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Discs, Triangles, Bright Lights and Possible Alien Encounter In Texas

Here are recent reports of UFO sightings and possible alien contact in Texas.

These reports were submitted to MUFON and are posted here, unedited.


Baytown, Texas

they were in a trangel formation

Monday evening at about 7:50 my grandson saw these ufos fly over Baytown. They were headed west and suddenly flew away at tremendous speed without any noise. Good to know that the aliens haven't left us out

Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2012 20:37:21 -0500

he saw this this evening about 7:50pm. The formation was traveling toward Houston and suddenly accelerated at high speed. Photo is fuzzy due to zooming in with camera phone.

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Photo link

Clifton, Texas

It was a very large, hazy, v-like craft that I saw make 3 seperate passes. It was very low and made no noise.

I live in Clifton Texas and step outside to smoke cigarettes. I went behind the house and at 11:30 pm on Mar. 22nd, I saw a flashing light in the sky. I looked up to realize there were about 5-6 flying in a group and flashing randomly. I am not exactly sure what this was but IF it were a craft in would have been huge and diamond-like in shape. My next cigarette was around 1:45 am on the 23rd and my girlfriend was also smoking. We were standing out back and she said "Oh my God, Look" and pointed directly overhead. I tried to see where she was pointing at and just missed it I guess because all I saw was a streak of light that seemed to shoot a short distance in the sky and burn out. It was apparent that what she saw had startled her and she kept saying I dont know if I can be out here and things of that manner. I told her it would be ok and we layed in the back of the truck looking at the sky. We continued our cigarette and then at 2:03 am, we both witnessed a large craft slowly moving in a straight line above us. It was apparent that the craft was solid because I could see a outline to it but the color was a blackish-grey haze. The craft was a "V" shape and I could see what appeared to be lights or circular markings on the bottom. If these were lights, the craft chose not to use them. It just seemed to fade out of sight after a few seconds. I couldnt believe what I just saw and the feeling it gave me. I understood why she seemed scared after seeing it. We continued to lay there and saw it once more, however it didnt maintain the "V" shape throughout the pass. It flew in the same general location and in the same direction as before, but at a faster rate of speed. It flew over and was clearly visible as a "V" shaped object but then it changed into a star-like shape and fade away. The first pass that I saw was fearful due to the size of the object and the way it just slowly glided by. I put that feeling aside though knowing that If it was something that wanted to hurt me, it already would have. Then I was just curious/excited about the sighting. After seeing the object change shape, I feel confused. I simply cant understand how a object that was visibly solid, can change form and continue on. I had a phone with me and attempted to take pictures of the object, knowing I had no chance because of its color against the night sky. I snapped some pictures anyway and will leave them on my phone. I dont know if enhancing them in anyway will show anything and I wouldnt know where to begin.

Austin, Texas

Bright disk shaped object

As I often do I went onto my balcony early this morning about 6:15 am CDT. In the distance I could see planes coming from Austin Bergstron Airport, having taken off to the south and turning north to vector out. At a position SSE of mine I suddenly saw lights that I thought was another plane except it was not moving. I grabbed my binoculars and looked. It appeared oval shaped with white lights on the ends of the object and occasional red or blue lights between the white lights. It was no more than 10-15 degrees above the treeline of the ridge immediately east of me. I watched it both with and without binoculars for approximately 20-25 minutes. During that time, numerous commercial flights were taking off and vectoring away from the airport. The object appeared to be higher than the planes. It gradually disappeared, I believe moving off to the east.

Climate and Direction: Calm wind, 60 deg. temperature, Humidty 80%; Dewpoint 44; Visibility 10 miles, object was SSE of 30 deg 15 min; 97 deg 53 min.

I have been watching aircraft all my life. These were not landing lights since the white lights were at the end, not the center of the object. The blinking lights were interior to the white ones. If it had been a plane, I could have tracked it landing at a 90 deg. angle away from me. It did not do that, but rather hovered. This also eliminates potential "landing lights heading towards me" since the flight path for planes landing to the south would have been from my left to the right with the plane dropping below the treeline. These are easily observable from my balcony. While the movement of aircraft taking off was visibly easy to follow, this uap hovered, moved slightly south then moved away apparently to the east.

Lubbock, Texas

Saw blueish white HID type lights zig zag patterns way fast

My wife called me out to the front porch that faces a clear [item moved/CMS/nd] Northern
sky and there it was past 2 TV/Radio antenna towers beyond there location. Blueish/Whitesh like New HID car headlights, but not always visible on our view side and then bam!!! it made a turn or a climb, we saw the light and then it went off and the object was across the horizon showing light again. Lasted a couple of minutes and then gone. The last performance was a drop with a tracer light and then an immediated climb and then gone...
Everything I have ever heard on Coast to Coast AM leads me to believe we saw our first UFO. It moved so fast it had to be..

2 Kewl...

Really sorry, no video or pics, I didnt want to miss anything;(

Comanche, Texas

we saw a string of lights over a house then they disapeared and reappeared imediately over us

I was at my mothers house at around 11:30 to midnight i was sitting on the back porch talking to my wife on the cellphone when off in the distance i saw a string of lights that were very bright i was trying to figure out what i was looking at when it moved like nothing ive ever seen i told my wife oh ***** there is a *%^& ufo in my mommas back yard i threw the phone down and ran inside and told my nephews and mother to come look so they wouldnt think i was crazy when my nephews came outside it was still almost directly above our back yard then it just shut off like a light switch and we saw something shoot through the sky like a shooting star but it was big and then we noticed there were a bunch of planes out. there have been other people see unexplainable things from my moms back yard as well.

