so who or what was it that Mingenbach heard?

Does tragedy end in a hoax, or more mysteries?

In 2006, radar detected a lone aircraft on the bottom of Lake Superior.  Sonar images revealed what appears to be an F-89 "Scorpion", with one wing sheared off. Along with that jet, was an unknown object.  The unknown object bears a strike mark, that matches a collision with the F-89.  It is speculated that the jet, piloted by Moncla, was struck by the "unknown" and both plummeted into the depths of Lake Superior.

Please read: New Evidence: the Kinross UFO Incident

Since the radar discovery of the down aircraft and it's mysterious partner, there seems to be no further word on the case.  Why am I not surprised...

-Sunny Williams


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Monolith" and Flashes of Light Over Atascosa County, Texas

Depiction supplied by witness, courtesy MUFON.


A witness describes observing a flying "monolith" and what appears to be an aerial "war", in the sky over Atascosa County, Texas.

Note: Poteet and Devine are located South of San Antonio, Texas.

Poteet, Texas

UFO War over Atascosa County, Texas    

Night Sky Observation.

April 21, 2012 - Observation location is in Atascosa County, 500 feet Northwest from the corner of FM 2504 and Garden Drive. This location is between the township of Rossville, Texas (2.75 miles to the East) and the city of Devine, Texas (7.3 miles to the North East).

Observation time started at 8:45 PM Central time with clear night sky, no clouds, no moon, and very slight breeze from the East. Observer is facing magnetic south.
At 9:41 PM noted passenger airliner (the FAA required marker beacons and lights were clearly visible) approaching at a height about 20,000 to 25,000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL) flying from the San Antonio direction from the north and heading in a southwest direction, possible towards Lerado, Texas.

As soon as I lost visual on the passenger airliner low into the southwest, I picked up a single, white, flash of light. The flash was just a little bigger then the size of a normal writing pen’s roundness as you would look at it dead on holding the pen at arm’s length. The flash brightness was about half the illumination as looking at present Jupiter’s brightness. I am guessing this flash originated at the height above the mention airliner’s flight path by 75,000 feet or 100,000 AGL.

The flash was approximately 70 degrees up from the southeast horizon and about 50 to 75 miles east of the passenger airliner’s flight path. Noted time at 9:46 PM and concentrated observation in direction of flash of light. Within a few seconds noted a second flash of light with the same characteristic and at the exact location of first flash.

About three to four seconds after the second flash of light witnessed a third and final flash of light. I did not see any kind of craft, yet the night sky was so clear I had no problem seeing the flash of lights.

Internet search for this kind of previous sighting comes from Ufologist Mr. Ed Grimsley UFO Wars, this flash of light looked a lot like the UFO distress maker bacon lights as seen under Night Vision Goggle (NVG) night sight equipment (see reference [Link moved to Additional Evidence section/cms/tg]).

This night sky was very clear with Orion’s Belt to my right and the Big Dipper to my back yet there was no more light flashing from the southwest.

Starting about 10:05 PM I witness about six little white lights moving across the night sky; two from the east heading west, two from the south heading north, one from the northeast heading southwest, and one west heading southwest. All moved with different time intervals between each other to span about 8 to 10 minutes. All had a non-direct flight path and some moved in a slight ziz-zag motion. All six little white lights were passing higher above the passenger airliner’s flight path and possibly higher than the first mention flashing white light, say at 150,000 feet AGL.

Approximately 10:25 PM I witnessed a spectacular fiery meteorite entry into earth atmosphere. The meteorite burned red, yellow, orange, and blue at the core but had a gray burn trail. The meteor entered directly above from the West and deteriorated to the East, and the visible burn trail was about the length of six full moons placed side by side.

10:32 PM directly above noted a second set of flashing white lights lower in altitude and closer to my position. Again just three flashes with about 3 to 4 seconds between flash. Each flash became bigger and closer down from the sky and on the third flash, I was able to see a monolith between the source of the light and my observation point, See Fig 1. The monolith could have been producing the light or it had flown in to intercept the falling object that was producing the flash of lights. If we use an estimated height of 100,000 feet AGL, the monolith was the size of 1/8 inch in length (0.125) and 1/16 inch wide (0.0625) as seen from arm’s length at ground level or the monolith was about 1,040 feet in length and 520 feet wide.

I was so amazed in what I had just witnessed, I do not know how much time had passed when suddenly a white laser beam type light shot out from the exact location of the monolith in a slight arc path towards the northeast direction. The beam shot out for a short distance no longer the diameter of our full moon and seem to be aimed towards outer space.

After an additional hour of observation, no other sky activity noted.

The following nights observation (April 22 and 23) I was only able to see the mentioned 9:41/42 PM passenger airliner flyby and a few small moving white lights.

Photo Link

Source- MUFON


Monday, April 23, 2012

Study Warns of Alien Dinos- Huh?


Video Link

So it turns out that if aliens ever show up here on earth, little green men might be the least of our problems.

A new study indicates that instead, they'll probably be more like super intelligent dinosaurs, as smart and cunning as humans.

As one scientist put it, "We would be better off not meeting them."

Sleep tight. -Shepard Smith, Fox News

Study Suggests Alien Worlds Could Be Full of Super-Intelligent Dinosaurs
Nasa’s Kepler telescope scans the skies for ‘habitable worlds’ – but an American chemist has suggested the whole project might be a terrible idea.

Ronald Breslow suggests that life-forms based on slightly different amino acids and sugars could take the form of huge, ferocious dinosaurs that have evolved to have human-like intelligence and technologies.

‘We would be better off not meeting them,’ says Breslow, who claims that it was a stroke of luck that an asteroid wiped out dinosaurs on earth, leaving the field clear for mammals such as humans.

