Thursday, April 21, 2011

Retired Deputy Recalls Close Encounter in Benbrook, Texas

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This email was sent to Lon Strickler at Phantoms & Monsters.  He graciously forwarded it to me.  If anyone knows anything about this sighting, please contact me. -SW

I am a retired deputy sheriff from Tarrant County, Fort Worth, Texas. In November 2001 I was driving on my way to work early at morning on highway 377. I left Granbury, Texas and was entering the city of Benbrook, Texas. To my right, at the Wills Ranch, I saw a light source on the ground near large power lines. It was shooting red laser beams in the air.

I had WBAP AM radio on waiting for the news. Suddenly the announcer ask if anyone had seen strange lights near Benbrook to please call the station. I called the station and started explaining what I was witnessing. Suddenly as I was talking on live radio I was hit by some type of energy. It felt like warm syrup pouring on my head and going all the way to my feet.

The weird part is my Silverado pick up suddenly lost all power. The electrical system shut down. My cell phone went dead. I had to coast to the side of the highway and stop. I checked my watch to see if I had lost any time. I felt very tired and paralyzed. I could not continue my conversation with the announcer. Before this happened the announcer asked what else I had seen. I told him I saw a high winged single engine airplane flying very near the light source. The announcer said this was their spotter plane.

About 20 minutes later I was able to start my truck. My cell phone came back on so I continued to my daily briefing at work. Other deputies met me and laughed about me seeing a UFO. I never mentioned a UFO, only a light source.

That afternoon I called WBAP radio station and asked if they found out what the light source was. They didn't know but said several people had called to report the same thing I saw. The incident was never in the newspaper. For some reason it had to be a secret. To this day I have never been able to find out what this was.

Granbury, Texas


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  1. Approximately 10 days before Thanksgiving in 2001,I was living in Aledo, which is about seven miles west of Benbrook. Around 3:00 AM, an incredible light source, lit up the whole of outdoors, and made it appear as though it was high noon. This lasted for about 90 seconds, and later that morning I found several personal items, that were on the nightstand next to me, during the 3:00 AM event, laying in the yard, about 20 feet from where I was standing at the window earlier, watching this phenomena. I live in Granbury now. You and Lon know me as RD, and I severely broke my bad foot again yesterday. I am in severe pain, and trying to take attention away from the throbbing. By reading UFO reports and articles.


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