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Did UFOs Shut Down Missles, JFK and UFOs and Did UFOs Cancel Space Shuttle Launch

UFOs & NUKES | Civilians Report UFOs in F.E. Warren's Missile Field

“They are trying to let us know they can interfere with our weapons.”

On October 23, 2010, the F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming lost contact with 50 of the minuteman missiles under their watch.  F.E.Warren AFB is home to the 90th Missile Wing, activated in 1963 and which operates 150 Minuteman III ICBMs.

Robert Hastings, a UFO investigator based out of New Mexico believed the Air Force when they claimed a glitch knocked the missiles offline but after checking with local residents and the sheriff’s departments, he believes it was something else... UFOs.

Read the story at The UFO Chronicles.


Did an interest in UFOs cause JFK's assassination?

Was JFK killed because of his interest in aliens? Secret memo shows president demanded UFO files 10 days before death

An uncovered letter written by John F Kennedy to the head of the CIA shows that the president demanded to be shown highly confidential documents about UFOs 10 days before his assassination.

The secret memo is one of two letters written by JFK asking for information about the paranormal on November 12 1963, which have been released by the CIA for the first time.

Author William Lester said the CIA released the documents to him under the Freedom of Information Act after he made a request while researching his new book 'A Celebration of Freedom: JFK and the New Frontier.'



Was the STS 133 Space Shuttle launch canceled due to UFOs?

In this video it appears that sphere-shaped UFOs are hovering near the shuttle as it sits on the launch pad.

Another question I'd like to ask is, who took the video?

Video Link


UFOs and Enchanted Rock, Texas

Photo courtesy

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Email received 4/29/2011

Just last week I was out at enchanted rock and saw the same thing!! I slept on top and while I was looking up I saw it coming across fairly slow from left to right. Very very dim red lights on each corner and then something amazing happened. Right as it went over top of me it flashed an extremely bright light! Just a giant rectangle of light and it faded back to it's dark color and kept going out of sight. Perfect rectangle and no noise whatsoever. Absolutely blew my mind. 



Witness reports: 
Not aware of any time missing but I laid on the top (of Enchanted Rock) all night without a watch so who knows. This was last Friday the 22nd (2011) but it was most likely Saturday by this time I'd say about 2 am.


Satellite photo courtesy Google Earth

About Enchanted Rock

Located in the Texas Hill Country, the huge pink granite rock formation known as Enchanted Rock rises from the Llano Uplift and is second only in size to the larger granite rock in Georgia, known as "Stone Mountain".

Enchanted Rock is an Historic Landmark that lies between Fredericksburg and Llano, Texas and  is not far from Luckenbach, Texas, all of which have become popular tourist attractions. 

Our motorcycle trips through the Hill Country would not be complete without a stop at Enchanted Rock, also known as the "Spirit Song Rock".  The enormous granite rock heats up from the day's sun, then as the night winds chill the air the rock actually begins to moan and hum.  The ghostly sounds amidst an eerie setting can give one a sense of another time, another world.

Spirits are said to haunt this landmark; one that can be seen from 30 miles away.  Perhaps UFOs use Enchanted Rock as a landmark also. -SW

More about Enchanted Rock Enchanted Rock (16710 Ranch Rd 965, Fredericksburg TX) is an enormous pink granite pluton rock formation located in the Llano Uplift, approximately 15 miles (24 km) north of Fredericksburg, Texas, USA and 15 miles (24 km) south of Llano, Texas. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, which includes Enchanted Rock and surrounding land, spans the border between Gillespie County and Llano County, south of the Llano River. Enchanted Rock covers approximately 640 acres (260 ha) and rises approximately 425 feet (130 m) above the surrounding terrain to elevation of 1,825 feet (556 m) above sea level. It is the largest such pink granite monadnock in the United States. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, a part of the Texas state park system, includes 1,644 acres (665 ha).[1] Designated a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1936.[2]

Read more about Enchanted Rock on Wikipedia.


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Rectangular UFO over Rockwall, Texas

MUFON Case #  28839
Event Date:    2011-04-24
Time of Event:  21:52
City:    Rockwall
State:    Texas
Shape:    Square/Rectagular
Distance:    One mile or less
Vallee Index:    FB1
Summary:    parallelogram shaped object with no lights but reflective qualities soared silently overhead

My wife and I were sitting outside on our patio on 4/25/11 at 9:52pm when we saw a rectangular shaped object that caught our attention as it appeared in the distance and soar silently from southeast to northwest. It is difficult to estimate the size or how high it was.

The view was unobstructed.The object could be seen clearly and it was not rotating, making noise or illuminated. My wife believes it was roughly 200? x 200? and was flying at roughly 1500?. I believe it was much larger and was flying closer to 1 mile.

The object appeared to be in a liquid state, such as the chemical mercury, but it retained its parallelogram shape throughout the sighting. It appeared to only be reflecting the lights from the ground, and had no lights on the craft itself. The object had a "digital" camouflage appearance of a circuit board or other layered pattern.

It was dark outside with few clouds and the stars were shining brightly. The object made no noise and flew in a straight line and was faster than any aircraft I have ever personally seen. We live in an area with little surrounding lights from our community.

Neither my wife nor myself have ever seen anything like this and have never witnessed any unidentified object.


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ET Phoned, someone heard- Released NSA Documents- ET Messages Received

This may be old news for some, new to others but it is of great importance, nonetheless.
NSA released documents showing that 29 messages were received from outter space.  These documents reveal the work to decode those messages.


Key To The Extraterrestrial Messages

Continue- Documents (PDF Format)

Also read: The Real FBI X-Files

Aside from a mass invasion, what more proof is required?  Evidently there is never enough proof...


SETI Search For ET Halted

SETI Search Halted as Allen Telescope Array Lacks Funding Budget cuts have forced the hibernation of telescopes used by the SETI Institute's search of extraterrestrial life.

Effective this week, the Allen Telescope Array, used for the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Institute’s work, has been placed into hibernation due to funding shortfalls for operations of the Hat Creek Radio Observatory where the ATA is located. Not only does the Array enable SETI search, but it also has been used to make advances in radio astronomy and, most recently, in the development of the ability to detect space debris.

The Array is a partnership between the SETI Institute and the Radio Astronomy Lab of the University of California, Berkeley. Consistent with the original partnership understandings, the SETI Institute raised the funds to construct the Array, while the operations of the Observatory have been the responsibility of UCB.

The UC Berkeley Radio Astronomy Lab has operated the Hat Creek Observatory for more than five decades, hosting several generations of radio astronomy instruments, the most recent being the ATA. Historically, the costs of HCRO operations were supported from two primary sources: major “University Radio Observatory” grants from the National Science Foundation, and supplemental budgetary support from the State of California via Berkeley’s Radio Astronomy Lab.