On other worlds, dinosaurs could have evolved into huge, intelligent warriors armed with hi-tech weaponry – but without losing their hunger for fresh meat.

‘Of course,’ Breslow says, ‘Showing that it could have happened this way is not the same as showing that it did. An implication from this work is that elsewhere in the universe there could be life forms based on D-amino acids and L-sugars.

‘Such life forms could well be advanced versions of dinosaurs, if mammals did not have the good fortune to have the dinosaurs wiped out by an asteroidal collision, as on Earth.

‘We would be better off not meeting them.’

Read more here.


Yeah? Well what about the ones who may already be here? -


Thursday, April 19, 2012

UFO Observed Over Irvin, CA 4/16/2012

I received this emailed report from a witness in Irvine, California.  The sighting occurred On Monday, April 16, 2012 at 12:48 a.m.

This report has been edited by me. -SW

Hello.  I am a bit apprehensive about writing about this, but it is keeping me up tonight.  First, I am not from Texas.  I am in California.  Second, I strongly believe I saw an unidentifiable flying object.  Here are the facts based on what I saw earlier tonight:

[1] Time of Observation: 12:48AM Pacific Standard Time
[2] Description:
[a] Direction of Object: I saw a fast flying object going Southbound.  At first I thought it was a plane, but the closest airport we have is the [redacted], which is not a large airport and routinely shuts down after 12AM.  While I was watching this flying object I was pondering it could possibly be military since there are several military bases in Southern California, but it was traveling quite fast (faster than normal jet airliners and jet fighters I have seen during the daytime.

[b] Description of Object: There are two reasons why I believe it was not military (unless it was an experimental craft) are twofold: 1) It was traveling extremely fast, and more importantly 2) The lights coming from the flying craft exhibited rotating red and white/yellow lights, which were rotating fast.  The object was not too far off from my perspective.  Typically when I see jet liners coming into [redacted], the night lights which are also white and red are always steady - meaning not blinking steadily nor rotating.

I have never seen this before in my life.  Of course, I am aware that millions of people have purported to have seen unidentifiable flying crafts, but due to lack of clear recorded evidence (poor video quality) most have written it off as unclear, speculative, or natural phenomenons.  In this case, I am 100% certain I did not observe a natural phenomenon.  Nor am I writing under false pretenses.  I know what I saw, and it was clearly not a jet liner, so I can only assume two things:

[A] It was an experimental military aircraft, or
[B] It was an alien air/space craft.

Either way, it is an unidentifiable object.  Now, pertaining to my mental and emotional quotient:

[A] I have graduated from a 4-Year university and also earned my master's degree from a well known university in [redacted].
[B] I have studied natural sciences (biology), political science, and business.
[C] I have never had a never breakdown or delusional thoughts, or anything related to those.  I am as sane as the next person.

So, I am not very comfortable about writing this as there are potential rifts that can form, so I am not willing to divulge my name, telephone, etc. but you can email me with questions.  Unfortunately, I do not have a high-powered digital camera, telescope, or video camera...only what my eyes saw earlier tonight.  I apologize that I could not be more helpful, but I thought at the very least I can concur with your group that I may have seen an unidentifiable flying object.


[Name withheld by SW/LITS]

I wrote the witness back and asked:
"Is it that you only saw lights, or did you see the actual object the lights were attached to?  Can you describe the object itself?"

The witness replied:
Hello Sunny.  Thanks for replying.  I hope I can answer your questions in short order below:

[1] The object was traveling on a long arc trajectory horizontally.
[2] The object appeared to be elliptical (almost circular) in fashion.
[3] The white and red lights that may appear to be flashing at first glance, but it was actually rotating in a circular fashion around the flying object when I watched it further for at least 3-5 minutes.  Then it disappeared.

Now, I have flown many times on business, school, and vacation and I know lights do not rotate on jet liners.  Nor do lights rotate on jet fighters or other typical planes.  Also, when an airplane's lights are visible (obviously during the evening and night hours), the lights blink steadily in a linear fashion based on the trajectory of the plane, which is linear.  This unidentifiable object was not traveling like a plane.  Also, IT WAS EXTREMELY FAST.  Based on a rudimentary assessment in my head, I would calculate it traveled that distance at 10 times the speed of a jet liner...and my home is on one of the paths for landing into [redacted] airport, so I see a lot of airplanes overhead.

Anyways, it was traveling over a low mountain region about 3 miles from my house traveling in a southbound direction.  I was actually doing my nightly thing where on a clear night I would go outside into my courtyard, get some fresh air, look at the stars, and go to bed...but last night I saw something far different than the norm.

As I stated previously, I could not tell if it was metallic, but I can make an educated guess that based on the lights refracting and reflecting that the object was metallic in build and color.

My original assumptions are: [1] It was an experimental military aircraft since I know we have military bases, known and unknown, in Southern California, or [2] It was alien in origin thus unidentifiable.

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]

The witness added that while discussing this with an ex-military friend, the friend acknowledged that UFOs and aliens do exist, despite denials by our government.
[Note:  The person that sent me this report is a well educated, logic-minded individual and appears to be a very credible witness. 
Additionally, I respectfully acknowledge and adhere to his request of anonymity, as I do with all LITS witnesses.

If you saw this object, please send me your report. -SW]


Lights Streak Through Skies Over Arizona - 4/17/2012


Video link

From the YouTube site:
Many residents around Arizona have reported seeing a "glowing object" fly across the night sky Wednesday.

ABC15 is working to confirm what it really was. We started getting reports of the possible meteor around 7:45 p.m.

