Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Square UFO Seen Over Dallas, Texas



A witness in Dallas reports a square-shaped UFO,

MUFON Case #     35362
Date/Time:     01/22/2012 07:15
Location:    Dallas. Texas
Viewing Distance:     21-100 Feet
Sighting Duration:     Undisclosed
Object Features:     Unknown
Object Flight Path:     Straight-line path
Object Shape:     Square, Rectagular
Weather Factors:     Unknown
Summary: square craft lights on each corner red light in center

I was working in the back yard installing wall motions lights at my residence shortly after dusk. As I glanced up to the sky, I had noticed a square box as large as a SUV.On each corner it had a bright light shinning straight down and a red light in the center was flashing.It was moving in a straight line.It was moving too fast to be a blimp and too slow to be an airplane. I heard no noise coming from it. I ran across my backyard keeping my eye focused on it as it continued to move EAST until I lost sight of it. After it was out from my sight, I tried to reason as to what it was that I had just seen, but logically I could not decipher what it could have been. But I am certain I know what it was not.Even though I believe of the possiblity of UFOs I was too embaraced to share my experience with co-workers.

Note: I've been working a case north of the DFW area, concerning box-like UFOs.  If you have had a sighting of these box-like/square UFOs, please report it.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hypnotic Regression- A Reader's View

I received an email from a dear friend, who is also a witness and a follower of this site.  She has graciously allowed me to post her response to one of our recent discourses.


I'm very much aware of how controversial hypnosis can be, especially on this subject. I think you and I both have had experiences we cannot deny and memories of various events that defy explanation, if not to the scientific community, at least to ourselves and perhaps any others that shared those events with us.

To gently rebut the article I'll leave you with one little story I experienced at the hands of a beginner hypnotherapist years ago. She was an x-nun undergoing a personal metamorphosis on the edge of metaphysical type studies ( a far cry from Catholicism) though maintained a rather oddly rigid view of the psychological world. In her view, I found out later, any regression that hit upon abduction scenarios was more likely a mental construct to cover childhood sexual abuse. She was working with test subjects to gain experience with age regressions. Her intent was to take one back to infancy and possibly the birth experience to ascertain whether or not the individual had buried traumas and then perhaps help to work through them via the tool hypnosis gave her. She took me back through several ages until we reached about the age of eleven. For whatever reason, I seemed unable to move past that age, so she decided to work with it and began to take me through a more detailed assay of my life at that general time period. Essentially she asked me to move to a specific day.. and night.

I'll say again that I feel I am a poor test subject for hypnotic recall in the abduction arena, simply because of the volume of information I have read. I in no way suggest what I'll relay in a moment to be an absolute truth, mostly because I do not remember this event on my own without hypnosis.

She took me to the evening in question.. and led me through the night. I suddenly saw what looked not unlike a dental or surgical light above me, though there was no mirrored bulb, merely a glowing round circle above, a dark room of indeterminate size and shape around me and the -sense- of people or presences around the table I was laying on. I have no idea what I was wearing though a slight sense of something covering my midsection was sensed. I do not recall any sense of fear .. more like a foggy sense of curiosity or just.. fogginess. I saw absolutely no one, not human or alien though the nearest sense was that of someone near my head.. a female presence. I tried to look around the room as per her ( the hypnotherapists) instructions but could only see darkness except for the diffuse round light hovering above.

That was it, mostly. I was unable to see anything else until she brought me forward to the next morning. She asked me to look around the room I was in, and suddenly my recall was incredibly sharp. I could see my old room in San Antonio very clearly. From the horrid orange and yellow shag carpeting, to the yellow orange curtains with white daisies and green puff ball lining, to the old bed I remembered. It was almost shocking how real it was in my memory. The recall of that room remains with me to this day, as does the dark room I was seeing via her assistance.

Once we had finished that particular scene, she was able without further resistance to guide me through an infancy regression. She later shared with me her disbelief on almost anything alien related and that she thought I was merely shuttering some event in my past that was too difficult to recall. Who knows? I have absolutely no recall of any sort of abuse at the hands of anyone either in my family or outside of it.

I once considered becoming a hypnotherapist. I've read a fair bit on the subject though my focus would have always been some sort of regression work. Did you know there once was an Indian mystic type who considered hypnosis to he a 'rape' of the mind and discouraged his followers from attempting it? He believed that hypnosis poked 'holes' into the consciousness and left people too open.

I do believe that it can assist one to move through various states of consciousness, not unlike a guided meditation can do, providing one with a slightly heightened access into ones sub and unconscious minds. Utilizing it as a tool can be beneficial so long as the tool isn't allowed to become a crutch. This is, in part, why I am looking for someone who doesn't have a particular agenda or set-in-cement belief system in place about the abduction scenario. I don't want to be led into someone else's wish fulfillment ( or my own !) .. though I do want someone experienced enough to detect the needs that might come up during a session that may end of exploring such a scenario. Also, I probably won't be doing more than 1-2 sessions unless a valid seeming link is discovered... -if- that. Just as with the recall of the regression above, I'll likely hold almost anything that is remembered with a healthy bit of skepticism. So why seek it? Mostly because it seems to me that each time I have let myself experience such things, it begins to loosen other memories from the cavernous subconscious we all seem to be in possession of. For me, its a matter of baby steps.