“Unfortunately, today’s government budgetary environment is very difficult, and new solutions must be found. NSF University Radio Observatory funding for HCRO has been reduced to approximately one- tenth of its former level. This is compounded by growing State of California budget shortfalls that have severely reduced the amount of state funds available to the Radio Astronomy Lab,” wrote SETI Institute CEO Tom Pierson in a letter to supporters. “Combined, these factors have resulted in the current decision by UCB to reduce operations of the Hat Creek site to a hibernation mode, pending future funding or some alternative solution. Hibernation means that, starting this week, the equipment is unavailable for normal observations and is being maintained in a safe state by a significantly reduced staff.”

Meanwhile, even though the array is in hibernation, Pierson said the work of the Center for SETI Research continues. He outlined a number of projects that are being worked on, including a software correlator, new detection algorithms, data storage capability direct to disk from individual antennas, and a new feed and receiver system. “We also plan to develop new tools that will enable citizen scientists to help us identify the sources of radio frequency interference, and new avenues for application developers to add new visualizations and detection algorithms,” he said.

More than two years ago, seeing the early effects of funding difficulties, the SETI Institute began an effort to replace the lost funds by seeking a partnership with the United States Air Force to conduct experiments to see how the ATA could serve as a collaborating sensor to the USAF space surveillance network, helping track space debris. Pierson said while this effort is ongoing and showing much promise, near-term funding has been delayed due to the same, highly publicized large scale federal budget problems. 

Additional information:


Note:  I tend to agree with the person who wrote the following comment. -SW

By: J Schaffer
at: 04-27-11 @ 11:53 am EST     
"Finally. The hypocrisy of the government "searching for extraterrestrial life" why (while) actively hiding all present evidence for ETs and UFOs has always been a thorn in the side of any rational citizen. It is time to confront the fact that we are not the most technologically advanced residents of the universe. A better use of the funding would to spend it on declassifying and making publically available all of the evidence gathered since Roswell on ETs and UFOs. While one can continue to hide and ignore one cannot change the underlying facts. If I am wrong the evidence will show that. But until the evidence is released it is still smoke and mirrors.
Labeling those who accept and/or have witnessed the existence of ETs and UFOs as crackpots and/or deluded is simply establishment backed science’s method for silencing heterodox opinions and nonconforming evidence. Rather than burn the heretic, current practice is to assassinate the character only but leave the body unharmed. A change is needed."


Soldier On Duty Has Encounter In Canadian Woods

MUFON Case # 28815
Event Date:    1992-06-01
Time:    23:20
City:    Gagetown
Region:    New Brunswick
Country:    CA
Shape:    Oval
Distance:    500 feet or less
Terrain:    Woods
Visibility:    Clear
Weather:    None
Vallee Index:    CE1
Summary:    Army Training Exercise

I was in the US Army Reserves in the 1990's. One night, around June 1, 1992, while on my annual training exercise, I was in the woods, many miles from the nearest town, but amongst thousands of US & Canadian Army Reservists on a base called Gagetown, New Brunswick, Canada. I was dropped off a mile or two from camp, to guard an ammunition dump in a clearing of about 100 yards by 150-200 yards, surrounded by tall trees. The moon was full and the sky was clear.

At 11:20pm, I had the chilling sensation someone had snuck up on me and was standing next to me, looking at me. It sent a slight chill through me. I looked up to the right and there, about 100-or-so yards past the treeline, an enormous craft arose in the vicinity of a small lake/pond. I could see it plain as day and knew immediately it was an alien space craft.

It rose like a helicopter and flew slowly, like a helicopter, yet it was silent and lacked distinctive characteristics of both a helicopter and airplane, like a tailfin, wings, propellers, or safety lights.

In the bright moonlight, I could clearly see the entire craft, which was longer than a 747 or C-130, possibly oval or round, and tapered towards the tail. There were three sets of lights in a 120 degree arc around the front of the craft, which appeared to be windows, but may have been headlights.

I was paralyzed with fright and tried not to move, lest be seen. I slowly turned my head to watch the craft pass by. I watched it until it had gradually disappeared over the treeline.

After it had passed, I could hear the faint static-like sound of a jet-type engine, however the craft moved far too slowly to be a jet and the sound was barely audible, unlike a jet. There were no runways, where it took off - it had to come out of the lake or another clearing past the trees. Having seen many helicopters throughout my training, and ridden in them, I can say without equivocation this was no helicopter. With the bright moonlight, there is no doubt in my mind this was neither a commercial nor military craft known to the public, even now, nearly 20 years later.

Another soldier was on post about 1/4 mile away at another ammo dump. We had agreed beforehand to pick up our field phones at 11:30 to make sure we were both awake. Our exact conversation went: me,"Hey, you there?" him, "Yeah" me, "Did you see that?" him, "Thank God you said that!" We had both seen the same thing, described the same thing to each other, and agreed we had both seen an alien space craft.

This incident was never reported to the military because our fellow Reservists thought it was a joke we had both concocted and we eventually dropped it. But to this day, I shudder when I think of it.

I did report this on another website and was shocked to see the year after I posted it, a Canadian soldier posted an eerily similar account on the same night.


Note:  It seems that the Gagetown military base has been a testing ground for a number of years.
For an article on the military base (an interesting read!).

You might also be interested in the articles about other reported sighting in and around Gagetown, New Brunswick, which have been presented by Lon Strickler over at Phantoms & Monsters.


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Science News: LHC may have found the "God Particle" and Anti-Helium Produced

An example of simulated data modelled for the CMS particle detector on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. Here, following a collision of two protons, a Higgs boson is produced which decays into two jets of hadrons and two electrons. The lines represent the possible paths of particles produced by the proton-proton collision in the detector while the energy these particles deposit is shown in blue.
- Courtesy Wikipedia

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Fox News- The news was simply too exciting to keep under wraps: A Swiss particle accelerator may have found a long-sought subatomic bit called the Higgs Boson -- something never before seen, but thought to be the fundamental unit of matter. It's called the "God Particle" because it is the one thing that lends mass to all other stuff.

But is it too good to be true? Or merely blabbering physicists, battling it out for a spot in the public eye? 

The controversial rumor is based on a leaked internal note from physicists at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a 17-mile-long particle accelerator near Geneva that sits on the sharpest part of the cutting edge of science. The note details an unexpected "bump" in emissions that may be proof of the long-sought particle.

If the find is true, it's a game changer for science, explained Dmitri Denisov, a physicist with Fermilabs in Illinois.

"I would compare it to the discovery of electricity," he told

Sau Lan Wu, the Enrico Fermi professor of physics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and one of the controversial memo's authors, told she couldn't speak further about the discovery -- not yet, anyway.

But two weeks earlier, scientists at the Tevatron atom smasher at Fermilab in Illinois heralded their own discovery: a new particle, also evidenced by a "bump" in the data.

Sound familiar?