Our multimedia journalist Brien McElhatten captured two photos when he saw a glowing orange light before an object started streaking across the sky.

One photo shows how the glowing light looked in Chandler. The other image was taken as McElhatten kept the shutter open to show the object streaking across the sky.

"It had a big old tail, and it was so bright. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing," Valley resident Holly Pickard told ABC15.

Law enforcement in the Valley also saw the object.

"We received four calls (total) regarding the light in the sky," a Phoenix Police spokesman told ABC15. "Our air unit, myself, and other officers also observed it as well. We all made our wishes and went back to work."

A spokesman with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office said their aviation unit did confirm seeing the meteor over Deer Valley Airport, but there hasn't been any reports of an impact site.

Sharon Roesch wrote, "It was huge and incredible- we were driving and too much in shock."

Althea Keegan wrote, "It had a green tail and burned out just as I had my camera ready to snap a picture."

The ABC15 newsroom confirmed that there have been similar reports in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

   * - A UFO, not behaving like a meteor, streaked across the skies of Arizona, causing many to call police. And for a local news team to head out of the studio to investigate. What was it?

In a sign that mainstream media is beginning to pay serious attention to the unidentified flying object phenomenon, local Arizona TV news affiliate ABC15 did a two-minute news segment on the fireball which was reportedly streaking across the sky as the newscast aired live.

Witness photographs and videos were shown on-screen, and this one, showing an irregular flight path of the object, was broadcast.

The news team speculated over what the object could be, even calling it a UFO at one point. A camera crew was sent out to the field to catch video of the object and they were successful.

Whatever it was, it certainly got plenty of attention. It seems that everyone around the world, believers or not, are beginning to take this issue more seriously.

Story by Tom Rose


Report Submitted to MUFON:

Scottsdale, AZ

Two solid white lights moving faster then anything I've seen before.

I was sitting on the outside of my patio (which faces south) with my best friend watching for satellites like I do most nights. Between 7:50 and 8:30pm. I saw 9 satellites (a personal best) 2 headed North, 5 headed South, 2 headed Southeast and 2 Shooting Stars. (I was facing East with my head laying on the back of my chair.) At 8:50 I saw 2 bright lights coming from the Southwest going overhead Northeast so fast that by the time I jumped out of my chair ,(pointing at them with both hands so my friend might see them.) walked about three steps the lights were out of sight. My friend did not see them. The lights were to the side of each other with the left one passing the right one. The left one slowed down really fast and the right one passed a little bit. Then the left one started going faster enough to pass the right one by a short distance and maintained the same speed slightly ahead of the right one. Both lights were solid white with no glow around then and more then four times the size of Mars with the naked eye. They were moving so fast I didn't even have time to grab my cell phone and when my friend jumped up to look they were out of sight that fast. Wow....

Source: MUFON


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rectangle Object Seen Over San Luis Reservoir, California

Satellite image of San Luis Reservoir, CA.
Click image for larger view.
Image: Courtesy Google Earth


A witness reported to MUFON that on April 16, 2012, they (along with other vehicle drivers), observed a rectangular object in the sky over the San Luis Reservoir, near Los Banos, California.

Here is that slightly edited report.

San Luis Reservoir, Los Banos, CA
Date: 2012-04-16
Time: 07:30    

I was driving west on Hwy 152 from Los Banos, CA at 7:30am. As I drove past the dam at the east end of San Luis Reservoir I saw a bright light above the hills on the west end of the lake. My first thought was that it was a reflection of the sun behind me off a low flying silver airplane. The light was not moving so I thought it might be a reflection off the tip of a radio tower. I was not aware of a radio tower in the area so over the next couple of miles I looked hard to see if I could spot on underneath the light. As I drove along the north side of the lake and over Pacheco Pass for the next five minutes or so, I lost visual contact with the light. As I descended the pass, I noticed a white car parked along the road and a man standing next to it with binoculars. Around the next curve I saw 4 cars pulled over, with people out of the cars looking upward to the south. I thought they had spotted a California condor or some other rare bird. Around the next corner were 6 cars pulled over. I had to know what they were looking at. I pulled over and looked up. There was a large metallic rectangle perched in the sky.

I got out of my truck and immediately began talking to the man & woman from the next car. Over the next 15 minutes we talked about everything we saw, so I know we all saw the same thing and had the same questions.

I saw a large rectangle floating in the sky at roughly 60 degrees up from the horizon. I estimate that the rectangle was half a mile or less from us, 80 feet high and 50 feet wide. The side facing us was silver metallic
in color. It was highly reflective, like Mylar. It was silvery except when it reflected the sun at us. The bursts of reflection were sporadic as though there was equipment or a texture of some sort on the surface.

The object was stationary and silent. We looked for wings and balloons, and listened for motors. We saw no means of propulsion or levitation with which we were familiar. After a few minutes, perhaps 5, the object began to rotate. As it rotated 90 degrees, we saw that the side was very narrow and black. It rotated a little more and we saw that the back was also black in color. The narrow side showed us that the overall shape of the object was similar to a mattress or paperback book. The corners and edges were crisp like a book rather than rounded like a mattress. Given my estimate of a 50x80 foot object, I estimate that the thickness was about 5 feet.

Once the object rotated we observed that it was moving slowly toward the southwest. The winds were blowing gently in that direction, so it is possible that the object was drifting with the wind. We continued to look, almost compulsively, for evidence of a helium-filled balloon. The object did not appear to change its elevation.

After 10 minutes the object had moved far enough away from us that it was a small black speck with one small bright reflective spot. At this point the man and his wife left. I watched the object 5 minutes more, until 8:00AM, and then left. Its appearance did not change again.