If anything has happened in my past, or perhaps remains an occasional occurrence even into my middle age, I do want to know, though perhaps not yet the totality of it all. I know, through what you have said, that you have had some rather harrowing experiences. I very much appreciate your caution and experience in some of these matters and certainly take heed of the sheer volume of similar reports I've made the effort to explore.

You know intuitively when you are ready to experience more and/or have ways to cope with unexpected events, such as with your paranormal investigations. I see you as someone who can be rather courageous and 'tough' when push comes to shove... even in the midst of the unexplained mysteries that have peppered your life. I think, at this time, I am ready to take a small if hesitant step in that direction. Hopefully in moving in slow measured steps, a precipice can be sensed before it is fallen into.;)


Note:  My friend was seeking a local, reputable hypnotherapist.  I sent her this article, which she made  reference to in her reply. -Sunny.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sky Noise Phenomena - What it isn't


What The Sky Noise Phenomena ISN'T

It's not a hoax, I've heard it. IF it comes to YOUR area - you may have to admit it too. Perhaps, you aren't listening closely enough, or, can't believe it IS happening when you hear it. Because, once you hear it - the soapy slippery slope is just ahead. After all, the MEDIA isn't even reporting it - BIG surprise there, right?

But, UDCC has already covered the `WHY reason' that the MSM may very well let the Sky Noise Phenomena (SNP) be where it is - IN THE SKY and ON the Internet. It literally IMO is TOO HOT for the MSM to cover as I stated in this post. For lots of reasons (click above link for more on that angle).

After all, what in the HELL is it?

Read more here...


Note: There is a debate going on as to just what these sounds from the sky really are and what is causing them.  Is it the sound of 'end times'? 

Personally, I don't think so but perhaps someone wants us to think so. 

What is your opinion?- Sunny

Sign of the times? Sounds heard around the world


San Antonio- Strange Beam of Light Captured by Security Camera

Photo of 'beam of light' anomaly, taken by a security camera.


I received an email from a gentleman who lives north of San Antonio, Texas, just outside the city limits.

On January 26, 2012, just minutes after midnight, his security camera captured what appears to be a focused beam of light shining down from above and in front of the camera.

I spoke with the witness on the phone.  He told me that his motion detecting security camera emails the photos directly to him, each time the camera is triggered.  He simply forwarded the emailed set of photos to me.

The anomaly shows up in only one photo in the set.  The first photo shows the light beam and the second photo (below) was taken 11 seconds later.

Photo taken 11 seconds later.


Original email:

The attached photo was taken last might at 12:04:59 AM. It was taken by my security camera on my front porch.

This camera is  motion detection activated and takes 4 to 6 photos when triggered. This is the first photo of a series, and shows what appears to be a strong focus light beam on my front yard. In the next photo 11 seconds later, the light is gone.

When the camera is triggered, the camera sends me an email with the series of photos. Just thought this one might interest you.

Location: Just north of San Antonio City Limits.

[Note: If you have seen this anomaly, or noticed anything strange in the San Antonio area on this night, please contact me directly.  Thanks- Sunny]


Sol Rages While Solar Storm Forecasts Improve

Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the flare, shown here in red/orange as that is the color typically used to show light in the 304 Angstrom wavelength. The flare began at 10:38 PM ET on Jan. 22, peaked at 10:59 PM and ended at 11:34 PM.


Solar Storm Forecasts Improve as Sun’s Fury Increases

Space.com- If this week's raging solar storm was any indication, the sun is ramping up its activity — and scientists will be ready for it. By meticulously studying our planet's star, they are able to predict these potentially dangerous space weather events better than ever before.

A huge solar flare erupted Jan. 23, triggering the strongest radiation storm in nearly a decade. A wave of charged particles, called a coronal mass ejection (CME), bombarded Earth yesterday (Jan. 24). The bombardment is over now, but some minor disruptions to spacecraft and power grids were reported.

Scientists' forecast for the arrival of the disruptive wave was off by only 13 minutes, far more accurate than in the past. And with much of the world's networks interconnected and populations increasingly reliant on technology, the ability to predict and track potentially harmful space weather events will become ever more crucial. [Photos: Huge Solar Flare Sparks Major Radiation Storm]

Solar flares and CMEs are expected to increase in frequency as the sun emerges from the dormant phase of its 11-year activity cycle.  



Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Ever SciFi Flick Made In Space


Video Link

Filmed aboard the International Space Station, Richard Garriott's eight-minute science fiction movie "Apogee of Fear", has yet to be released by NASA. Why?  It's goofy, it's whacky and it shows that the astronauts on the ISS can have fun too, or are bored and have too much time on their hands?

