Saturday, April 16, 2011

Readers Report

Readers send in their reports.  Here are 2 recent sightings.

Fort Ann, New York - 4/8/2011

Re: Triangle UFO

My husband got up during the night and I heard him say. "wow look at all the stars".  Then he said what the heck is that.  He got our telescope out and by this time I was awake and curious.  He thought it was mars at first because he saw the red light.  After looking in the telescope, we could see 3 white lights with the flashing red.  When we saw it the 3 white lights were in a line with the red one flashing above them.  That was at 3:30am, April 8, 2011.  We are located in a small town called Fort Ann that is located in upstate NY.  It was moving pretty fast.  Once my husband got it in the view finder, I only had a few seconds to move in and look at it.  It was pretty strange.  I googled it and was amazed at so many people that has seen it.


Cisco, Texas -  4/7/2011

Re:  More Lights

More lights were seen tonight south east of Cisco, Texas.  This time more in a v shape.  My sister n law and teenage daughter witnessed these off Interstate 20. She then notice 3 like fighter jets heading toward the lights. The lights went away.  This was around 8-9pm.

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To my Readers,

Sorry I haven't been updating as often as is the norm.  I've been wrestling with pneumonia for over a week now and though I may be down, I'm not out.

I am still monitoring reports and will post those of greatest interest.  Thank you all for reading.

- Sunny (SW)


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