The object could have been a giant book shaped balloon filled with helium made of silver and black Mylar. The hurdles to this possibility are: 1) a very odd shape and orientation for a balloon, 2) object did not appear to flex or otherwise react to the wind, 3) there is no apparent source of a 20,000cf balloon that would only have risen to 400-800 yards near San Luis Reservoir (closest towns are 20 miles east and 20 miles west) 4) object rotated 90 degrees then stopped rather than continuing its rotation from angular momentum, 5) the edges appeared crisp like metal rather than puffy like a Mylar balloon.

Note: The representations below are by me, as the witness provided no photos or sketches. -Sunny
Click image for larger view.

Click image for larger view.

Editor's Note: The San Luis Reservoir has a Seaplane Base, which is located 12 miles west of Los Banos, California.  Now unattended, the San Luis Reservoir Seaplane Base is a publicly owned, public use airport facility. -SW


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stephenville Incident Revisited - Updated


Video Link

Video of recorded radar data, animated by the RADARplot application.
Shows 2 hours (at approx x50 speed) of the data from the Stephenville 2008 incident (3 of 5 radars).
Original data files can be found at:

Aircraft with transponders are shown as green (above 5000') and blue (below 5000'). Primary radar returns that don't correlate with a transponder are shown in white.

The Schulze-Powell track begins at 18:51 at the top right corner of the Brownwood MOAs and moves towards PCR Crawford. Although intermittent, a cumulative plot shows a definite track. Other interesting anomalies are present.

RADARplot is a freeware application. Recorded radar data can be stored in various formats which need to be converted before animation is possible.

[Note: Thanks for the excellent work, Rob. -Sunny]

Also read:

A new view of Stephenville

Devoid- Mutual UFO Network’s radar analysis of the watershed Stephenville incident has been languishing in obscurity for nearly four years. But recently, a British computer programmer’s animated reconstruction of that data has brought the mystery into sharper visual focus.

Applying a program that duplicates conversions used by air accident investigators, Rob Jeffs has bundled the 2.8 million radar returns MUFON acquired from five FAA and National Weather Service sites, and recreated moving images of the air traffic over central Texas from 4-8 p.m. on Jan. 8, 2008.
Continue reading


Assessment and conclusion? 

People saw something in the skies over Stephenville, on January 8, 2008.  The objects appeared on radar.  At least one object made a beeline for President Bush's home in Crawford, Texas, which was and is restricted airspace.  And during this whole thing, jets were flying all over the place.

We all know that secrets are kept but...

The gist of it all: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. -SW


Monday, April 9, 2012

Odd Lights Observed Over San Marcos and La Porte, Texas - 4/6/2012


Report taken by phone, of object near San Marcos.

San Marcos, Texas
9:00 p.m.

Was going from Austin on 35 to San Marcus, to get to 37 to 3 Rivers.  Light was was moving slowly N to NE.

No outline but could tell object was flat, drifting along. There were red and green lights on bottom and strobe lights flanked the red and green lights. There was a red and blue light on top. 2 strobe lights flanked the two yop lights.

Witnessed viewed the object for 2 minutes. The object banked and he could see 4 more white lights on top and in the middle.  Object continued to drifted slowly, with a slow easy turn to NE.

Couldn't follow it so drove on.

9:00 pm on the 6th April, 2012.

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]

Note:  Report from San Marcos, TX was given first hand to a South Texas LITS investigator, who in turn contacted me.


Emailed report of "lights sighting" near LaPorte.

La Porte, Texas (Over the water)
9:34 p.m

Hi Sunny,
Last night we were driving home and as we were approaching our street we noticed a cluster of lights in an upward oval shape and they were spinning... We have often see unexplained lights that simply disappear before our eyes but this was much more bizarre. The lights stayed in one position and continued to spin but seem to look like they were traveling away from us.

We live in La Porte TX. Right by the bay zip code 77571

We noticed the lights at 9:24 pm yesterday evening and I think south over the water.

Thank you sincerely,

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


Lubbock's 'Blue Light' Mystery Likely Solved

Video capture from "Tracy, California Blue Light"- solved.


Blue Light 'Specials'

It appears that we may have a copycat amateur aerialist (maybe more than one), flying remote controlled gliders and drones in a number of cities around Texas.

Here is an example, which took place in Tracy, California.
U-F-No: Tracy "blue lights in the sky" mystery solved

I've received a number of sightings reports, more from Lubbock and cities as far south as Cedar Park, San Antonio and even Harker Heights.

The one in Harker Heights was busted, when LITS received a comment from a Harker Heights fireman.  He claimed to have seen a the glider over the city park.  It's pilot was controlling the small craft from the the weeds across from the park.  According to the aerialist, he had been flying his glider over the park and the local Belton Lake area, for some time.

Another witness reported in, suggesting that the object he had seen could have been a drone, like the one in this YouTube video.

Well, at least one mystery is solved but that leaves several others.  It's highly likely that they too are products of night-time aerial enthusiasts; those who don't mind letting people think that their "blue light specials" are "UFOs".

Sunny Williams - LITS


Previous Posts:

Blue Light Over Lubbock, Texas - 4/4/2012

More Sightings of Blue Light Over Lubbock, Texas - 4/4/2012 to 4/6/2012


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Update: Blue Light Over Lubbock and Harker Heights, Texas - April 6 & 7, 2012



Additional reports of a blue light in the sky, from Lubbock and now also Harker Heights, Texas, which is located East/Southeast of Kileen and Fort Hood.-SW

Lubbock, TX
10:35 to 10:45 p.m.
Blue Light

Much like the other posts from 4/6, 4 of us saw these lights last night between approximately 10:35p-10:45 last night, 4/6. We saw it from our backyard near 92nd &University.