The Tevatron bump and the CERN bump aren't connected, however, said Rob Roser, staff scientist at Fermilab. He pointed out that the two colliders work in different ways, one smashing protons and antiprotons, the other colliding protons with other protons. But Roser was unsurprised that Wu had made such a startling claim.

"She's very aggressive, shall we say," he told

Roser said Wu's team has been on a lengthy quest for the Higgs Boson, ever since CERN shuttered her old project -- the aging Large Electron Positron Collider II. Just before that project ended, Wu claimed a similar discovery, Roser said.

"She didn't just happen on this, she's been pushing hard on the data sets and pushing to understand the simulations for quite a while," he told

Tommaso Dorigo, an experimental particle physicist who works with both atom smashers, blogged about Wu's discovery on Friday. He shared the same suspicions as Roser, noting that Wu was "among those less happy of the decommissioning of LEP II at the time when they were claiming a possible Higgs signal."

"Maybe these guys have been looking for some confirmation of the 115 GeV Higgs all along," he wrote. Dorigo did not respond to requests for more information.

James Gillies, a spokesman for CERN, explained that the leaked note faces several layers of scrutiny before it could be submitted for publication. "Things such as this show up quite frequently in the course of analysis," he told

"It's way too soon to get excited, I'm afraid," he said. "It's not the physics find of the millennium, unfortunately."


Isn't mass just inherent in stuff? How could one particle be responsible for the mass of another? Physicists believe the Higgs does just that -- and an analogy at the Exploratorium website explains the concept nicely.

"Imagine you're at a Hollywood party. The crowd is rather thick, and evenly distributed around the room, chatting. When the big star arrives, the people nearest the door gather around her. As she moves through the party, she attracts the people closest to her, and those she moves away from return to their other conversations.

"By gathering a fawning cluster of people around her, she's gained momentum, an indication of mass. She's harder to slow down than she would be without the crowd. Once she's stopped, it's harder to get her going again."


True or not, you have to be amazed by everything about the LHC, the world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator.

The collider is a 17-mile looped tunnel designed to create "mini-Big Bangs" by smashing together particles. Inside the tunnel, essentially a massive donut that sits on the border between France and Switzerland, two beams of light are shot in either direction and accelerated with magnets to nearly the speed of light.

In order for the superconducting magnets to work at maximum efficiency, they are chilled to 519 degrees Farenheit -- colder than outer space. This means the LHC is also the world's largest refrigerator, the CERN website points out.

To record the incredibly fast and incredibly tiny collisions of hundreds of thousands of particles, there are several giant detectors -- essentially super high-speed cameras recording millions of data points per second. But because the Large Hadron Collider will produce roughly 15 petabytes (15 million gigabytes) of data annually, ordinary connections wouldn't be capable of transmitting all of that data fast enough.

To store all of the information coming out of the machine, the detectors are tied into a next-generation computer network called The Grid, a superfast network of fiber optic cables just to carry all that information.

Read more

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Anti-Helium Produced
Long Island atom smasher creates the heaviest antimatter nucleus ever

(ISNS) - Scientists at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, an accelerator complex at the Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, N.Y., have on multiple occasions produced the heaviest antimatter nucleus ever observed. Each of the particles, the antimatter equivalent of a helium-4 nucleus, is really a four-particle parcel consisting of two antiprotons and two antineutrons.
Click here to find out more!

Physicists use powerful beams of particles to explore matter at the finest possible level. They often do this by smashing together beams of particles accelerated to very high speeds, approaching the speed of light. Then they collide these particles to see what comes out—as if they smashed together two Swiss watches to learn how they work.

In this case each "watch" was a gold nucleus, an atom of gold with its entire complement of electrons stripped off. The moving parts inside a nucleus are not springs and wheels, but rather protons and neutrons. Each gold nucleus contains 197 protons and neutrons. And when two such gold nuclei, moving within two beams zipping around the RHIC machine at very high speed, finally collide, they create a fireball involving nearly 400 protons and neutrons.

The surplus energy of this fireball is so high that some of it can be converted into new particles on the spot. In past collision studies at RHIC, antimatter particles have been seen to spring out of the fireball. These included anti-protons, anti-deuterons (each consisting of an anti-proton and an anti-neutron), anti-tritons (consisting of two anti-neutrons and one anti-proton), and even an antimatter counterpart of the helium-3 nucleus (consisting of two anti-protons and one anti-neutron).

In a paper posted online on April 24 by Nature magazine, the RHIC collaboration of scientists announced the first sighting of anti-helium-4 nuclei, the heaviest antimatter particle yet observed. In the experiment 18 traces of the heavy antiparticles were seen.  Each time a particle with composite mass of the anti-helium was recorded in surrounding detectors.  Even as its presence was being sensed,  the anti-helium annihilated with ordinary matter in the detectors, releasing a characteristic short burst of energy to signify the destruction of the new antimatter.

One of the lead authors on the paper, Aihong Tang of Brookhaven, said that if the anti-helium didn't exist then only one or two events with that particular energy would have been observed.  The fact that 18 events were actually seen with that amount of energy gives the scientists confidence that they had indeed discovered anti-helium. 

Antimatter is made in various violent events in distant celestial objects.  These are expected to send some antimatter particles in the direction of Earth, where, with orbiting telescopes stationed above the Earth’s atmosphere, they have been observed.

"The fact that so few antimatter helium nuclei have been seen in our detectors on Earth suggests that if any antimatter helium is seen on those orbiting detectors it will mean that it will not be coming from collisions among ordinary matter particles, but from distant bulk antimatter sources in the sky," said Tang.

Tang points out a nice symmetry involved in the new discovery. It was exactly 100 years ago that the nucleus itself was discovered in experiments conducted in Britain by Ernest Rutherford.  Before that time, the composition of atoms was unknown. Long before there were accelerators available, Rutherford contrived to collect a faint beam of helium-4 nuclei, which are also called alpha particles, from a naturally radioactive material. Then he directed these alphas into a thin gold foil. Instead of all passing through the foil, some of the alpha particles rebounded backwards.

Scientists quickly deduced that atoms consisted of a heavy inner part, now called the nucleus, and a lighter outer part consisting of one or more electrons. In 1911, Rutherford had discovered the nature of gold nuclei using an alpha beam. Now, 100 years later, in a nice feat of turnabout, RHIC has discovered anti-alphas by colliding gold nuclei at high energies.

Jeffrey Hangst is a spokesperson for the ALPHA experiment at the Large Hadron Collider, an even more powerful instrument at the CERN lab in Geneva, Switzerland. He says that even though the discovery of anti-helium at RHIC was not unexpected, everything in science needs to be confirmed. "What if it hadn’t been there?" Hangst asked, adding that the new finding provides an experimental benchmark for the rarity of anti-helium nucleus production in the universe. 

High energy collisions have also been carried out at by another group, the ALICE detector group at the LHC, where the beams consisted of lead nuclei rather than gold nuclei. Has any anti-helium been seen at LHC? "There is a recent unpublished report of some events at ALICE," Hangst said. 

