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Lights Streak Through Skies Over Arizona - 4/17/2012


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From the YouTube site:
Many residents around Arizona have reported seeing a "glowing object" fly across the night sky Wednesday.

ABC15 is working to confirm what it really was. We started getting reports of the possible meteor around 7:45 p.m.

Our multimedia journalist Brien McElhatten captured two photos when he saw a glowing orange light before an object started streaking across the sky.

One photo shows how the glowing light looked in Chandler. The other image was taken as McElhatten kept the shutter open to show the object streaking across the sky.

"It had a big old tail, and it was so bright. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing," Valley resident Holly Pickard told ABC15.

Law enforcement in the Valley also saw the object.

"We received four calls (total) regarding the light in the sky," a Phoenix Police spokesman told ABC15. "Our air unit, myself, and other officers also observed it as well. We all made our wishes and went back to work."

A spokesman with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office said their aviation unit did confirm seeing the meteor over Deer Valley Airport, but there hasn't been any reports of an impact site.

Sharon Roesch wrote, "It was huge and incredible- we were driving and too much in shock."

Althea Keegan wrote, "It had a green tail and burned out just as I had my camera ready to snap a picture."

The ABC15 newsroom confirmed that there have been similar reports in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

   * - A UFO, not behaving like a meteor, streaked across the skies of Arizona, causing many to call police. And for a local news team to head out of the studio to investigate. What was it?

In a sign that mainstream media is beginning to pay serious attention to the unidentified flying object phenomenon, local Arizona TV news affiliate ABC15 did a two-minute news segment on the fireball which was reportedly streaking across the sky as the newscast aired live.

Witness photographs and videos were shown on-screen, and this one, showing an irregular flight path of the object, was broadcast.

The news team speculated over what the object could be, even calling it a UFO at one point. A camera crew was sent out to the field to catch video of the object and they were successful.

Whatever it was, it certainly got plenty of attention. It seems that everyone around the world, believers or not, are beginning to take this issue more seriously.

Story by Tom Rose


Report Submitted to MUFON:

Scottsdale, AZ

Two solid white lights moving faster then anything I've seen before.

I was sitting on the outside of my patio (which faces south) with my best friend watching for satellites like I do most nights. Between 7:50 and 8:30pm. I saw 9 satellites (a personal best) 2 headed North, 5 headed South, 2 headed Southeast and 2 Shooting Stars. (I was facing East with my head laying on the back of my chair.) At 8:50 I saw 2 bright lights coming from the Southwest going overhead Northeast so fast that by the time I jumped out of my chair ,(pointing at them with both hands so my friend might see them.) walked about three steps the lights were out of sight. My friend did not see them. The lights were to the side of each other with the left one passing the right one. The left one slowed down really fast and the right one passed a little bit. Then the left one started going faster enough to pass the right one by a short distance and maintained the same speed slightly ahead of the right one. Both lights were solid white with no glow around then and more then four times the size of Mars with the naked eye. They were moving so fast I didn't even have time to grab my cell phone and when my friend jumped up to look they were out of sight that fast. Wow....

Source: MUFON


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  1. Unfortunately that Arizona video turned out to be an old video! I and MANY others mistook it for a new story as reported on it as fresh. Still, though, there have been lots of fireball sightings ("fireball season," apparently) - in Palm Gardens, recently, too.


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