What first caught my eye was that the lights were blinking like a plane, but in no consistent pattern. I would be two then nothing. Then three then nothing. Then a series of blinks then nothing for a couple of minutes.
It looked like two or three blueish lights together that moved very quickly. It would move in one direction quickly, then disappear for a few seconds, then reappear a good distance from where we last saw it. It wasn't moving in one general direction. It seemed to head NE,  then it would appear back SW of that position.

It was really strange. Would love to hear what you discover about this mystery.


Harker Heights, TX
9:40 p.m.
Blue light-changing to red/white

Tonight April 7,2012 around 9:40ish we were in our back yard in Harker Heights myself, mother in law and brother in law as well as my daughter we witnessed a bright blue light moving about the sky. It would change colors from blue to red and white. I thought it was a toy plane or helicopter however it was too steady and lasted about 20 min it was moving very slowly at first then began making erradic moves. From our vantage point it seemed about 80 feet off the ground but made no noise. A few times it came overhead. I took a short video but can't attach it because of the size. Let me know if this was similar to sightings being reported.

Seemed to be pretty large the light was intense blue then it was like it turned and the light was red it was very strange feeling not like a plane or helo.

Original reports:


Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Sightings of Blue Light Over Lubbock, Texas - 4/4/2012 to 4/6/2012

Lubbock Area Map.
Courtesy Google maps.
Click on map to enlarge.


More witnesses are coming forward, reporting sightings of a "blue light" over Lubbock and other parts of Texas.

I have also received word from a colleague/LITS Investigator in South Texas, that she will be taking a report from a witness in San Marcos.  I will post that report when I receive it.  I have not yet received any videos or photos.

Just what is this blue light?  I had at first speculated that it might be a small remote controlled airplane.  However, something like that has a very short range and could not possibly be seen hundreds of miles away.

There is something in the skies over Texas.  What is it?  Thus far, it remains unidentified.

If you have seen this blue light anywhere over Texas during the first week of April, 2012, please report it.  Thanks! - Sunny

Recent Reports:

Lubbock, TX
10:45 p.m.
Blue Light in Sky

Hello! My husband and I just saw a random blue flashing light very random in the sky. We live off 82nd and university it was in the south south/east area. Blue flashing lights that were random under the moon and then to the left of the moon. It was very weird. Please let me know what it was!

Sent from my iPhone=


Luboock, TX
4-4-2012 9:45 p.m.
4-6-2012 10:30 p.m.
Blue Light in Sky

We had similar experiences with a blue light as described by the other two Lubbock sightings, on two occasions.

The first sighting, on Wednesday 04/04/12, was witnessed by me, my husband, my adult son and his girlfriend. It occured around 9:45pm and lasted approximately 15 minutes. We saw a blue light moving northeast towards 82nd and I27. We were standing at 93rd and Ave X. The light went back and forth north, to NEast, to South and SWest. It took several passes, blinking and "turning" at an undetermined speed or distance. Some times slowly, sometimes faster, it also disappeared and re-appeared after several seconds in another part of the east/northeast sky. At one time it did what appeared to be a three roll, loop-d-loop, as it moved downward. It moved too quickly, at too many acute angles to be a normal airplane or helo. Our last sighting was as it left our area at a very high rate of speed north/NEast. This light seemed to have a bright blue light, with white edges. It also had 3 white LED type lights and once "turned" to reveal a slight red color beneath the bright blue light. I never saw anything drop, just the abnormal light and movement across the sky. We did not hear anything associated with the light(s).

The second sighting was tonight, around 10:30pm, again lasting about 15-20 minutes. This was witnessed by my husband and I, he called me outside when he saw the light had returned. The light was the same, in the same general area, the same general movements. No loops, but it made two very sharp right angle turns and when it left our area NEast, it was moving very fast.

I have video of both sightings on an HTC EVo cellphone. Its not great video as it was hard to track but its a pretty good quality. With sound.

   *      *      *

Comments/Reports on original post:

San Antonio, TX
4-4-2012  8:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Blue and white lights in sky

We were sitting in our backyard in san antonio last night april 4th, 2012 between 830 an 930 pm...and we too saw a blue light move in the sky...then emitted a white light...with a flash of red ...this was to the left of venus and jupiter. We also noticed a cluster of white lights right next to venus...turning on and off ...then changing into triangular positions at the same time. We were mesmerized by the white lights then shortly thereafter noticed the moving blue light which dissappeared. The lights seemed far away. There were no clouds.


Stephenville, TX
Large Orange lights near Stephenville

Hey, in Stephenville and just saw two orangish lights outside about 10 mins ago. They weren't moving, but blinked out one at a time. large lights, bigger than stars or planets.

[Note:  Though not blue lights, the Lubbock report apparently encouraged this witness to report their sighting. -Sunny]


Lubbock, TX
Bluish Light in sky

My husband, a couple of friends of ours, and I saw the same thing last night. We live in the south side of town and it was towards the north. It was a bluish light. At first it did seem a little weird, but we didn't give it a thought to what it might be bc moments before, to the north west of us, we saw a shooting star that lasted longer than usual. The thing that we really noticed was how it moved. At one moment it was going in a horizontal direction, then, without notice it shot up and disappeared. Then seconds later it was a little lower than where we first saw it. At that point it started to blink. It would go out, and then end up either noticeable higher or lower then where it stopped blinking. This lasted for a few minutes. We tried to take video with our phones, but you know how that goes. After a few minutes it stopped. Then about 30 minutes after that, it started again, doing the same thing. This time it didn't last as long. We are still confused about what we saw. All this happened at about 11pm.