Hangst's own work resulted last year in the first ever making and trapping of anti-hydrogen atoms.

Read More


Recent Reports of Abductions

Kanawha, Iowa resident claims repeated abductions and asks why.

MUFON Case #  28801
Date:    2011-04-23
City:    Kanawha
State:    Iowa
Entity Type:    Human-like
Vallee Index:    CE4
Summary:    repeated abductions.

I have had past UFO sightings, but that is not the reason that I am contacting you. I have had a lifetime of abductions that are leading to something I don't know.

My whole life I have been attracted to this matter. Since a child I would go to the library and sign out books, watch shows, anything related to the topic.

Growing up I would have nightmares on a nightly bases about UFO's and aliens abducting me. I wrote it off as a dreams so I could sleep.

I am going to be 32 in a couple days, but when I was 22-23-24 years old it started again. After I got married at that time (now divorced), it started to begin to be more of a reality. I started to have physical evidence such as burns, needle holes, bloody noses, bruises, etc. I would become paralyzed and couldn't scream, or move or do nothing. I woke one time to them around my bed, but for some reason I laid back down and went to sleep. I finally told my wife at the time about what was going on.....and she knew. She had been having nightmares of them coming in and taking me.

I can tell when this is going to happen.....almost a sixth sense to it. I don't want to sleep, I hear a humming outside my house etc etc. My girlfriend now has it happen to her, but will not talk about it. she has seen them take me....and have taken her.

Not sure what to do......just want to know why.


1974, York, PA- Witness to an Abduction

MUFON Case #  28773
Event Date:    1974-10-07
City:    York
State:    Pennsylvania
Shape:    Disc
Vallee Index:    CE4
Summary:    witness to abduction

I worked 2nd shift, til midnight, after work I or we would get a 6 pack of beer and ride around to unwind or go park somewhere and sit .

So this night we went to the top of the highest point in the area and sat and talked about work,etc. and we were enjoying the view of the country around us, had just opened the 1st beer, when my friend Ernie said, "do you see that bright light over towards New Freedom?"

I sure did, it was very very bright and shiny.  It was hovering with a slight motion going to and fro.  We watched it a good while.  Ernie says, "I really don't think that's a helicopter or airplane."  I totally agreed.

Then it shined a bright beam of light towards the earth, we watched in disbelief.  After a few minutes we noticed something being brought up into the craft.  I was so scared but kept watching.  We said very little.  It just hovered there for quite awhile. 

Then what or whoever they brought into the craft was being lowered back down with the bright beam, then after that there was a bright beam coming from the earth towards the craft and then it stopped.

We sat there and watched a little longer then the craft started moving southward.  

I had a Willy's jeep with the top off.  It was still pretty warm then.  We decided to try to follow it.  We got to the bottom of the hill & tore up the road and caught up with it in our sight.  We followed it into the state of Maryland, Baltimore county.  We followed it to the Prettyboy reservoir.

It stopped again for a minute and then it was gone, it took off in a flash, gone !!! Ernie said to me, "I don't think you should tell anybody about what we saw, they'll never believe us."

I never did tell anyone til years later but I remember it like it was yesterday.  I'm 60 now and I should let it out. Before this happened  I saw a UFO coming home from work at midnight, in the same area.  It was huge a bright orange color and it was like quivering.

That's the only 2 times I've seen UFO's but i know what I saw .

Thank you for reading my experience. *(Wit's name deleted--CMS/sg).

Note:  These reports contain some corrections to grammar and spelling.  To see original reports, please click on the case numbers. -SW


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UFO shaped like a Pool Table- 1974, Girard, Ohio

Depiction of rectangular UFO oveer highway- by SW

A witness recalls having seen a rectangular UFO near Girard, Ohio, 1974.
This report is posted "as is", with no corrections.

MUFON Case #  28777
Event Date:    1974-12-04
Time: 19:28
City:    Girard
State:    Ohio
Shape:    Square/Rectagular
Distance:    Unknown
Location:    Farmland
Terrain:    Fields
Visibility:    Clear
Vallee Index:    CE1
Summary:    A pool table shaped craft flew just above the tree tops in front of our car.

I believe it was just before christmas. It would have been in the mid 1970's. I was born in 1966, this happened when I was around 8-10 yrs old.

My brother in law was driving his wife (my sister who was 20 when I was born) and myself to Sharon Pa. We were headed to a department store to go shopping. I was in the back seat looking out the right side window and saw some lights and a craft just over the trees about 2 tenths of a mile away. (At that age I had no idea about acceptable flight heights of crafts to really know that it shouldnt have been permitted to fly that low.) I didnt want to be laughed at by saying look a ufo, but as it got a little closer it was obious it wasnt a plane. I said LOOK A UFO!!! At first they chuckled and said yea uhuh, 10 seconds later they were agreeing with me! The entire sighting didnt last over 3 minutes.

I have watched ufo shows for a long time and have never heard my craft explained, nor do I think your choices on this page covers it either, thats why I checked other. The craft was shaped like a pool table, it was about 40 feet long by 20 feet wide it was 10 feet high. Had 6 lights on the bottom, where the pockets would be on a pool table. The craft was black, metal looking, it flew long ways, it had a window in the side of the craft that went top to bottom. There was a control panel visible but no one was seen in the window.

The craft flew across the highway just in front of our car and stopped over a trailer park that was right beside the highway. It tilted down over a trsiler and the bottom was 10 to 15 feet from the top of the trailer.

I remember that it was just getting dark and there were many headlights coming west and anybody driving would have seen it but as I recall nobody pulled over or stopped, neither did we! I couldnt believe my brother in law kept driving!! But he did.

I watched it from the right side, to flying in front of us and watching out the back window as we kept driving. I saw all sides of the craft.

I am guessing on the year, I was a child, but I do know it was in the mid 70's.

Has anyone ever described a craft such as this? Or reported on this same encounter?

My sister has since passed away. When I was in my early 20's I stopped to see my brother in law to ask him about that night. All he remembered was lights in the sky. I was greatly dissapointed, I had hoped he would have recalled some of the details.

I am not a good artist but I would be happy to describe it to an artist and share it with your agency.
The movements of the craft was in a straight line just as an airplane would fly, there was no up down just a straight flight path to the top of the trailer. Our viewing ended as we continued driving the craft was still above the trailer as we left the viewing range.

when I was older I drove down that road again to see what I remembered, and sure enough, there was still a trailer park right next to the highway.

If you may recall, there was a famous ufo encounter back in 2007 I believe in Girard Ohio when A policeman had a sighting and chased a craft till his car died. Mt sighting was on the outskirts of that town, roughly 5 air miles from his sighting.


Note:  I do not recall having read a report of this particular sighting but if someone did, please report it now.

