Monday, April 25, 2011

Recent Reports of Abductions

Kanawha, Iowa resident claims repeated abductions and asks why.

MUFON Case #  28801
Date:    2011-04-23
City:    Kanawha
State:    Iowa
Entity Type:    Human-like
Vallee Index:    CE4
Summary:    repeated abductions.

I have had past UFO sightings, but that is not the reason that I am contacting you. I have had a lifetime of abductions that are leading to something I don't know.

My whole life I have been attracted to this matter. Since a child I would go to the library and sign out books, watch shows, anything related to the topic.

Growing up I would have nightmares on a nightly bases about UFO's and aliens abducting me. I wrote it off as a dreams so I could sleep.

I am going to be 32 in a couple days, but when I was 22-23-24 years old it started again. After I got married at that time (now divorced), it started to begin to be more of a reality. I started to have physical evidence such as burns, needle holes, bloody noses, bruises, etc. I would become paralyzed and couldn't scream, or move or do nothing. I woke one time to them around my bed, but for some reason I laid back down and went to sleep. I finally told my wife at the time about what was going on.....and she knew. She had been having nightmares of them coming in and taking me.

I can tell when this is going to happen.....almost a sixth sense to it. I don't want to sleep, I hear a humming outside my house etc etc. My girlfriend now has it happen to her, but will not talk about it. she has seen them take me....and have taken her.

Not sure what to do......just want to know why.


1974, York, PA- Witness to an Abduction

MUFON Case #  28773
Event Date:    1974-10-07
City:    York
State:    Pennsylvania
Shape:    Disc
Vallee Index:    CE4
Summary:    witness to abduction

I worked 2nd shift, til midnight, after work I or we would get a 6 pack of beer and ride around to unwind or go park somewhere and sit .

So this night we went to the top of the highest point in the area and sat and talked about work,etc. and we were enjoying the view of the country around us, had just opened the 1st beer, when my friend Ernie said, "do you see that bright light over towards New Freedom?"

I sure did, it was very very bright and shiny.  It was hovering with a slight motion going to and fro.  We watched it a good while.  Ernie says, "I really don't think that's a helicopter or airplane."  I totally agreed.

Then it shined a bright beam of light towards the earth, we watched in disbelief.  After a few minutes we noticed something being brought up into the craft.  I was so scared but kept watching.  We said very little.  It just hovered there for quite awhile. 

Then what or whoever they brought into the craft was being lowered back down with the bright beam, then after that there was a bright beam coming from the earth towards the craft and then it stopped.

We sat there and watched a little longer then the craft started moving southward.  

I had a Willy's jeep with the top off.  It was still pretty warm then.  We decided to try to follow it.  We got to the bottom of the hill & tore up the road and caught up with it in our sight.  We followed it into the state of Maryland, Baltimore county.  We followed it to the Prettyboy reservoir.

It stopped again for a minute and then it was gone, it took off in a flash, gone !!! Ernie said to me, "I don't think you should tell anybody about what we saw, they'll never believe us."

I never did tell anyone til years later but I remember it like it was yesterday.  I'm 60 now and I should let it out. Before this happened  I saw a UFO coming home from work at midnight, in the same area.  It was huge a bright orange color and it was like quivering.

That's the only 2 times I've seen UFO's but i know what I saw .

Thank you for reading my experience. *(Wit's name deleted--CMS/sg).

Note:  These reports contain some corrections to grammar and spelling.  To see original reports, please click on the case numbers. -SW


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