Denton, Texas
a glowing orange sphere flew in a perfectly straight line at a slow speed at low altitude wth absolutly no sound, 4 witnesss    

as my self and two others in my back yard were just hanging out before everyone left. i saw an orange glowing sphere coming over the house. i dont know how high it was but it was defenently to low for a reg aircraft.
the three of us stood and watched it pass over the house for about one min.
there was no sound what so ever, my girlfriends unkle tryed telling me it was a "falling star" and i instintly called him an idiot. i have been watching the stars a good portion of my life and i have never seen anything like that . we watched it head north west at around 11:30 pm as it flickered off in the distance.

Copperas Cove, Texas


How do you know if you were dreaming or taken? Im almost afraid to ask.... do I want to know? I feel it in my body but my mind wont let me think its true. Here is what I felt.

Just before I fell asleep, I heard a ringing in my left ear, it startled me into full awareness. I totally woke up, I dont know why. It took me a while to fall back to sleep. I think this is because I read that this happens sometimes when people are taken.... so, could it of been a dream? My mind thinking about it? After falling asleep, I felt like I woke up but couldnt move.. I forced my eyes open and standing in my bathroom, in my line of vision was---- a grey I think. short, thin, large head, black almond eyes, large eyes and I could see another in my peripheral vision. The one in the door of my bathroom, it almost seemed like he was in charge... he was still and silent, very small movements... a light sway here and there. He was intense, but I had the feeling he was friendly. He didnt scare me, but I felt he was the one that was controlling my not being able to move. I have the feeling he was the one that made me feel calm and after I panicked and became afraid, I think he is the one that gave me the feeling of euphoria. He was in the shadows but I remember him clearly. I was surprised that he was so short, maybe slightly taller than my door-nob I think. As I was laying down, I didnt have to look up to see him clearly.

I quickly closed my eyes and told myself I was dreaming. I dont know how long I stayed like that, it felt like only a minute. It was like I could hear them thinking. The second one, he moved quickly. He is the one that frightened me, he is the one that has the sing-song voice. I thought he was singing in my mind, I dont know what he was looking for but I do know he was going through my stuff... I only remember one thing of what he said, but I dont know what he ment by it, I remember hearing the words or impression of "bad baby". and that disturbed me. Last september, I went through a 4 or 5 day period of time... I knew I was pregnant.... I knew it. When I was laying down and I rolled over, I felt the sharp painful pull of the muscle holding my uterus.... sounds funny, but I only had that when I was pregnant and the weight of the baby made the muscle pull, it started in my pregnancies at about the 5th or 6th week and always got worse the bigger the baby grew. I also had a heaviness or a fullness in my uterus. I kept talking myself out of it, I finally got around to taking a test and it came up negative, but I could of sworn I was pregnant. After talking with a friend and putting a few time lines together, I think they impregnated me. My friend said it usually only last 3 - 5 days. I was happy I wasnt crazy and sad because I dont know if I will ever meet my child, is it my child? I carried him, so I feel like its my child, even if it was only for a couple of days. Anyways back to last night. when he said "bad baby" it upset me because I thought that maybe something was wrong with my baby. At this point, I still feel like I cant move.

I didnt want to see them so I closed my eyes. Thats when I got the weirdest sensation, I was floating, rotating around above my bed. I was scared this whole time and yet not scared or maybe just this feeling of calm, this deep, deep sense of calm. As I was floating--- how do I explain this--- you know what the pressure you feel when your lying down, that softness of your bed when your really, really tired and it feels so soft and comforting and solid? Thats how I felt all around my body. This soft wonderful pressure surrounding me and it was nice. I felt no breeze as I floated but I could feel the sensation of turning.

Then I was back in my bed, I was more aware again and thinking of "bad baby" and then I heard a moan and thought it was one of my girls. I felt an intense protectiveness and became upset. I wanted to protect her but I couldnt move.
I felt an intense fear came over me. I told them no--- or thought the words, it was like I could hear them with no noise. I felt panicked, then suddenly I got this rush of euphoria. I was covered in it. I could feel it everywhere in my body, I tingled with it, I could feel myself smiling, even laughing in my head. It was wonderful. Then it was like the "heaviness" that surrounded me left, but I felt so good I didnt want to move or it would go away.

My body felt heavy but my mind told me to move, so I started with my hands and as I wiggled my fingers I felt the euphoria leaving my body, going up towards my face, which still tingled. When I stood up I felt unsteady and a heaviness in my limbs, but I still went to check the girls. They were all sleeping.

I tried to go back to bed, but I felt surreal and when I just lay there I started to cry. I dont know what to feel, I dont know what to think, I dont know if it was a dream or if it was real. So I decided to write it all down on my computer, but when I turned on my computer, it made a series of low tone, loud buzzing noises, twice in a row. Ive never heard it before.

Im really tired now so I think Im going to go back to bed. I dont know if I like this. I feel a little fear to go back to sleep and thats stupid, if it wasnt a dream... they wouldnt come back again... and yet at the same time I dont feel fear... I think because I believe that no matter what, I am Gods child and He is watching over me and because He is God, they were created by Him too.... Weird. I do know that I have that image etched into my mind... of him standing in my bathroom doorway just looking at me... dream or real... I wont forget that.

Photo link

Katy, Texas
Two UFOs, one big one accompanied with might have been a smaller UFO

I had just laid down to sleep I thought when I woke up in a very dreary, fuzzy state of mind in my backyard looking towards the bayou behind my house. When I saw a huge, roughly the size of my house give or take, "UFO" slowly creep into my vision. Upon looking at it I noticed it was disc shaped, kind of similar to the one drawn in the title bar of this website, only that it had a variation of red/orange/gold colored lights along where the top semi circle meets with the generic disc shape, all the way down to the base of the craft. Once I noticed it, it "blinked" out of my sight and was followed by what I believe was a smaller version of itself, maybe a sister craft.


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