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Updated! April 2, 2011- Lights in Abilene Area Sky

I received these emailed reports of lights SW of Abilene, seen on the evening of April 2, 2011.

These sightings do not appear to be in the Brownwood MOA and we have ruled out "flares".

Reports are "as is", with no corrections.  -SW

Report from Abilene:

I was looking at your website of google searching "weird lights Abilene, tx" and I found it to be pretty interesting that this isn't the first time these lights have been seen.  My wife had mentioned something about it around March 5th and I just wrote it off.  She had seen them a couple other times since then but again I just thought she was crazy.  Another couple accompanied us to the drive in last night and my wife made a believer out of me.  I am a member of the USAF and work at the base here in Abilene.  I know how the B-1 and C-130 look at night and I am also familiar with the air planes here at Abilene regional.  What we saw was NOT those.  Of course it seems every time i pulled my camera out nothing would happen.  What we saw was almost exactly what the past reports have claimed.  It starts out with a very large triangle formation in the SW in which one bright orange/ red light fades in then out and the next corner proceeds it.  After that we noticed a string of lights very close and in a straight line further SW.  The peculiar part was when this would fade in the tail of the formation would drift down and away from the group.  These lights were much smaller so I would assume they were further away.  The large triangle formation seemed to be moving to the west, where as the string formation seemed to be moving up.  It is very odd to me that this has been going on for quite some time, even reported on KTAB news, and no one seems to care.  This would lead me to believe that most people realize what it is and think nothing of it.  If this is the case why can I find no explanation?

If you have any update on this I would greatly appreciate it.  I have made a note to have my camcorder prepared tonight (as it seems to happen within the same time frame).  I will try and get some updated footage for you. 

The time on April second would have been between 9-9:30 maybe a little later.  I may call u tonight because, like I said I plan on setting up my camcorder.  From what I hear most of these sightings have taken place in the same time frame, however, my wife saw it the first time at 3am on March 3rd.

The pattern of these lights excludes flare from even being a possibility.  With the set that was in a row only one was trailing off and it was always the same one and the pattern (i.e. the space between the lights) was the same everytime.   More so the bigger triangular pattern had a direction. None of the lights descended, rather, they moved in a westwardly direction.  The sighting was only 3 times for about 10 seconds over a 10 minute period.  I know to a skeptic one might still argue for flares but I cannot stress enough these were not flares.
(Name withheld by SW/LITS)


Report from Clyde, TX:

We were at clyde lake 20 miles west of Abilene it was around 9 or lil after first I noticed one light then 3 then 5 in a row they would  light up and disappear this last bout 15 min at one point there were 2  in one spot and several in the same spot we first saw them it was  south looking tiwards hwy 36. During all this my car lights came on by  themselves  waves big up alot but not much wind then my husband caught  this huge large mouth bass and my cell phone was messing up. We waited  but the lights never came back. We were pretty freaked out
Hope sum one will check into this, thank you - (Name withheld by SW/LITS)


UPDATED:  I received this email today:

April 2nd, 2011, Potosi (Abilene area), Texas

I also saw these lights for the first time Sat. April 2nd at about 10:00 to the south of Abilene. Yellow in color in a row left to right. First about 3 and then about 3 minutes later 4 or 5. Then going away as fast as they appeared. I live at Potosi. Very strange

*          *          *

Note:  If you witnessed these or similar lights, or have seen a UFO, please contact me.  Thanks,
Sunny Williams,
Lights in the Sky


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  1. I came on this site trying to get an explanation of what I saw tonight, June 2, 2011. I was driving home on a dirt road in Clyde and I caught a strange fireball looking light. It shot right passed above my car. It seemed to come out of nowhere then it disappeared. It was WAYYY too low to be a shooting start, and flew vertical, and made no noise so I ruled out a firework. I thought maybe a meteorite that may have burned up. Not sure, but I found this site, now I'm thinking it may have been something else.


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