Well, I did laugh.  Even more so at NASA for being such tight a$$es (and they plan to edit).  After all, if they'd release it now, you wouldn't have to watch (like I did), this poor quality cam vid by Dragon Con.

Uh, thanks DC!

NASA Relents: Apogee of Fear, First Sci-Fi Film Shot in Space, Will Be Released


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Recent Sightings Reports: Ring of Fire in Tennessee; Helicopters chase UFO in OK; Meteor turns to orb in South Carolina; 15 amber lights in Florida; Triangle and sphere in Illinois


These reports are 'as is', with no corrections.

Mountain City, Tennessee


In Food lion parking lot, Mountain City , Tn. I pulled in to park and everyone
was looking at the sky above the store. As I walked toward the entrance a woman asked me "whats that"? I looked up and saw a ring shaped object < 500ft
above the store. there was fire coming out the bottom of the entire ring like a rocket, but no smoke, no trail. the center appeared hollow. it moved slowly across the sky towards the west.


Near Tulsa, Oklahoma

2 UFOs chased by a helicopter

Im using my smartphone so please forgive my grammer. On 1/19/12 around 7:30 to 8pm I heard a loud noise in my house it sounded like a low flying helicopter. I went outside and stood im my front yard and looked to the east (tord Tulsa) an observed 2 objects with red lights being followed by a helicopter. They were flying low but could not make out a shape of the 2 objects i could only see red lights. Im thinking the red lights may have been cabin lights they were not navigation lights. It couldve been aircraft flying in blackouts
I can only hear the helicopter which was behind the 2 aircraft about a quarter mile at the most the helicopters navigation lights were on. They were flying so low i know someone else had to see them not to mention the noise the helicopter gave off.


St. Stephen, South Carolina

Green colored meteorite falls vertically then orange orb appears and flies out of view.

My wife and I walked outside to walk our dog. We walked over to our fence facing due north. We were looking in the sky and to the north-northeast a very bright green "meteorite" was falling vertically to the ground. It is a path that was inside our atmosphere and not just skirting it. It left a burn line from about 30 degrees in elevation to about 15 degrees in elevational view. After it burned out, about 4 seconds later an orange orb lit up and just hovered there. It appeared about 5 degrees below where the meteor stopped being visual. It then began heading to the south, just glowing orange at first, then it developed a pulse, then mimicked airplane lights as it flew out of sight due to the forest across the road. This happened at 11:06 pm. The skies were clear and there was no moon in the sky. There was no sound involved with the sighting. I have since purchased a night vision camcorder. I could not believe we were seeing another one so soon after the last one I reported just yesterday to this site.


Kendall, Florida

15 amber lights in linear trajectory over Kendall, FL

I went outside to smoke a cigarette after dinner and saw what I could best describe as "ember" lights in the sky. Very similar to the color of when you blow on a camp fire. These lights were slow moving in a linear fashion. There was no sound, and they were traveling WNW. After the first appeared, I initially mistook it for a standard plane, however there were no running lights, or no flashing blue/red lights, just the solid ember light. They were emitting their own light and a VAGUE outline of a equilateral triangle could be mad out, however it was a bit obscured. The odd part was that all air traffic was VERY distant, and these lights were moving linear. I counted 15 in total, however there may have been more before I stepped outside. They had absolutely no sound and no ill effects on the surroundings. After the lights, there was a fast moving jet (possibly military) that followed their exact path. I asked my girlfriend to step out when I saw them. Neither of us have EVER seen anything like it before. I lost sight of the crafts when they passed over our apartment complex. Roughly 15 minutes after the fast mover, all air traffic resumed as normal.

Note: the time listed is within 10 minutes of actual viewing time.



Triangle shaped craft 100ft above car.

I am reporting this for my daughters boyfriend. He was exiting from a park he had been at with some friends, before pulling out onto the main road he noticed a bright light off in the distance (NW). He told me that he thought it was just a helicopter and didnt think much of it, until in a instant, the craft was right above him as he was driving down the road (heading E), at that moment he observed that the craft was triangler in shape and had three bright white lights at all three corners with one red light that was blinking in the middle towards the back of the craft inbetween two of the bright white lights, after observing the craft it proceeded off to the East.


Decatur, Illinois

Redish-orange sphere to close for comfort.

It was 10:40pm, the dog wanted to go out, as I opened the patio door which faces West, comeing over the top of the house from the East, a bright redish-orange orb, sphere, ball shape, about 8-9 inches in diameter with a tracer tail "stopped" 22 feet in front of me at around 7.5 feet above the ground and then blinked out. It really scared me! I slammed the door shut and went running for my husband, I have no idea what it was, but it was to close for comfort. Needless to say, he had to let the dog back in.

