Monday, April 9, 2012

Odd Lights Observed Over San Marcos and La Porte, Texas - 4/6/2012


Report taken by phone, of object near San Marcos.

San Marcos, Texas
9:00 p.m.

Was going from Austin on 35 to San Marcus, to get to 37 to 3 Rivers.  Light was was moving slowly N to NE.

No outline but could tell object was flat, drifting along. There were red and green lights on bottom and strobe lights flanked the red and green lights. There was a red and blue light on top. 2 strobe lights flanked the two yop lights.

Witnessed viewed the object for 2 minutes. The object banked and he could see 4 more white lights on top and in the middle.  Object continued to drifted slowly, with a slow easy turn to NE.

Couldn't follow it so drove on.

9:00 pm on the 6th April, 2012.

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]

Note:  Report from San Marcos, TX was given first hand to a South Texas LITS investigator, who in turn contacted me.


Emailed report of "lights sighting" near LaPorte.

La Porte, Texas (Over the water)
9:34 p.m

Hi Sunny,
Last night we were driving home and as we were approaching our street we noticed a cluster of lights in an upward oval shape and they were spinning... We have often see unexplained lights that simply disappear before our eyes but this was much more bizarre. The lights stayed in one position and continued to spin but seem to look like they were traveling away from us.

We live in La Porte TX. Right by the bay zip code 77571

We noticed the lights at 9:24 pm yesterday evening and I think south over the water.

Thank you sincerely,

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]



  1. HEY! Me and my friend were walking to the car to go to the shop and a bright white moving light just appeared moving downwards and disappeared, it was like there for 2-5 seconds. We saw this from San antonio at from Military drive. Please any questions email me at

  2. Wierd, my boyfriend also caught a flat angled craft in the sky in north Austin Sunday night. It gave him goosebumps. He's not one to speak of UFOs and things. He said it made a sharp turn into some clouds.


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