To answer the witness' question, many witnesses have seen the same type rectangular objects. -SW


Teenager recalls an abduction and alien's plan to return

MUFON Case # 28793
Date:    2000-04-21
City:    Bradford
State:    Pennsylvania
Shape:    Flash,Sphere,Unknown
Summary: Abduction and Sighting   

I was about 4 years old, asleep in my parents bed. I woke up for no reason, and time seemed to pause. There was a bright light, and a tall, brown life form came into the room. It was speaking a different language but, for some reason, i could understand it. I wasn't sure what it was at first, since i was only a kid. The next thing i knew, i was in a bright, round room. There were other kids in the room, also. They did something with me, and i blacked out. I remember them saying something about "coming back in 12 Earth years, to see how 'it' was doing and working out". I still don't know what "it" is. I remember a long, dirty hallway, and then, i was in the room again but standing up. They used this scanner thing on me, which kind of felt like a ton of tiny little bugs were crawling on me. I blacked out once again, but this time, i woke up standing in my parent's room. The light outside disappeared, and time started to go again. I had a bloody nose, but I was too terrified at what happened to try to even explain it to my parents. I've only told about three people about this experience, but it's been 11 years now and I'm kind of afraid on what they need to check up on and what they will do next.

Note:  My heart goes out to this young person.  I hope that help will be forthcoming. -SW

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Retired Deputy Recalls Close Encounter in Benbrook, Texas

Click on map for larger view.

This email was sent to Lon Strickler at Phantoms & Monsters.  He graciously forwarded it to me.  If anyone knows anything about this sighting, please contact me. -SW

I am a retired deputy sheriff from Tarrant County, Fort Worth, Texas. In November 2001 I was driving on my way to work early at morning on highway 377. I left Granbury, Texas and was entering the city of Benbrook, Texas. To my right, at the Wills Ranch, I saw a light source on the ground near large power lines. It was shooting red laser beams in the air.

I had WBAP AM radio on waiting for the news. Suddenly the announcer ask if anyone had seen strange lights near Benbrook to please call the station. I called the station and started explaining what I was witnessing. Suddenly as I was talking on live radio I was hit by some type of energy. It felt like warm syrup pouring on my head and going all the way to my feet.

The weird part is my Silverado pick up suddenly lost all power. The electrical system shut down. My cell phone went dead. I had to coast to the side of the highway and stop. I checked my watch to see if I had lost any time. I felt very tired and paralyzed. I could not continue my conversation with the announcer. Before this happened the announcer asked what else I had seen. I told him I saw a high winged single engine airplane flying very near the light source. The announcer said this was their spotter plane.

About 20 minutes later I was able to start my truck. My cell phone came back on so I continued to my daily briefing at work. Other deputies met me and laughed about me seeing a UFO. I never mentioned a UFO, only a light source.

That afternoon I called WBAP radio station and asked if they found out what the light source was. They didn't know but said several people had called to report the same thing I saw. The incident was never in the newspaper. For some reason it had to be a secret. To this day I have never been able to find out what this was.

Granbury, Texas


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

UPDATE: Texas Fires Rage on- And What Is That Light?

Fires devastate Possum Kingdom Lake and it's residents.
Photo courtesy Sandra McKee Harris.

It is now reported that the Possum Kingdom Lake Area fires have consumed over 150,000 acres, over 50 homes and 3 churches.

For photos and updates on the fire damages I am supplying links below.
Here is a blog that is kept up to date by residents.

I lived at Possum Kingdom Lake for over 20 years and though I had seen some range fires, I've never seen anything like this.  I'm still only about 15 miles southwest of the western portion of the lake. 

A friend just now emailed me, saying that in the last hour she got almost an inch of rain.  She lives 50 miles east of PK Lake, in Fort Worth.  Well, at least someone is getting rain.

With all the destruction occurring, I am wondering if anyone will report a UFO sighting from any of the stricken areas. 

I have personally seen an odd light in the sky, northwest of my location.  It has showed up several times in the last 2 evenings.  At first it looks like a star but then it moves a brief distance and disappears.  Is it something or someone who is monitoring the fire?

I'll be watching again tonight, for fires and odd lights in the sky.

Meanwhile,  prayers go out to all my PK Lake friends. - SW


Monday, April 18, 2011

Weather, the Ultimate Weapon

NASA satellite image of fires raging in Texas.

If what is said about HAARP (HIGH-FREQUENCY ACTIVE AURAL RESEARCH PROGRAM) is true, then we are all screwed.

I don't normally post off topic news but then again, maybe this isn't so off topic?

Have you heard anything about HAARP lately?  While tornadoes razed much of the Southeastern U.S., we here in Texas are literally burning up.  No Spring rains and fires have burned 55,000 acres locally.  More is burned by the hour.  Homes and even churches are nothing but ash.   Possum Kingdom Lake had major fires and severe damage.  Those fires came within a few miles of my farm, near Breckenridge in Stephens County.

If HAARP is to blame, then may God have mercy on the souls responsible, because I wouldn't!

Here is a photo I took of the moon on Saturday, ‎April ‎16, ‎2011 at ‏‎10:03:14 PM. 
Seeing the moon through the thick smoke gave it a reddish tint and made it hard for the camera to focus.

More about the wildfires:


Video Link

If you haven't had an interest in HAARP before, then I suggest you get interested, do some research and decide for yourself.


Update: MUFON, where art thou?

Many of you are aware of the recent problems within MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).  I've stayed out of it, letting MUFON take care of it's own.  Well, evidently they are no longer 'taking care of  business'.  Something has happened and MUFON's server is down, as in "Server Not Found".

I'd think nothing of it, if it were down for a matter of a few hours but it's gone well into overtime.  We're talking days now and still no sign of MUFON.   The last posted report was on April 14, 2011.  What's the deal?  Who pulled the plug?

When BAAS said adiós to MUFON, did they take the keys to the website server too?

People really want to know what is going on with MUFON?

Meanwhile, I am still here to take your emailed reports.  I will email you back, so don't use a bogus return address, or your report will end up in "File 13".

Report UFO Sighting

By the way, I offer this opportunity for anyone from MUFON to address their organization's current status.  Comments welcomed, or if you prefer to email me I will see that it is posted most haste.

- SW

*          *          *

It seems that not long after I posted this query, MUFON has reappeared.  I'm sure I had nothing to do with it...

I suppose the folks at MUFON plan to keep a lid on the whys and wherefores.  That certainly would help to prolong the mystery and allow conspiracy theories to abound. 


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Readers Report

Readers send in their reports.  Here are 2 recent sightings.

Fort Ann, New York - 4/8/2011

Re: Triangle UFO

My husband got up during the night and I heard him say. "wow look at all the stars".  Then he said what the heck is that.  He got our telescope out and by this time I was awake and curious.  He thought it was mars at first because he saw the red light.  After looking in the telescope, we could see 3 white lights with the flashing red.  When we saw it the 3 white lights were in a line with the red one flashing above them.  That was at 3:30am, April 8, 2011.  We are located in a small town called Fort Ann that is located in upstate NY.  It was moving pretty fast.  Once my husband got it in the view finder, I only had a few seconds to move in and look at it.  It was pretty strange.  I googled it and was amazed at so many people that has seen it.