Source: MUFON


Friday, January 20, 2012

The Search for Extraterrestrials



Let's pretend for a moment, that aliens have never visited Earth, that their craft never graced our night skies.

Would you throw out a beacon of welcome, to strangers who might take advantage of what we have?  I mean come on, should we put out the welcome sign to any Tom, Dick, or Harry in the universal neighborhood? 

What if these alien visitors are thugs?  Or worse yet, what if they are the extraterrestrial version of Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel?  Yikes!

That said, meet S.E.T.I (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).  I have to admit that some years ago I racked up quite a few SETI hours on my old PC.  Then it dawned on me like anvil dropped on my toe, that no matter how many hours you allow your PC to be used by SETI's signal searching screen saver, if the signal does show up, you're probably not going to hear about it.  Oh wait, it's already has... "Wow!"

And if aliens were to announce their presence, would you really know just what to say?  Hmm, I might tell them not to drink the water.

-Sunny Williams


Listen to BBC & "Discovery Seti, the past, present and future"

Or listen [HERE]

Additional links:

Andrew Zimmern- Bizarre Foods- Travel Channel


One Less Dirty Cosmic Snowball


Comet Hits Sun, Captured For The First Time (VIDEO)


Courtesy of HuffPost Science and Space.com.
Read more


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Close Encounter in Lopeno, Texas

Drawing by witness.


Evidently submitted by a third party, this report is of a teacher having a close encounter with a brightly lit unknown object, which hovered above his vehicle before zooming straight off into the sky.

MUFON Case # 34832
Occurred: 10/07/1994 01:00
City: Lopeno, Texas
State: Texas
Distance: 20 Feet or Less
Duration: 00:15:00
Features: Other
Flight Path: Hovering then path,Path then hovering
Shape: Other
Weather Factors: Unknown
Summary: 18-ft.-diameter object with semi-circular arrangement of blinking lights swooped down, followed truck, and hovered 10 feet above hood.

On a Friday night in the Fall of 1964, the witness, a Spanish teacher at Zapata High School, left the school shortly after midnight following a football game. As he was responsible for handling the funds generated by the concession stands, he remained at the school counting money until around midnight.

Traveling in his 1990 Ram Charger truck, the teacher drove south-southeast along U.S. Highway 83, headed toward an RV park where he lived, located about 30 miles from the high school.  He had driven approximately 17 miles and was near coordinates 26.755153, -99.113982, about 3 miles north of Lopeno, Texas. The time was approximately 1 a.m.

In his rear view mirror, he noticed a bright light swooping down out of the sky and moving toward his vehicle. The object looked like a slightly curved row of bright, multicolored flashing lights - and "sparks of light" or fire were emanating from underneath the object as it moved toward his position. The witness' first thought was that it was an airplane in distress, and that it was going to crash into him.

He slowed his vehicle down to around 50 mph. He noticed 3 or 4 other vehicles zoom past him as if in haste to leave the area. In moments, the object was rapidly approaching his truck.

Frightened, the witness came to a full stop and turned his engine off, at which point the object also stopped and hovered about 10 feet directly above the hood of the truck, where it remained for approximately 30 seconds.

During this time, the witness said he saw a slightly-curved row of approximately ten large lights, evenly spaced, each perhaps 24 inches in diameter. The lights were very bright and were blinking on and off in a regular pattern. The predominant colors were orange, blue, and white. The bright lights made it difficult to see the shape of the rest of the object, which was indistinct. There were no other surface characteristics and there was absolutely no sound.

The witness was extremely scared and nervous, but after the object hovered above his hood for about 30 seconds, it suddenly zoomed straight up into the sky and was gone in a second. The speed at which it moved was extremely fast.

The witness found no physical traces on his vehicle or person, and suffered no ill effects other than momentary fear. He observed no electromagnetic anomalies. There were no other witnesses.

The witness traveled this same route every work day until 1997 and never had any other sightings. He told nobody about it, except for his wife, because he was afraid of being ridiculed.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

San Antonio UFO Caught On Video, January 7, 2012


Video Link

As reported by witness:

January-07-2012 was an Extraordinary Day...Multiple Sightings of high altitude Glowing ORBs..Were caught on videotape over San Antonio,Texas...

Jan-07-2012 was a perfect day for Skywatching in San Antonio,Tx...This day began As i was sitting under my porch facing west..I notice a high altitude Glowing Orb traveling East..I crabbed my camera for a closer observation..Three Glowing Orbs could be observed..This first sighting lasted for several mins..The next few Hours was followed by these High altitude flying UFO ORBs..This video is a part of these Events As they Happend..

First Sighting took place at 12:13 am: Three Glowing Ufo Orbs filmed traveling East..

Second Sighting took place 1:34 pm: High altitude Glowing Orb traveling East..

Third Sighting took place at 2:08 pm: High altitude Glowing Orb traveling East..

Fourth Sighting took place at 4:54pm: High altitude Glowing Orb traveling East..

