Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blue Light Over Lubbock, Texas - 4/4/2012


A witness wrote in with a report of a bright blue light, which moved about in the skies over Lubbock, Texas.

The sighting occurred on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 9:30 p.m.

Location: Lubbock, Texas
Date 4/4/2012
Time of first sighting: approx 9:30 pm
Duration of sighting:  aprox 10-15 mins
Distance:  difficult to ascertain, but was probably around 2 miles distant?
Color: bright blue with some tiny hints of red
Shape:  round-ish

I saw a ufo over Lubbock, TX!  Me and my room mate were on our way home from work. We had just turned west on 98th street from the interstate when I noticed a bright blue light in the night sky. It was in the northwestern part of the sky. It was moving, a bit strangely at that, then it began to wink out. First I thought it was an aircraft that went behind a cloud till I noticed there are no clouds out tonight! I stopped the car, pointed it out to my passenger. We both watched this light move in strange patterns and wink in and out. It's turns were unnaturally sharp. It eventually passed over our car and I sped home.

After parking I got out and peered into the sky. The light reappeared in the north eastern part of the sky. It continued to make VERY sharp turns no normal aircraft could pull off. At one point I saw a small mote of white light 'fall' off the bigger light and move down towards the ground but it was so small and so far away, I quickly lost track of it (the mote).

I ran inside to get my binoculars after bringing my wife out to see it. After I got back outside it was gone..... I've never actually SEEN anything like that before. I'm kinda freaked out. My wife doesn't want to talk about it. :(

I was NOT under the influence of alcohol or ANY drugs or medications.

Name withheld by SW/LITS

[Note:  If you saw this object or something similar, please report it.  Thanks. -SW]

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A poster comments:

I think it was not a UFO but the planet Venus.



My Reply:  Thanks for the comment and the link.  If you will read again where the witness says, "It eventually passed over our car..."

According to the witness, the object first appeared in the Northwest, winked out, then moved to the Northeast, where shortly after it passes overhead. 

I would definitely rule out the planet Venus.  At 9:30 p.m. (Texas time), Venus was low to the horizon, located in the West/Northwest portion of the sky and appears as a bright white light, whereas the witness claims he saw a bright "blue" light.  Details, details... :-)  -Sunny



  1. I think it was not a UFO but the planet Venus.


  2. See my reply on the report. Thanks.

  3. We were sitting in our backyard in san antonio last night april 4th, 2012 between 830 an 930 pm...and we too saw a blue light move in the sky...then emitted a white light...with a flash of red ...this was to the left of venus and jupiter. We also noticed a cluster of white lights right next to venus...turning on and off ...then changing into triangular positions at the same time. We were mesmerized by the white lights then shortly thereafter noticed the moving blue light which dissappeared. The lights seemed far away. There were no clouds.

  4. Hey, in Stephenville and just saw two orangish lights outside about 10 mins ago. They weren't moving, but blinked out one at a time. large lights, bigger than stars or planets.

  5. My husband, a couple of friends of ours, and I saw the same thing last night. We live in the south side of town and it was towards the north. It was a bluish light. At first it did seem a little weird, but we didn't give it a thought to what it might be bc moments before, to the north west of us, we saw a shooting star that lasted longer than usual. The thing that we really noticed was how it moved. At one moment it was going in a horizontal direction, then, without notice it shot up and disappeared. Then seconds later it was a little lower than where we first saw it. At that point it started to blink. It would go out, and then end up either noticeable higher or lower then where it stopped blinking. This lasted for a few minutes. We tried to take video with our phones, but you know how that goes. After a few minutes it stopped. Then about 30 minutes after that, it started again, doing the same thing. This time it didn't last as long. We are still confused about what we saw. All this happened at about 11pm.

  6. My husband I have saw this same light yesterday and twice last week. It comes from behind our house off of 98th and Ave P in Lubbock, Tx. It flies to the KCBD tv towers, blinks on and off , and then disappears. Hmmm don't know what it is, whatever it is it doesn't make any sound when it flies by.

    1. me and my wife live on 82nd and university and seen that blue light moving bout the sky about 10:20 friday night in lubbock and this was no planet how does a planet dissappear and then reappear and move that fast and make such sharp turns explain that

  7. We saw it tonight in the eastern/northeastern skies of Lubbock. My son saw it when he took the dog outside. We live right off 98th and University. He yelled for me and I saw a blue light....flashing like crazy...and then it would go black and appear in another area of the sky...moving in weird directions....something I've never seen an aircraft do. I've never seen anything like it...


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