Tuesday, April 19, 2011

UPDATE: Texas Fires Rage on- And What Is That Light?

Fires devastate Possum Kingdom Lake and it's residents.
Photo courtesy Sandra McKee Harris.

It is now reported that the Possum Kingdom Lake Area fires have consumed over 150,000 acres, over 50 homes and 3 churches.

For photos and updates on the fire damages I am supplying links below.
Here is a blog that is kept up to date by residents.

I lived at Possum Kingdom Lake for over 20 years and though I had seen some range fires, I've never seen anything like this.  I'm still only about 15 miles southwest of the western portion of the lake. 

A friend just now emailed me, saying that in the last hour she got almost an inch of rain.  She lives 50 miles east of PK Lake, in Fort Worth.  Well, at least someone is getting rain.

With all the destruction occurring, I am wondering if anyone will report a UFO sighting from any of the stricken areas. 

I have personally seen an odd light in the sky, northwest of my location.  It has showed up several times in the last 2 evenings.  At first it looks like a star but then it moves a brief distance and disappears.  Is it something or someone who is monitoring the fire?

I'll be watching again tonight, for fires and odd lights in the sky.

Meanwhile,  prayers go out to all my PK Lake friends. - SW


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