Fifth Sighting took place at 5:08pm: High altitude Glowing Orb traveling East..

These ORBs are clearly not aircrafts/ or weather ballons.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

UFO Sightings in 3 Rivers, TX- Report

Map submitted by LITS investigator.
Click on map to enlarge.

A South Texas LITS investigator has submitted a UFO sighting report, for January 10, 2012. 

The sighting occurred north of Three Rivers, TX, south/southeast of San Antonio, Texas.


LITS Investigation
Time: 6:45pm
Place: HWY 72E, City limits of Three Rivers,Texas
Sky: clear,cloudless,dark(before the moonrise),no wind
Temp: 52*F,

I got a call from a colleague who lives 6 blocks away. "If you want to see a UFO go look above your house right now. There is one headed your way."  Sure enough, there it was, headed eastward.. It was triangular and about the size of a quarter held at arm's length. The 3 white globes of light on the underside almost touched each other, covering the entire surface of the object and cast a matte glow. Heading due east it passed the star Betelgeuse revealing the rear of the object. My colleague said he saw 3 red lights across the rear but I did not. It was too far off for me to see. He was at a different vantage point than I was and he saw it bank to the north and continue on til it was out of sight.


Later that evening, we decided to set up a sky watch. We went 12 miles north of Three Rivers to an area known to have sightings in the past.  We set up watch on CR233 and took note of security lights and oilfield flares on the horizons, noting this for triangulation purposes.

At 9pm we noticed a star low on the south horizon  suddenly had a partner. It sat there momentarily and then drifted to the west. After a 25 minute wait, an object had come into view and silently drifted overhead above my right shoulder following Interstate 37 on a due north course.

It appeared to be triangular, 2 inches long (at arm's length). 2 bright white lights on the front corners were flanked with 2 red flashing lights and 1 green solid light on the tailing point.

It seemed odd that this triangular object was flying with the pointed end following it instead of leading it, but was... There had been 2 identifiable aircraft noisily flying overhead during the 2 hour watch, but this was definitely different. It was silent and not a light pattern I had seen before.

End report


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sign of the times? Sounds heard around the world

Could the eerie sounds heard 'round the world be of Heavenly origin?

Strange sounds have been heard all over the world.  There are rumblings, humming, loud whistling sounds and even what sounds like trumpet blasts.

Sound heard recently in Costa Rica:

Here is what Earth sounds like from space.  It sounds like a symphony:

Now listen to how Jupiter sounds, as recorded by NASA:

And Saturn:




The Sun:

Sounds of the Universe:

More sounds from space:

So what are the eerie rumblings, whistles, hums and trumpeting that people around the world are hearing?  When these sounds are heard, could it be that atmospheric conditions are just right, allowing sounds from space to be heard right here on Earth?

Are these sounds due to seismic activity?  Not likely, as in most cases there were no reports of seismic activity occurring at the time these sounds were heard.

Is there a possibility that these sounds are due to some type of communication?  If so, then from who, or what?

There is some unseen, unknown force at work here.  It's most likely natural but for now it remains a mystery. -SW


LITS News, Cases, Investigations, Training and Support Group; Also Spirit Rescue International News - Volunteers, Anyone?


-LITS Cases-

Tuesday night I received a call from a friend and associate in South Texas.  My friend had received a call from one of her witnesses, to go outside her home and "look up".  She did and sure enough, there was a triangle of lights, traveling over her home. 

A few moments later, the witness arrived and they drove to a location to watch for this object, or any other anomalies in the sky.  Sure enough, persistence paid off and another unidentified object soon made it way slowly past their location. 

I await this report.

I have also received a very compelling case from West Texas.  I spoke with this person at length and am sure that this case is a CE-4 (close encounter of the 4th kind).  The initial encounter left my witness very ill, not long after this encounter.  He has also been followed by a silver metallic orb and has experienced a humming, vibrating sound and heightened senses, particularly his vision. 

The witness' job entails that he have a yearly physical, one which he had 8 months ago, receiving a clean bill of health.  He appears psychologically stable, reliable and is very intelligent.

I look forward to meeting with the witness soon.  Due to the sensitive nature of this case, I will not divulge any other information at this time.

I've also been asked to investigate the untimely death of a witness, to a "UFO and possible alien sighting" in North Central Texas; also a case of missing time and possible abduction of a couple in the Houston area.

At this time I wish to make note that the Gunter, Texas case is still open.  I plan to continue on-site investigations, later this Spring. 

After a short lull in sightings and reports, activity has started to pick up again.  Between my work here at LITS and at Spirit Rescue International™ , I've been and continue to be quite busy. 

-Seeking Volunteers-

Both Lights in the Texas Sky (LITS) and Spirit Rescue International™  are looking for volunteers.  The basic requirements are that you are honest, have a desire to help others, have an open mind and a willingness to actually do a bit of work.  Yes, volunteering means that you will actually be required to participate.