Cisco, Texas -  4/7/2011

Re:  More Lights

More lights were seen tonight south east of Cisco, Texas.  This time more in a v shape.  My sister n law and teenage daughter witnessed these off Interstate 20. She then notice 3 like fighter jets heading toward the lights. The lights went away.  This was around 8-9pm.

*               *               *

To my Readers,

Sorry I haven't been updating as often as is the norm.  I've been wrestling with pneumonia for over a week now and though I may be down, I'm not out.

I am still monitoring reports and will post those of greatest interest.  Thank you all for reading.

- Sunny (SW)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Aluminum Boat Magnetized by USO - Sabine River, 1976

Depiction of MUFON Case # 28627 by SW/LITS.

A man recounts how in 1976, he witnessed a USO (Unknown Submerged Object, as in Underwater UFO) beneath the boat that he and his father were in, as they fished the Sabine River.  The close encounter magnetized their aluminum boat. 

Case Number:    28627
Submitted Date:    2011-04-11
Event Date/Time:    1976-02-01 05:30
City:    Orange
State:    Texas
Shape:    Sphere
Distance:    20 feet or less
Location:    Lake/River
Terrain:    Woods
Visibility:    Clear
Vallee Index:    CE1
Summary:    Underwater UFO that magnetized our aluminum boat

Hello, I am male, 43, father of 5 girls. I have started have very disturbing nightmares of an event that took place when I was a kid involving an underwater UFO.

First let me give a little back story. I am from Texas and lived on the Sabine River.

My Dad moved us out there when I was about 7 or 8. We had no electric or running water the first 4 years. We lived off the river and the land. I would wake up with my Dad early in the morning to go and check trot-lines. A trot-line is a line that has other lines attached to it with hooks and bait. This is to catch more than one fish at a time. I am sorry if you already know this, but so many people ask me what it is.

One Saturday we got up about 4:30am or 5:00am to check for fish. We got in the boat like always and started with the first line. We were about halfway when I noticed a light under the boat. It was small about 4 to 6 inches across.

My Dad noticed it too, he turn and yelled at me that I dropped the light. I knew I had not messed with the light, so I quickly scrambled around to find it. I found it and turned it on and shined it at my Dad. He was making his way across the boat to whip my tail, but stopped and look over the side at the light again.

I am not sure how it happened but the water around the boat lit up so bright it was like daylight. The light was about 15 to 20 feet around the boat. It came close to the boat and stayed still for a few moments. I remember it was cold that morning but at that moment it felt like it was around 80 or so degrees. Then bam it shot through the water faster than I had ever seen anything move.

I watched for a few moments, by this time the day was getting a little lighter and I noticed a wake forming about a mile or so from the boat. It just rose up out of the water without a boat. It was a big wave like the ones barges make. I thought it was cool but My Dad looked like he was going to be sick.

You have to understand something about my Dad, he was afraid of nothing, but he look like my little brother who was scared of the dark. I sat down and my father drove the boat as fast as it would go. When we got near the boat dock I was getting ready to tie the boat off, but Dad just drove the boat right up on the shore, which he forbade us to do because of cypress knee's.

He got up and grabbed the 10 gal gas tank to bring to the house. It was almost funny. I remember thinking it is not that heavy, by now he had both hands on it and I could see the veins popping out in his arms, then it just let go and the tank came up hit him in the face and in the water he went.

I just looked him puzzled as he dove past me grabbing my arm as he went. Now he was scaring me, this was so out of the norm for him I had to look a couple of times to make sure it was him. He dragged me to the truck, ran to the house to get the keys and we flew down the dirt road at a pace that almost killed us a few times.

We hit the highway and drove the 45 minutes to my Uncle Dales house in about 10 minutes, how he did not get pulled over and thrown in jail I will never know. He jumped out, so I jumped out he turned and told me to get my ass back in the truck we were not staying.

My Dad came out with my Uncle Dale who look just as puzzled as I felt. Dad jumped back in our truck and Uncle Dale followed in his truck. My Dad had to stop and wait for Uncle Dale a few times cussing louder each time. We finally get back to the river and Dad and Uncle Dale go over to the boat.

My Uncle Dale had been a radioman in the Air Force so I guess my Dad thought he would know something. I had to stand back from the boat because my Dad was beside himself by now, but I saw them throwing something at the boat, so I eased up to see.

They were throwing bolts at the boat and the bolts were sticking. They went back to the house to talk so I went over too the boat and started doing the same thing but when I tried to pull the bolts off I couldn't. I heard my Dad coming so I ran back to where I was playing at, so he would not whip me.

I saw them take the boat and our other boat out in the river. I watch as they sunk the boat with everything in it including the engine. I was shocked. my Dad later told me if I ever told anyone about this he would beat me till I was dead, and I thought he would. My wife was the first person I ever told and only after he died.

I would like to know if this has ever happened to anyone else. And the boat was an aluminum boat, which I learned many years later that aluminum is not magnetic. A lot of other weird stuff happened after that day, but I cant type it all so if you would like to speak with me my number is *(Phone number deleted--CMS/sg).

Note:  The Sabine River forms a boundary between Texas and Louisiana.


Montgomery, Texas- Witness sees Triangle-shaped Craft the size of a Wal-Mart Supercenter

MUFON Case #  28628
Date:    2011-04-11
Time:    21:15
City:    Montgomery
State:    Texas
Shape:    Triangle
Vallee Index:    FB1
Summary:    large triangle passed over @ approx. 2,000', moving appox 200 mph traveling e to w   

I had just returned my mother to her home near Montgomery Texas.  While waiting on my mother to locate her house keys, I looked up at the sky and saw a triangular object the size of a WALMART store pass above.

Moving from east to west, it made a very slight coarse correction directly over Walmart. Very faint white lights ran the length of the leading edge with brighter tip lights.

This was a huge object, appearing to be black in color & moving silently. I was approx. 3,000 ft or less from it and maybe 2,000 above me. It moved out of my line of sight in 30 seconds or so.

Note:  This report contains minor spelling corrections.  To see original report, click on case number. - SW


Monday, April 11, 2011

The Real FBI X-Files

If you haven't seen the FBI's UFO related documents, you might want to take a look in the FBI Vault. Though these documents are old news to many researchers, that that were posted on the FBI website in December, 2010 probably is.

Above are only 2 examples of these documents.

Gee, I wonder what Fox Mulder would say...


* FBI Flying Saucer Documents *


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Of New-found Earth Companions, Dwarf Stars and New Mars Rover- Scientific Discoveries

View of Earth and it's Moon from 2010 SO16.  Depiction by SW/LITS

Newly discovered asteroid is Earth's companion
By Dr Emily Baldwin  A 200-400 metre wide asteroid first discovered by the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) has been found by astronomers at Armagh Observatory to have been following Earth in its orbit for at least a quarter of a million years, and could represent a theorized but not-yet-seen population of asteroid.