Lubbock, TX
Bluish Light in sky

My husband I have saw this same light yesterday and twice last week. It comes from behind our house off of 98th and Ave P in Lubbock, Tx. It flies to the KCBD tv towers, blinks on and off , and then disappears. Hmmm don't know what it is, whatever it is it doesn't make any sound when it flies by.

Oh also I have it on video.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blue Light Over Lubbock, Texas - 4/4/2012


A witness wrote in with a report of a bright blue light, which moved about in the skies over Lubbock, Texas.

The sighting occurred on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 9:30 p.m.

Location: Lubbock, Texas
Date 4/4/2012
Time of first sighting: approx 9:30 pm
Duration of sighting:  aprox 10-15 mins
Distance:  difficult to ascertain, but was probably around 2 miles distant?
Color: bright blue with some tiny hints of red
Shape:  round-ish

I saw a ufo over Lubbock, TX!  Me and my room mate were on our way home from work. We had just turned west on 98th street from the interstate when I noticed a bright blue light in the night sky. It was in the northwestern part of the sky. It was moving, a bit strangely at that, then it began to wink out. First I thought it was an aircraft that went behind a cloud till I noticed there are no clouds out tonight! I stopped the car, pointed it out to my passenger. We both watched this light move in strange patterns and wink in and out. It's turns were unnaturally sharp. It eventually passed over our car and I sped home.

After parking I got out and peered into the sky. The light reappeared in the north eastern part of the sky. It continued to make VERY sharp turns no normal aircraft could pull off. At one point I saw a small mote of white light 'fall' off the bigger light and move down towards the ground but it was so small and so far away, I quickly lost track of it (the mote).

I ran inside to get my binoculars after bringing my wife out to see it. After I got back outside it was gone..... I've never actually SEEN anything like that before. I'm kinda freaked out. My wife doesn't want to talk about it. :(

I was NOT under the influence of alcohol or ANY drugs or medications.

Name withheld by SW/LITS

[Note:  If you saw this object or something similar, please report it.  Thanks. -SW]

*     *     *

A poster comments:

I think it was not a UFO but the planet Venus.



My Reply:  Thanks for the comment and the link.  If you will read again where the witness says, "It eventually passed over our car..."

According to the witness, the object first appeared in the Northwest, winked out, then moved to the Northeast, where shortly after it passes overhead. 

I would definitely rule out the planet Venus.  At 9:30 p.m. (Texas time), Venus was low to the horizon, located in the West/Northwest portion of the sky and appears as a bright white light, whereas the witness claims he saw a bright "blue" light.  Details, details... :-)  -Sunny


Fish-like Hominoid Alien

Depiction by SW/LITS
Click to enlarge.
I've been debating on whether to even post this ( it belongs in the ultra strange and weird category) but I do so, in hopes that someone else may have seen, or experienced something similar and will come forward to give their account.

A few days ago I woke up and thought, "Now that was one weird dream!"  Well, at least that is what I keep telling myself.

I'm not really sure if it was a dream, or not.  I was in bed, asleep.  I woke up suddenly, to see an alien face peering down at me.  I had just enough time to take note of it's most outstanding features, think "Wow!" to myself and then immediately drifted back into slumber.

Blood stains on bed sheet
and pillow.
Click to enlarge.
Shortly after, I woke up.  I got up and went to the bathroom, then came back to bed, only to realize that there was blood on the bed.  I checked myself and could find nothing amiss, no cuts, scratches, or other mean of blood letting.  I was bemused, to say the least.

I dressed, left my husband sleeping in bed and let the dogs outside.  I then walked over to my cell phone and tried to "wake it up" but it was dead.  Now that might not seem like a problem, but when I went to bed, it had a full charge.

When the battery died, the phone shut off and it wasn't going to turn on. I reached for my charge cable, plugged it into my Samsung Infuse and when the battery icon appeared, it showed the phone had no charge at all.  Coincidence?

OK, so let's get this straight.  I have a dream that may, or may not have been a dream (with an alien in my face), there was blood on my sheet and pillow and my fully charged phone was dead as a doornail.

As for the alien, it's pretty much depicted in the picture submitted with this report:  Bulging, round, fish-like eyes, gill slits where a nose would be (I saw the gills flare open as it exhaled when I opened my eyes), mottled green tinted white skin and nobs and a frill on the head.  Hey, it would make a good sci-fi movie alien!  Thing is, that's pretty much what I saw.

Later on in the day I noticed a tiny needle stick in the top of my right hand, made more noticeable due to bruising. 

I'm a UFO investigator.  I "investigate reports of UFOs and aliens."  I'm not supposed to experience these things but then contact with something not of this earth, is the driving force behind my search for the truth.

In my research as a UFO investigator, I've not been acquainted with fish-like aliens, so I did some checking and found that the Apkallu, were a fish-like race that supposedly helped to advance the Sumerians of Ancient Mesopotamia.  There is a problem here.  The Apkallu are depicted as been fish-like from the waist down (i.e., merman).  I only saw this chap from the neck up.

Listed among the many supposed types of aliens that are here, or visit Earth, or made an impact on human civilization, are the amphibians.  I could not determine what these beings possibly look like but they are listed as "semi-aquatic".  Gills might be a good indication.

Some researchers seem to think that "greys" have a cetacean ancestry, or is it that Sirius Reptilians, with scales and gills, lurk among us?  Well, this is all speculations and hopefully it was just a silly dream, mixed with eerie coincidences.


Note:  If you have ever seen anything like this alien depicted, please contact me. -SW


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Discs, Triangles, Bright Lights and Possible Alien Encounter In Texas

Here are recent reports of UFO sightings and possible alien contact in Texas.

These reports were submitted to MUFON and are posted here, unedited.