To volunteer for LITS, you will be asked to research UFO cases, conduct investigations and submit reports.  This will require the basic tools for on-site investigations (a list will be provided), a cell phone and a vehicle.  Most importantly, witnesses are to be treated with respect at all times and aside from sharing information with LITS headquarters, confidentiality, maintaining the anonymity of the witnesses and particulars of the working case are a must!  No exceptions!

I will soon be presenting a class on how to conduct proper investigations (required attendance for all investigators) and there is a plan to host an abduction support group*. 

What is not required, is having seen a UFO.  However, if you want to learn, want to help with UFO research, live in Texas and are interested in becoming a field investigator with LITS, please contact me.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Spirit Rescue International™,  please visit our site and our blog/newsletter, Follow our cases, learn what we do at S.R.I., then use the contact form and let us know you are interested in joining S.R.I. 

Please note that Skype is a requirement for S.R.I.  Psychic ability is not required but would be a plus, as would any previous work in the field of paranormal research. 

Thanks and keep watching the skies!

Sunny Williams
Lights in the Texas Sky
Spirit Rescue International™

*[Note: If you believe that you are an abductee, or if you are a licensed and certified hypnotherapist in the Abilene/Wichita Falls/Ft. Worth area, who is interested in working with abductees, please contact us.
According to responses received, I will post date, time and location of the abductee support group.]

If you have had a UFO sighting, or had a paranormal experience, please  follow these instructions and email us your report.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Recent Texas UFO Reports - 1/9/2012


Listed below are recent Texas UFO sightings reports, which were submitted to MUFON.

[These reports are unedited.]

MUFON Case # 34551
Date:    2012-01-03
Time:    01:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Copperas Cove
State:    Texas
Shape:    Triangle
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    triangle shaped, pulsating lights (all colors) hovering with small shifts in movement

My wife and I went outside to smoke and we noticed an object with pulsing lights of all colors yellow-white, red-blue, green-white ect. It was low but on the horizon. I immediately went inside to get my telescope. I got a view of the craft. My wife and I took turns looking at it.... It was triangle in shape and could see 6 lights around the craft. It just hovered for about 15 minutes and then shifted about 7 to 10 mils to the right. It looks small, about the size of and asprin. It is still out there as i type this, but I do not have a camera.... someone please contact me... this is not the first time my wife and I have seen it.


MUFON Case # 34600
Date:    2011-12-30
Time:     00:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Cross Plains
State:    Texas
Shape:    Circle,Star-like
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    Appeared high in sky like a bright planet however no planets in that area of sky.

The object first appeared as bright planet however none identified in area of sky. I tried to use my go-to telescope to identify it as a planet but my telescope did not recognize the object as anything defined in its database. At first it was stationary and appeared high in southern sky and in same proximity as the moon during that time of the evening. It slowly descended in a northernly direction. The object then hovered to the west of my ranch for 30 minutes and occasionally moved in a quick, abrupt fashion, both up and down and side to side. I would describe the object as orb like, with bright red and orange glow. My property is located in the BMOA (Brownwood Military Operations Area)and I routinely see jet fighters and helicopters performing exercises in the area. During these events there is much noise from the engines. This object made no sound as it moved. Te craft slowly traveled to the west which is in the same direction of Dyess AFB in Abilene, Texas.

The object again appeared the following night, December 31st approximately the same time in the evening (8pm) and acted in a similar fashion. I do not believe the object to be a weather balloon as it was giving off its own light not reflecting light from another source. The object seemed to hover above the tree line about 150- 200 feet. No other aircraft in the area at the time either military or civilian.

I tried to use my call phone camera to take pictures however the craft was about a half mile from my location and therefore nothing appeared in the pictures which i took.


MUFON Case #  34613
Date:    2011-02-12
Time:    22:30
Status:    Assigned
City:    McKinney
State:    Texas
Shape:    Triangle
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    Turn out of subdivision, observed big, lower hovering amber/gold light, drove closer, light turned off, HUGE black object appeared hovering, then moved w/o sound E/NE

I was pulling out of my subdivision Stonebridge Crossing, turned east on Virginia Ave when I saw a low hovering amber/gold blow about 100 - 200 feet above the trees. The light first appeared round then looked to flowing like it had a tail. Initially I thought the Home Builder had a balloon floating in the air, but there were no stings or flags coming down to a fixed point on the ground. The light was no blinking and way too big for a helicopter and was no way an airplane b/c was too low to the ground a stationary. On the night of the event it was cold out, with low cloud cover. As I approached the stop light at Virginia and Lake Forest Blvd I noticed the light had moved a little bit for where it was orig. stationed. Once I stopped at the light, the object's light turned off and a HUGE black triangle shaped object appeared with no lights, no sign of any engines, blades, etc., and made absolutely no sound. I had all my windows down and sunroof so I could clearly make out the dark object hovering there completely still. The black object hovered high enough to not reflect any ground lights, but low enough to not reflect any light reflecting off the low cloud cover. The object was blacker than the night sky that would appear between the cloud cover as the clouds raced eastward. It hovered there for about 15 - 20 seconds and then moved in a straight line East/North East with out a sound; completely stealth. I could make out the black object as it moved East/Northeast because it was darker than the sky and the clouds. Once the light turned green I crossed Lake Forest blvd traveling east, raced down the small hill and up to the top of the Hill where I had a great view of the sky and the area the object traveled, but it was no where in sight.