2010 SO16's average distance from the Sun is identical to that of the Earth, unlike typical near Earth asteroids (NEAs) that loop through the Solar System on highly elliptical orbits. It is also the largest of Earth’s so-called "horseshoe" asteroids, which mimic closely the orbital motion of our planet around the Sun, but as seen from Earth, appear to slowly trace out a horseshoe shape in space.

"The asteroid takes 175 years to move from one end of the horseshoe to the next," Apostolos “Tolis” Christou tells Astronomy Now. "For example, SO16 was near the leading edge of the horseshoe in the 1830s and before that in the 1660s. Also, its elongation from the Sun (and thus its visibility) is maximum near the ends of the horseshoe."

Even though its orbit is remarkably similar to Earth’s, “this asteroid is terraphobic”, says Christou. “It keeps well away from the Earth. So well, in fact, that it has likely been in this orbit for several hundred thousand years, never coming closer to our planet than 50 times the distance to the Moon”. This is where it is now, near the end of the horseshoe trailing the Earth.

Christou and colleague David Asher wanted to find out how stable its orbit is and how long it has been locked in this configuration. To eliminate uncertainty in an asteroid's orbit usually requires months or years' worth of observations, but the team sidestepped this by using computer simulations to investigate every possible orbit that it could conceivably occupy, by following the evolution of the orbits for two million years into the past and future. The majority of the asteroids remained in the observed horseshoe state for between 200,000 and 500,000 years.

But, says Christou, if it's in a stable orbit, it is difficult to put it there by a random process. "It could be a piece of the Moon that wandered into the horseshoe a million years ago or so," he speculates. "The problem with that hypothesis is that most lunar impact ejecta are usually smaller than the size of the object. It could also have been a run-of-the-mill NEO that drifted in there through the vaunted Yarkovsky effect [which is caused by heat emitted from a small rotating body, carrying momentum with it] but that would mean it was at some point close to the Earth's orbit but not protected from close encounters with the Earth by the horseshoe mechanism. Hence its orbit would have quickly become un-Earth-like."

Instead, Christou and Asher propose that SO16 is "leakage" from a population of Earth Trojans, a breed of asteroid located at triangular equilibrium points 60 degrees ahead of and behind the Earth in its orbit that have only ever been theorized and never yet observed due to their proximity to the Sun in the sky. Similar populations of asteroids are known at Jupiter and Neptune (see our news story Tojan asteroid found in Neptune's gravity 'void' here).

"This is the simplest process-wise, although one has to show that there is such a reservoir of objects," says Christou. "That's the way it usually works; one question answered, a million spawned!"

The Faulkes Telescope project is already being used to refine the asteroid's orbit, and further investigation to uncover the asteroid's physical properties will enable the astronomers to reach their conclusion regarding its origin.

Read More

More Sources:
Asteroid Follows Earth's Orbit
A long-lived horseshoe companion to the Earth


The coolest star in the sky! Newly discovered 'Brown Dwarf' has same temperature as a cup of tea

By Julian Gavaghan

Dailymail- Scientists were this week amazed after the discovery of space's dimmest and coldest star - with a temperature the same as a cup of tea.

The two brown dwarf stars stunned astronomers when they were spotted through a set of three high-powered telescopes.

Both of them are about the same size as Jupiter but the smaller, more distant, star has a surface temperature of around 100 degrees.

The incredibly cool temperature - the same as a freshly boiled cup of tea - makes it the coldest one in the night sky.

A warmer and brighter companion had originally obscured the brown dwarf which has been named CFBDSIR J1458+1013B.

But with new, more powerful telescopes, astronomers were able to see the star, which is almost five times dimmer and 130 degrees cooler than the previous record.

The brown dwarf may represent a new class of cosmic objects straddling the division between stars and planets.

'We were very excited to see that this object had such a low temperature, but we couldn't have guessed that it would turn out to be a double system and have an even more interesting, even colder component,' said star-gazer Philippe Delorme of the Institut de planétologie et d'astrophysique de Grenoble which studied the brown dwarf.

Brown dwarfs are balls of warm gas that lack the mass necessary to fuse hydrogen at their core.

Stars, such as their cousins, white dwarfs, can do this and consequently can burn for more than 4.5billion years at a temperature of 5,500C.

What separates brown dwarfs from huge planets is not yet defined. However, planets are generally not big enough to generate their own heat by fusing deuterium.

The brown dwarf may be the first evidence of a new type of star, called a ‘Y spectral’ object, that more closely resembles a planet.

CFBDSIR J1458+1013B is bluer than is typical of brown dwarf, which are usually have a varied red or brownish hue.

It was first identified by astronomers at the Keck II and Canada-France-Hawaii telescopes, located near the summit of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea mountain.

Researchers at the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope measured its ultra-low temperature.

However, CFBDSIR J1458+1013B’s record-holding days may already be numbered as fellow satellite, the Spitzer Space Telescope, recently spotted two similar stars await precise temperature measurements.

‘At such temperatures we expect the brown dwarf to have properties that are different from previously known brown dwarfs and much closer to those of giant exoplanets,’ astronomer Michael Liu of the University of Hawaii told

‘It could even have water clouds in its atmosphere.’

*          *          *

Final tuning on next Mars rover mission
By Miriam Hernandez

Video Link

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- Technicians are applying the finishing touches to an elaborate Mars rover at the California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. It's unlike any Mars mission that has gone before.

NASA scientists are envisioning its most ambitious mission yet, a journey that will haul its largest payload of scientific instruments.

Then, as a laboratory on wheels, the rover Curiosity will explore the Red Planet for signs of past life, secrets buried in the Martian terrain.

"From that we will be able to determine whether or not the ancient environment that once existed on Mars was suitable for microorganisms that might have been living on the surface," said John Grotzinger, a scientist on the project.

Among many challenges: a wheel system that will enable the rover to rove. Earlier explorers were the size of golf carts. Curiosity is closer to a small SUV. It is atomic-powered to work for 23 months.

Its weight makes for a trickier voyage and landing.

"It takes about nine months to make it to Mars, and we approach Mars at a little over 12,000 miles an hour," said Adam Steltzner, chief engineer of entry, descent and landing.

 And it must slow down to 1 mile per hour. To slam on the brakes, parachutes will open and rockets must activate. Moments from impact, the rover is released.

"It is going to hang below the jetpack and the pair of them are going to touch down on the surface of Mars a little bit over 1 mile an hour," said Steltzner.

Scientists will aim for a zone that appears shaped by ancient flooding. There, the rover will bore in to determine mineral content. Or with a laser beam, zap a rock farther away. The vapor will reflect different kinds of light according to what that material it is.

At JPL, engineers work in a sterile lab, fine-tuning for a November launch.

