Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Object photographed in Sky over Katy, Texas

Cropped from original photo.

MUFON Case # 28561
Date:    2011-04-06
Time:    06:10
City:     Katy
State:   Texas
Shape:  Cigar,Circle
Distance:  Unknown
Location:  Suburban
Terrain:    Fields
Visibility:  Clear
Weather:  None
Vallee Index:  FB2
Summary:   Observed illuminated hovering object in the sky

I was standing on my back porch and I observed an illuminated object in the sky hovering over a location in the distance for apprx 23 minutes...for a very short moment it moved north a little then south a little. It seemed a circular object at first but would take on a more cigar shape form as the lumination of it changed.

There was no sound and at first I thought it was a star or planet until I noticed the short movements and the lumination changing from circular to cigar shaped. I wasn't scared just fascinated. I snapped a couple shots them went into the house to call a sister nearby...when I went back out it was gone.

Original Photo


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  1. I live in Oklahoma, and I have been seeing something very similar. Its that shape, and it is blinking difrent colors kind of like a strobe light. I have a friend that lives over 2 hrs away from me that has also seen it.


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