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Recent Texas UFO Sightings Reports as of April 28, 2012

Video capture from MUFON Case # 37773


These are recent Texas UFO sightings reports, which were submitted to MUFON.  They are unedited.

MUFON Case #37773
Mission, TX

appeared as a circular disc based on the arrangement of the lights I observed    

It was around 9:30 when I noticed a Light to the East at about 30 degrees above the horizon. when I first saw the light it was at around 45 degrees NE and appeared to be moving to the south. I Got my Sony camcorder from my vehicle, which was parked right behind me In the driveway and began recording at 9:29. I then proceeded to film the object for about five minutes or so. I estimate the object was around three miles, approximately from my location. it appeared to be on a steady course to the south as it moved across the sky and did not appear to be changing altitude as it traveled. At first there appeared to be four lights with one of them blinking but as the object moved to the south it began to display more lights. soon there were six lights,two of which were blinking,the color of the lights were blue, white, and green. soon there appeared to be eight lights with two of them blinking. the object continued on its southerly course. at around 9:32 a red blinking light appeared as the most forward light and a third blinking blue light appeared behind it on what looked to be the center of the this point it appeared as if there were four blinking lights total with the rear lights blinking at a different interval than the red a blue lights at the front of the object. The object was now at about 100 degrees E and still on a southerly flight path. the number of lights visible were still the same. The craft continued on its course to the south and I lost sight of it behind a bank of trees at around 180 degrees. the whole sighting lasted around five minutes.I had just finished parking my vehicle when I felt compelled to look to the north east, if I had not done so I would not have seen this object nor been able to film it. this is not the first sighting of unidentified objects I have experienced, I had submitted a video clip of a UFO sighting to MUFON already from a sighting I had in 2009. I was not excited so much as I was curious about the nature of the object.

Video Link


MUFON Case #37770
Alvin, TX

Small green light fail from sky

I went outside on my back porch to smoke a cigg. I was talking with my husband and then right over my neighbors house I seen a small green light fall from the sky straight down. I waited for about 1 min. And then I turned to my husband and told him I just seen a small green light fall from the sky. He looked at me like I was crazy. I know what I saw. My husband and I got into our car and drove down the road to see if we could see anything. And of course there was nothing to be seen. The light I seen was light green it glowed kinda looked like a flare. It was falling downward. I never saw it again after driving back home.


MUFON Case #37779
Dallas, TX

2 Chevron Shaped Crafts

Sitting outside with a friend in East Dallas looking at the stars when my friend pointed out movement overhead. We observed an object about 1000 to 1500 ft above. What we saw could easily have been overlooked at first as it was emitting no light or sound. The object which was about the size of a plane, at first seemed triangular in shape but subtly changed in shape (kind of like mercury) to a boomerang appearance and at times ovular it was a dull grey color with a hazy mist and seemed to at times have a faint glow. We watched as the object moved NNW. 2 to 2 minutes later we observed a second boomerang-like object much more elongated and thin than the first. This object could have at first glance passed as a flock of birds flying in V formation however it was solid, emitted a low glow and was heading smoothly NNW as well.


MUFON Case #37799
Granbury, TX   

this was a direct path ufo that obviousy left the atmosphere

an object, white no blinking lights was moving from north to south at an unknown altitude (probably 20000 ft) moved in a strait line then faded from sight in a clearly marked leaving the earths atmosphere pattern. This was a clear case of a vehicle leaving the planet, it was in the area of sky dominated by the orion constellation. as I reiterate it was plain that this object was definitely leaving the planets atmosphere. there was an airplane in the vicinity but I don't think it was connected in any way since that plane was probably at about 8-10 thousand feet


MUFON Case #37808
Arlington, TX

appeared to be a large and bright star or meteor falling downwards at extremely high speed, disappeared long before reached horizon

Driving southbound on 360 near six flags, I had noticed a few planes in the sky already. What looked like a very large and bright star appeared within my view while looking down the road and I watched it shoot downwards, coming from the upper atmosphere it seemed like. There was no trail behind it, despite its considerable size and if it was farther than it appeared than it could be even larger. I could immediately tell it was no airplane, and thought I might be seeing a shooting star or meteor.
The object did not break up at all or appear to get smaller, only moving in a downwards direction before disappearing completely well before it even got close to the horizon or any other obstacle that could have blocked my vision. My girlfriend sitting in the passenger seat exclaimed before I did, and we both confirmed we saw the same thing. It appeared as a solid white oval against the night sky and did not fade or shimmer out, just disappearing completely.



  1. I have a serious question for us all? What are we going to do if they should become hostile? I'm intuitive,and I have been feeling ency for a while, and then I go online,and read about all these things. Even when my child said UFO's were so good they were faked I noticed the same shapes popping up in other countries filmed at different angles. What are survilist folks doing to prepare, and is there a sight for those who aren't rich to help prepare ourselves?

  2. There are a number of preparedness sites on the internet. Just type into Google "how to prepare for disasters on a budget".
    I would not call myself a survivalist but I know how to survive off the land. And this brings me to the question... What do you do if nothing is left?
    Also, who/what are you afraid of?
    Use either of my contact emails on this blog to correspond, if you wish.

    1. I know this may sound crazy, but if you Google zombie apocalypse you will find numerous websites revolving around catastrophic events. It's amazing how time and thought went into preparation of zombies taking over the world, but like I said there is a lot of good and sound information that could be applied to any type of national catastrophe.


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