Baytown, Texas

they were in a trangel formation

Monday evening at about 7:50 my grandson saw these ufos fly over Baytown. They were headed west and suddenly flew away at tremendous speed without any noise. Good to know that the aliens haven't left us out

Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2012 20:37:21 -0500

he saw this this evening about 7:50pm. The formation was traveling toward Houston and suddenly accelerated at high speed. Photo is fuzzy due to zooming in with camera phone.

Sent from my iPhone

Photo link

Clifton, Texas

It was a very large, hazy, v-like craft that I saw make 3 seperate passes. It was very low and made no noise.

I live in Clifton Texas and step outside to smoke cigarettes. I went behind the house and at 11:30 pm on Mar. 22nd, I saw a flashing light in the sky. I looked up to realize there were about 5-6 flying in a group and flashing randomly. I am not exactly sure what this was but IF it were a craft in would have been huge and diamond-like in shape. My next cigarette was around 1:45 am on the 23rd and my girlfriend was also smoking. We were standing out back and she said "Oh my God, Look" and pointed directly overhead. I tried to see where she was pointing at and just missed it I guess because all I saw was a streak of light that seemed to shoot a short distance in the sky and burn out. It was apparent that what she saw had startled her and she kept saying I dont know if I can be out here and things of that manner. I told her it would be ok and we layed in the back of the truck looking at the sky. We continued our cigarette and then at 2:03 am, we both witnessed a large craft slowly moving in a straight line above us. It was apparent that the craft was solid because I could see a outline to it but the color was a blackish-grey haze. The craft was a "V" shape and I could see what appeared to be lights or circular markings on the bottom. If these were lights, the craft chose not to use them. It just seemed to fade out of sight after a few seconds. I couldnt believe what I just saw and the feeling it gave me. I understood why she seemed scared after seeing it. We continued to lay there and saw it once more, however it didnt maintain the "V" shape throughout the pass. It flew in the same general location and in the same direction as before, but at a faster rate of speed. It flew over and was clearly visible as a "V" shaped object but then it changed into a star-like shape and fade away. The first pass that I saw was fearful due to the size of the object and the way it just slowly glided by. I put that feeling aside though knowing that If it was something that wanted to hurt me, it already would have. Then I was just curious/excited about the sighting. After seeing the object change shape, I feel confused. I simply cant understand how a object that was visibly solid, can change form and continue on. I had a phone with me and attempted to take pictures of the object, knowing I had no chance because of its color against the night sky. I snapped some pictures anyway and will leave them on my phone. I dont know if enhancing them in anyway will show anything and I wouldnt know where to begin.

Austin, Texas

Bright disk shaped object

As I often do I went onto my balcony early this morning about 6:15 am CDT. In the distance I could see planes coming from Austin Bergstron Airport, having taken off to the south and turning north to vector out. At a position SSE of mine I suddenly saw lights that I thought was another plane except it was not moving. I grabbed my binoculars and looked. It appeared oval shaped with white lights on the ends of the object and occasional red or blue lights between the white lights. It was no more than 10-15 degrees above the treeline of the ridge immediately east of me. I watched it both with and without binoculars for approximately 20-25 minutes. During that time, numerous commercial flights were taking off and vectoring away from the airport. The object appeared to be higher than the planes. It gradually disappeared, I believe moving off to the east.

Climate and Direction: Calm wind, 60 deg. temperature, Humidty 80%; Dewpoint 44; Visibility 10 miles, object was SSE of 30 deg 15 min; 97 deg 53 min.

I have been watching aircraft all my life. These were not landing lights since the white lights were at the end, not the center of the object. The blinking lights were interior to the white ones. If it had been a plane, I could have tracked it landing at a 90 deg. angle away from me. It did not do that, but rather hovered. This also eliminates potential "landing lights heading towards me" since the flight path for planes landing to the south would have been from my left to the right with the plane dropping below the treeline. These are easily observable from my balcony. While the movement of aircraft taking off was visibly easy to follow, this uap hovered, moved slightly south then moved away apparently to the east.

Lubbock, Texas

Saw blueish white HID type lights zig zag patterns way fast

My wife called me out to the front porch that faces a clear [item moved/CMS/nd] Northern
sky and there it was past 2 TV/Radio antenna towers beyond there location. Blueish/Whitesh like New HID car headlights, but not always visible on our view side and then bam!!! it made a turn or a climb, we saw the light and then it went off and the object was across the horizon showing light again. Lasted a couple of minutes and then gone. The last performance was a drop with a tracer light and then an immediated climb and then gone...
Everything I have ever heard on Coast to Coast AM leads me to believe we saw our first UFO. It moved so fast it had to be..

2 Kewl...

Really sorry, no video or pics, I didnt want to miss anything;(

Comanche, Texas

we saw a string of lights over a house then they disapeared and reappeared imediately over us

I was at my mothers house at around 11:30 to midnight i was sitting on the back porch talking to my wife on the cellphone when off in the distance i saw a string of lights that were very bright i was trying to figure out what i was looking at when it moved like nothing ive ever seen i told my wife oh ***** there is a *%^& ufo in my mommas back yard i threw the phone down and ran inside and told my nephews and mother to come look so they wouldnt think i was crazy when my nephews came outside it was still almost directly above our back yard then it just shut off like a light switch and we saw something shoot through the sky like a shooting star but it was big and then we noticed there were a bunch of planes out. there have been other people see unexplainable things from my moms back yard as well.

