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UFO Observed Over Irvin, CA 4/16/2012

I received this emailed report from a witness in Irvine, California.  The sighting occurred On Monday, April 16, 2012 at 12:48 a.m.

This report has been edited by me. -SW

Hello.  I am a bit apprehensive about writing about this, but it is keeping me up tonight.  First, I am not from Texas.  I am in California.  Second, I strongly believe I saw an unidentifiable flying object.  Here are the facts based on what I saw earlier tonight:

[1] Time of Observation: 12:48AM Pacific Standard Time
[2] Description:
[a] Direction of Object: I saw a fast flying object going Southbound.  At first I thought it was a plane, but the closest airport we have is the [redacted], which is not a large airport and routinely shuts down after 12AM.  While I was watching this flying object I was pondering it could possibly be military since there are several military bases in Southern California, but it was traveling quite fast (faster than normal jet airliners and jet fighters I have seen during the daytime.

[b] Description of Object: There are two reasons why I believe it was not military (unless it was an experimental craft) are twofold: 1) It was traveling extremely fast, and more importantly 2) The lights coming from the flying craft exhibited rotating red and white/yellow lights, which were rotating fast.  The object was not too far off from my perspective.  Typically when I see jet liners coming into [redacted], the night lights which are also white and red are always steady - meaning not blinking steadily nor rotating.

I have never seen this before in my life.  Of course, I am aware that millions of people have purported to have seen unidentifiable flying crafts, but due to lack of clear recorded evidence (poor video quality) most have written it off as unclear, speculative, or natural phenomenons.  In this case, I am 100% certain I did not observe a natural phenomenon.  Nor am I writing under false pretenses.  I know what I saw, and it was clearly not a jet liner, so I can only assume two things:

[A] It was an experimental military aircraft, or
[B] It was an alien air/space craft.

Either way, it is an unidentifiable object.  Now, pertaining to my mental and emotional quotient:

[A] I have graduated from a 4-Year university and also earned my master's degree from a well known university in [redacted].
[B] I have studied natural sciences (biology), political science, and business.
[C] I have never had a never breakdown or delusional thoughts, or anything related to those.  I am as sane as the next person.

So, I am not very comfortable about writing this as there are potential rifts that can form, so I am not willing to divulge my name, telephone, etc. but you can email me with questions.  Unfortunately, I do not have a high-powered digital camera, telescope, or video camera...only what my eyes saw earlier tonight.  I apologize that I could not be more helpful, but I thought at the very least I can concur with your group that I may have seen an unidentifiable flying object.


[Name withheld by SW/LITS]

I wrote the witness back and asked:
"Is it that you only saw lights, or did you see the actual object the lights were attached to?  Can you describe the object itself?"

The witness replied:
Hello Sunny.  Thanks for replying.  I hope I can answer your questions in short order below:

[1] The object was traveling on a long arc trajectory horizontally.
[2] The object appeared to be elliptical (almost circular) in fashion.
[3] The white and red lights that may appear to be flashing at first glance, but it was actually rotating in a circular fashion around the flying object when I watched it further for at least 3-5 minutes.  Then it disappeared.

Now, I have flown many times on business, school, and vacation and I know lights do not rotate on jet liners.  Nor do lights rotate on jet fighters or other typical planes.  Also, when an airplane's lights are visible (obviously during the evening and night hours), the lights blink steadily in a linear fashion based on the trajectory of the plane, which is linear.  This unidentifiable object was not traveling like a plane.  Also, IT WAS EXTREMELY FAST.  Based on a rudimentary assessment in my head, I would calculate it traveled that distance at 10 times the speed of a jet liner...and my home is on one of the paths for landing into [redacted] airport, so I see a lot of airplanes overhead.

Anyways, it was traveling over a low mountain region about 3 miles from my house traveling in a southbound direction.  I was actually doing my nightly thing where on a clear night I would go outside into my courtyard, get some fresh air, look at the stars, and go to bed...but last night I saw something far different than the norm.

As I stated previously, I could not tell if it was metallic, but I can make an educated guess that based on the lights refracting and reflecting that the object was metallic in build and color.

My original assumptions are: [1] It was an experimental military aircraft since I know we have military bases, known and unknown, in Southern California, or [2] It was alien in origin thus unidentifiable.

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]

The witness added that while discussing this with an ex-military friend, the friend acknowledged that UFOs and aliens do exist, despite denials by our government.
[Note:  The person that sent me this report is a well educated, logic-minded individual and appears to be a very credible witness. 
Additionally, I respectfully acknowledge and adhere to his request of anonymity, as I do with all LITS witnesses.

If you saw this object, please send me your report. -SW]


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