The object traveled on a complete straight path, like it was flying on a perfect flat plane with no swaying. It's like object put out a mast and sailed with the wind in a complete straight path with no wavering or sound. I couldn't believe what I saw and tried several drive to several hill tops that give me a clear view of the night sky and the huge object was no where to be seen.

What I saw that night has bugged me for months and months and I'd love to know what I saw that night. Whatever it was defined all logic and any technology I'm aware of.


MUFON Case # 34684
Date:    2012-01-06
Time:    20:27
City:    Garland
State:    Texas
Shape:    Circle
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    colour changing bright star with alot of airplane/ jet traffic as well

Looked like a bright star that was closer than most stars it was changing rainbow colours. There were many planes and jets during the time I watched it. I have footage but am unable to download at the moment.


MUFON Case # 34687
Date:    2012-01-04
Time:    18:00
City:    Richardson
State:    Texas
Shape:    Disc
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    Intensely bright hovering object

The object appeared out of the tree-line and caught my friend and Is attention immediately because it was extremely bright. The light coming from it had a brownish hue and was at least 20 times brighter than any plane light in the sky. The light was constant and there were no flashing lights coming from it, as is required after dark. The UFO hovered north, before slowly stopping, then heading the opposite way, keeping a precisely consistent altitude and distance from my location. I am not aware of any man made machinery that is capable of such a maneuver. The object slipped back into the tree-line, and since we were in a car, I tried to drive and get a better view. About 20 seconds later, when I had a clear view of the horizon, it was nowhere to be seen.


MUFON Case # 34728
Date:    2012-01-05
Time:    01:05
Status:    Assigned
City:    Azle
State:    Texas
Shape:    Boomerang
Distance:    100 feet or less
Summary:    Witnessed a bright light come towards me whenover me it hovered,saw blinking red and green triangles on boomerang shaped ufo

2 days before there was an earthquake in Okla. 1 day before I felt a tremor at my house. We live in the country in a rural area. That night i was watching T.V. and heard a slight rumble, so I went outside on my back porch. I noticed a light to the northwest just above the tree line, behind our neighbors house. I thought it might be a helicopter with a spot light. The light began to rise and hover, coming toward me. The object was about 100 directly over me, when I realized it wasnt anything man-made. It was about the size of a B 52 bomber. It was a boomerang shape with a huge white glowing light in the front, on the bottom was 2 triangle shaped lights, one was red and one was green. Both were blinking in alternating pattern. The triangle shaped lights that were red and green were unlike any lights Ive ever seen. The sound it made was a quiet rumble, unlike any engine sound Ive ever heard. When it was directly over me, it hovered for about 15 seconds, which scared me to death. I jumped under the porch in fear. Then realized I had to see more. I came back out to see it start to move over our house toward the east, I ran inside the house to wake up my wife, who was asleep and didnt get up. I went back outside and watched it go over my inlaws house and hover over a gas well across the street. still heading East, it disappeared over the trees. I saw something shoot across the sky to the north and never seen it again. when this occurred my feelings were excited and horrified. While the UFO was over me, I felt frozen, like I couldnt move a muscle. Since the incident, I am still having unbelievable fears and excitement, which are undescribable. I would love to talk with anyone who has had a similar experience or has knowledge in this area.


MUFON Case # 34735
Date:    2011-12-20
Time:    00:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    New Caney
State:    Texas
Shape:    Square/Rectagular
Duration:    00:00:30
Distance:    100 feet or less
Summary:    Giant Flying rectangular wharehouse divided in 3-5 rectangular sections, the top being smaller than the bottom 10 rectangles, but they were all the same length.

My TV went out and I had just died in the Oblivion 4 game I was playing, so I decided to go to bed, but before I went to bed I decided to put out our 4 boston terriers. As soon as I walked outside in my backyard with them and I saw the object heading right at me. Very long the length of a football field but the width was Id say about 40 feet long, very rectagular shaped flat front divided in 3 sections top section all lit up in white neon lighting had five smaller rectangle shapes, middle and bottom had the same with larger rectangles but all the same in length, the object had a flat nose and a flat back. The object made no noise it came from the east just about 50 ft above the treetops heading West. The bottom of the ship was pitch black with neon white light outlining the ship. Ive seen blimps and know what they sound like this was no blimp and it was moving way to quickly to be one and made no sound. The whole sighting lasted less than 30 seconds and it was gone. It cleared the treetops in my backyard flew right over me and my house heading west lost sight of it when it flew over the house. I felt kind of awestruck seeing the object, but the next day I had trouble with my equalibrium and fell in the kitchen. Not one of our dogs left the porch while the object was flying over, but when it passed they all went out in the yard.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Space News - January 8, 2012: ISS Crew Excited; New LRO Moon Photos; NASA Wants List Back


International Space Station by SW/LITS.