The project's cost is $2.5 billion. Scientists break that down to what the average American will pay.

"What this is worth to you as an individual is about the cost of a latte," said Grotzinger.

And scientists hope it will yield more knowledge about how life begins and ends.

Please read more at KABC.


"Thor" the Movie - Was Thor an alien?

Chris Hemsworth as "Thor".

Video Link

The epic adventure THOR spans the Marvel Universe from present day Earth to the cosmic realm of Asgard.  At the center of the story is The Mighty Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient was.  As a result, Thor is banished to Earth where he is forced to live among humans.  When the most dangerous villian of his world sends its darkest forces to invade Earth, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero.

Link- Official Movie Site

Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment
Directed by:    Kenneth Branagh
Produced by:    Avi Arad
                        Kevin Feige
Screenwriter:    Mark Protosevich
                        Zack Stentz
Tom Hiddleston ... Loki
Natalie Portman ... Jane Foster
Colm Feore ... Ymir
Jaimie Alexander ... Sif
Stellan Skarsgard ... Professor Andrews
Anthony Hopkins ... Odin
Chris Hemsworth ... Thor
Idris Elba ... Heimdall
Ray Stevenson ... Volstagg
Tadanobu Asano ... Hogun
Kat Dennings ... Darcy
Rene Russo ... Frigga
Joshua Dallas ... Fandral
Clark Gregg ... Agent Phil Coulson
Stan Lee ... (cameo)
Dakota Goyo ... Young Thor
Adriana Barraza (In Talks)

Release date: May 6, 2011



As a kid growing up, I was the "Tomboy"; my dad's hunting and fishing partner.  He and I also shared a love for comics.  One of my favorites was "The Mighty Thor", which got me interested in Norse Mythology, an interest that has followed me through to present day.  I have 3 dogs, Odin, Loki and of course, Thor (who happens to be the smallest and youngest of the three).
But you may ask, what do Norse gods have to do with UFOs and aliens?  Well, the article below is possibly your answer. -SW

Additional Resources:



One intriguing mythological figures in human history when analyzing ancient aliens connection with past human evolution is one of the most well known Norse gods named Thor, god of thunder, whom wielded a powerful hammer-weapon that would allow him to destroy his enemies and protect humanity from the giants who roamed the earth.  To better understand why
Ancient Alien theory truly looks at this mythological figure as an intriguing character for ancient alien influence, one must have a basic understanding of who Thor was and his role on Earth, who his enemies were, and where his majestic and mythical hammer (named Mjollnir) came from.

Thor, the Norse god of thunder, was the son of Odin who was very popular among the Norse people.  He required no sacrifice; and therefore, became a liked and loved god who protected the people and the gods from their enemies
known as giants who roamed the Earth.  The Norse believed that Thor rode through the heavens on a chariot pulled by two goats and said lighting would flash every time he would throw his hammer (when thrown, the hammer would return to him).  This powerful weapon was said to be made by two dwarfs named Brok and Eitiri, who made many magical objects for the gods.  In addition to his hammer, it was said that he wore a belt that would double his strength and used iron gloves that helped him wield the hammer.

Thor's greatest enemy was a Midgard Serpent named Jormungand, who would be killed on Ragnarok ("Doom of the gods" "Twilight of the Gods") but would also kill Thor by its venom.  Midgard ("middle world"), according to Norse mythology, was a defensive fortress which the gods build about the middle portion of the earth allotted to men in order to protect mankind from the giants.  On Ragnarok, a "dooms day" of sorts, would be the day that the giants and serpents would overtake and kill the Asgard, the home and citadel of the gods, corresponding to Mount Olympus in Greek mythology.

For those who quickly picked up the names in old Norse mythology, they are, and were made popular through the modern day pop-culture scifi phenomenon Stargate SG-1.  Dissecting this one piece at a time, we first look at the fact that Thor lived among the people of Earth and had uncanny similarities in human physical traits and characteristics.  Thor, was said to have a short temper and was known for his binge eating and drinking, and was also commonly fooled and/or deceived.  By definition, it would seem that Thor represented more of an advance form of human being made powerful by his knowledge and understanding of advance technology and not an all powerful and knowing god.  Second, it was said that Thor was powerless without his Hammer.  This would seem as though Thor was limited to his ability to protect and defend humanity and the gods without the use of his weapon.  Being a god, it would seem that Thor would not need to make use of an object to use his powers.  Could it be possible that Thor's Hammer is some kind of ancient alien weapon that allowed him to reign throughout the lands and protect his people? 

Furthermore, it was said that Thor's Hammer was made by two dwarfs.  This really interested us because Ancient Alien theorist do believe in various alien races, which could lead us to believe that these dwarfs could have been Grey Aliens, commonly depicted as standing 3-4 feet in height and having an advance knowledge in technology which could be mistaken as magic to those who are unaware of the power behind the laws of the Universe.  In addition, it seemed that the Hammer was made to be used with the aid of two "iron" gloves, perhaps giving some kind of a magnetic signal to the Hammer, so when thrown, the Hammer would return to Thor.  Looking deep into the depictions of the use of this weapon, it really seems more like a modern day weapon, something conceivable to us today, but magical to those in the past.

Third, a common use of the word chariot seems to be associated with flying objects in old folklore and mythical tales ranging from Greek Mythology, Christianity, and Hinduism.  Here, Norse mythology clearly states the existence of a flying vehicle that Thor used to come to Earth.  Without putting a great deal of thought into this fact, it would seem that this "god" needed the use of some kind of aerial vehicle (UFO) to move around.  Lastly, Ancient Alien theorists would like to dive a little deeper into the tales of Thor's enemies.  Norse Mythology spoke of giants and serpents who roamed the Earth who were destructive towards the race of humans.  Using his Hammer, Thor would protect humanity and the gods from these "creatures."  A couple of questions arise from these findings. First, why would gods need protection from these serpents and giants, and secondly, who were these creatures?  Looking into old Sumerian text (one of the oldest civilization on Earth, predating the Norse civilization), creatures of serpent-like characteristics were described.  These "android" beings were said to be giants and had very little concern over the well being of the humans on Earth.  Could it be possible that old Norse Mythology also spoke of the same beings called the Anunnaki, also known as Reptilians?  

If so, this could account for the legends of giants and serpents in Norse Mythology.  Perhaps Thor was an ancient alien sent to Earth to keep the balance of power; however, eventually falling prey to the "evil" agenda noted by many who believe in the Anunnaki and Reptilian Alien connection.   Being aliens, as opposed to gods, these mythological tales would make more sense considering the destruction of the so called Norse "gods" by the hands of these giants and serpents.  Ancient Aliens seem to have a pretty convincing trail in the old Norse Mythology, but like many things we are speculating the possibilities.  From the facts we hold to the assertions we make, it seems like Thor, god of thunder, holds more weight as an ancient alien than a mythological god!




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