Denton, Texas
a glowing orange sphere flew in a perfectly straight line at a slow speed at low altitude wth absolutly no sound, 4 witnesss    

as my self and two others in my back yard were just hanging out before everyone left. i saw an orange glowing sphere coming over the house. i dont know how high it was but it was defenently to low for a reg aircraft.
the three of us stood and watched it pass over the house for about one min.
there was no sound what so ever, my girlfriends unkle tryed telling me it was a "falling star" and i instintly called him an idiot. i have been watching the stars a good portion of my life and i have never seen anything like that . we watched it head north west at around 11:30 pm as it flickered off in the distance.

Copperas Cove, Texas


How do you know if you were dreaming or taken? Im almost afraid to ask.... do I want to know? I feel it in my body but my mind wont let me think its true. Here is what I felt.

Just before I fell asleep, I heard a ringing in my left ear, it startled me into full awareness. I totally woke up, I dont know why. It took me a while to fall back to sleep. I think this is because I read that this happens sometimes when people are taken.... so, could it of been a dream? My mind thinking about it? After falling asleep, I felt like I woke up but couldnt move.. I forced my eyes open and standing in my bathroom, in my line of vision was---- a grey I think. short, thin, large head, black almond eyes, large eyes and I could see another in my peripheral vision. The one in the door of my bathroom, it almost seemed like he was in charge... he was still and silent, very small movements... a light sway here and there. He was intense, but I had the feeling he was friendly. He didnt scare me, but I felt he was the one that was controlling my not being able to move. I have the feeling he was the one that made me feel calm and after I panicked and became afraid, I think he is the one that gave me the feeling of euphoria. He was in the shadows but I remember him clearly. I was surprised that he was so short, maybe slightly taller than my door-nob I think. As I was laying down, I didnt have to look up to see him clearly.

I quickly closed my eyes and told myself I was dreaming. I dont know how long I stayed like that, it felt like only a minute. It was like I could hear them thinking. The second one, he moved quickly. He is the one that frightened me, he is the one that has the sing-song voice. I thought he was singing in my mind, I dont know what he was looking for but I do know he was going through my stuff... I only remember one thing of what he said, but I dont know what he ment by it, I remember hearing the words or impression of "bad baby". and that disturbed me. Last september, I went through a 4 or 5 day period of time... I knew I was pregnant.... I knew it. When I was laying down and I rolled over, I felt the sharp painful pull of the muscle holding my uterus.... sounds funny, but I only had that when I was pregnant and the weight of the baby made the muscle pull, it started in my pregnancies at about the 5th or 6th week and always got worse the bigger the baby grew. I also had a heaviness or a fullness in my uterus. I kept talking myself out of it, I finally got around to taking a test and it came up negative, but I could of sworn I was pregnant. After talking with a friend and putting a few time lines together, I think they impregnated me. My friend said it usually only last 3 - 5 days. I was happy I wasnt crazy and sad because I dont know if I will ever meet my child, is it my child? I carried him, so I feel like its my child, even if it was only for a couple of days. Anyways back to last night. when he said "bad baby" it upset me because I thought that maybe something was wrong with my baby. At this point, I still feel like I cant move.

I didnt want to see them so I closed my eyes. Thats when I got the weirdest sensation, I was floating, rotating around above my bed. I was scared this whole time and yet not scared or maybe just this feeling of calm, this deep, deep sense of calm. As I was floating--- how do I explain this--- you know what the pressure you feel when your lying down, that softness of your bed when your really, really tired and it feels so soft and comforting and solid? Thats how I felt all around my body. This soft wonderful pressure surrounding me and it was nice. I felt no breeze as I floated but I could feel the sensation of turning.

Then I was back in my bed, I was more aware again and thinking of "bad baby" and then I heard a moan and thought it was one of my girls. I felt an intense protectiveness and became upset. I wanted to protect her but I couldnt move.
I felt an intense fear came over me. I told them no--- or thought the words, it was like I could hear them with no noise. I felt panicked, then suddenly I got this rush of euphoria. I was covered in it. I could feel it everywhere in my body, I tingled with it, I could feel myself smiling, even laughing in my head. It was wonderful. Then it was like the "heaviness" that surrounded me left, but I felt so good I didnt want to move or it would go away.

My body felt heavy but my mind told me to move, so I started with my hands and as I wiggled my fingers I felt the euphoria leaving my body, going up towards my face, which still tingled. When I stood up I felt unsteady and a heaviness in my limbs, but I still went to check the girls. They were all sleeping.

I tried to go back to bed, but I felt surreal and when I just lay there I started to cry. I dont know what to feel, I dont know what to think, I dont know if it was a dream or if it was real. So I decided to write it all down on my computer, but when I turned on my computer, it made a series of low tone, loud buzzing noises, twice in a row. Ive never heard it before.

Im really tired now so I think Im going to go back to bed. I dont know if I like this. I feel a little fear to go back to sleep and thats stupid, if it wasnt a dream... they wouldnt come back again... and yet at the same time I dont feel fear... I think because I believe that no matter what, I am Gods child and He is watching over me and because He is God, they were created by Him too.... Weird. I do know that I have that image etched into my mind... of him standing in my bathroom doorway just looking at me... dream or real... I wont forget that.

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Katy, Texas
Two UFOs, one big one accompanied with might have been a smaller UFO

I had just laid down to sleep I thought when I woke up in a very dreary, fuzzy state of mind in my backyard looking towards the bayou behind my house. When I saw a huge, roughly the size of my house give or take, "UFO" slowly creep into my vision. Upon looking at it I noticed it was disc shaped, kind of similar to the one drawn in the title bar of this website, only that it had a variation of red/orange/gold colored lights along where the top semi circle meets with the generic disc shape, all the way down to the base of the craft. Once I noticed it, it "blinked" out of my sight and was followed by what I believe was a smaller version of itself, maybe a sister craft.



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