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"Monolith" and Flashes of Light Over Atascosa County, Texas

Depiction supplied by witness, courtesy MUFON.


A witness describes observing a flying "monolith" and what appears to be an aerial "war", in the sky over Atascosa County, Texas.

Note: Poteet and Devine are located South of San Antonio, Texas.

Poteet, Texas

UFO War over Atascosa County, Texas    

Night Sky Observation.

April 21, 2012 - Observation location is in Atascosa County, 500 feet Northwest from the corner of FM 2504 and Garden Drive. This location is between the township of Rossville, Texas (2.75 miles to the East) and the city of Devine, Texas (7.3 miles to the North East).

Observation time started at 8:45 PM Central time with clear night sky, no clouds, no moon, and very slight breeze from the East. Observer is facing magnetic south.
At 9:41 PM noted passenger airliner (the FAA required marker beacons and lights were clearly visible) approaching at a height about 20,000 to 25,000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL) flying from the San Antonio direction from the north and heading in a southwest direction, possible towards Lerado, Texas.

As soon as I lost visual on the passenger airliner low into the southwest, I picked up a single, white, flash of light. The flash was just a little bigger then the size of a normal writing pen’s roundness as you would look at it dead on holding the pen at arm’s length. The flash brightness was about half the illumination as looking at present Jupiter’s brightness. I am guessing this flash originated at the height above the mention airliner’s flight path by 75,000 feet or 100,000 AGL.

The flash was approximately 70 degrees up from the southeast horizon and about 50 to 75 miles east of the passenger airliner’s flight path. Noted time at 9:46 PM and concentrated observation in direction of flash of light. Within a few seconds noted a second flash of light with the same characteristic and at the exact location of first flash.

About three to four seconds after the second flash of light witnessed a third and final flash of light. I did not see any kind of craft, yet the night sky was so clear I had no problem seeing the flash of lights.

Internet search for this kind of previous sighting comes from Ufologist Mr. Ed Grimsley UFO Wars, this flash of light looked a lot like the UFO distress maker bacon lights as seen under Night Vision Goggle (NVG) night sight equipment (see reference [Link moved to Additional Evidence section/cms/tg]).

This night sky was very clear with Orion’s Belt to my right and the Big Dipper to my back yet there was no more light flashing from the southwest.

Starting about 10:05 PM I witness about six little white lights moving across the night sky; two from the east heading west, two from the south heading north, one from the northeast heading southwest, and one west heading southwest. All moved with different time intervals between each other to span about 8 to 10 minutes. All had a non-direct flight path and some moved in a slight ziz-zag motion. All six little white lights were passing higher above the passenger airliner’s flight path and possibly higher than the first mention flashing white light, say at 150,000 feet AGL.

Approximately 10:25 PM I witnessed a spectacular fiery meteorite entry into earth atmosphere. The meteorite burned red, yellow, orange, and blue at the core but had a gray burn trail. The meteor entered directly above from the West and deteriorated to the East, and the visible burn trail was about the length of six full moons placed side by side.

10:32 PM directly above noted a second set of flashing white lights lower in altitude and closer to my position. Again just three flashes with about 3 to 4 seconds between flash. Each flash became bigger and closer down from the sky and on the third flash, I was able to see a monolith between the source of the light and my observation point, See Fig 1. The monolith could have been producing the light or it had flown in to intercept the falling object that was producing the flash of lights. If we use an estimated height of 100,000 feet AGL, the monolith was the size of 1/8 inch in length (0.125) and 1/16 inch wide (0.0625) as seen from arm’s length at ground level or the monolith was about 1,040 feet in length and 520 feet wide.

I was so amazed in what I had just witnessed, I do not know how much time had passed when suddenly a white laser beam type light shot out from the exact location of the monolith in a slight arc path towards the northeast direction. The beam shot out for a short distance no longer the diameter of our full moon and seem to be aimed towards outer space.

After an additional hour of observation, no other sky activity noted.

The following nights observation (April 22 and 23) I was only able to see the mentioned 9:41/42 PM passenger airliner flyby and a few small moving white lights.

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Source- MUFON


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