Space Station Crew Excited for 1st Private Spaceship Visit

Source: Space.com

The astronauts living on the International Space Station (ISS) are gearing up for a milestone event in February — the first visit of a commercial spaceship to the orbiting outpost.

The private spaceflight company SpaceX plans to launch its unmanned Dragon capsule to orbit Feb. 7 atop the firm's Falcon 9 booster from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida. The capsule will carry a load of food, clothing and other supplies for the six-man crew of the space station.

"We're excited about that," NASA astronaut Don Pettit told SPACE.com in an interview Wednesday (Jan. 4) from the station. "Anytime you have a visiting vehicle coming by, that's an exciting day."

Dragon's flight is partially funded by NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program, which aims to stimulate the development of private spacecraft to carry cargo to the station now that NASA's space shuttle fleet is retired. [Gallery: Dragon, SpaceX's Private Spacecraft]

The Hawthorne, Calif.-based SpaceX is the first of a number of companies vying to fly test flights to the International Space Station. NASA has also awarded funding to the Orbital Sciences Corp. of Dulles, Va., which is developing the Cygnus spacecraft to fly on its Taurus 2 rocket.

Dragon is due to make an automated rendezvous with the International Space Station at about 240 miles (386 kilometers) above the Earth. Once it approaches within a few meters of the laboratory, astronauts inside will use the station's robotic arm to grab hold of the capsule and attach it to the outpost.

"It's going to be packed with all kinds of supplies for us, and it's sort of the first of many wagon trains coming up here to bring us supplies," Pettit said.

After being docked for about a week, Dragon will depart the space station, carrying cargo back down to Earth, where the capsule will be retrieved after landing in the Pacific Ocean.

Continue reading...

                    *                    *                    *


Photo taken by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) shows high sunlight reflecting off the moon's Aristarchus crater.
CREDIT: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University

Giant Moon Crater Revealed in Up-Close Photos

Source: Space.com

Spectacular new images of a gigantic crater on the moon were captured recently by a low-skimming NASA satellite.
In November 2011, the space agency's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft passed over the moon's Aristarchus crater, which spans 25 miles (40 km) and sinks more than 2 miles (3.5 km) deep. Photos and video of the crater from LRO's sweep were released Dec. 25.
The huge and highly reflective Aristarchus is easily visible with the naked eye. But the details shown in the new photos are a special treat from an extremely low flyover by LRO.

Continue reading...

                    *                    *                    *


NASA Questions Astronaut's Right to Sell Apollo 13 Memorabilia

NASA is questioning whether Apollo 13 commander James Lovell has the right to sell a 70-page checklist from the flight that includes his handwritten calculations that were crucial in guiding the damaged spacecraft back to Earth.

Continue reading...

LITS Notes:  My personal opinion is that if NASA wanted such documents back, they should have asked for them years ago.  Knowing what astronauts were paid back then, I think Lovell deserves to do with the list as he sees fit.

Would I like to see the list donated to the space museum?  Sure but possession is nine tenths of the law and NASA is pushing that one tenth for all it's worth...


Saturday, January 7, 2012

1976 UFO Sighting In Roswell, New Mexico



A witness recounts his 1976 UFO sighting in Roswell, New Mexico.

[This report is unedited.]

MUFON Case # 34666
Date:    1976-08-01
Status:    Assigned
City:    Roswell
State:    New Mexico
Shape:    Egg
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    Figured its time to tell what I saw in Roswell .. approx summer of 1976

I was 23 yrs old at the time and was walking home to a friend of mine and his parents house who were kind enough to let me stay with them. I was almost midnight and I was walking west on the north side of Yucca Junior High just a few houses away from where I was going. I believe the street is Tilden. There were two people walking towards me (a little bit older couple .. walking east) approx 20 feet in front of me .. when all of a sudden a very large (larger than a full moon) slightly egg shaped object flew over at about a 75 degree angle coming from the southwest headed northeast ... glowing a very strange lumenecently white light with absolutely no sound. When I saw it .. of course I was Awwed and a dumbstruck and totally gawking at it while it passed over head. It crossed the sky in no more than 5 seconds. It was hard to tell just how big it was or how high up it was, but Im guesstimating a couple of thousand feet maybe. I could have been as big as a football field and higher up or smaller and lower down. Dimension and height were just not decernable. I started to ask the people who were in front of me now (within 5 feet by now) if they saw that .. but they were looking at me like I was crazy and obviously I figured they never even saw it or they wouldnt have been looking at me; Instead theyd been looking up at it, so I didnt bother saying anything to them. I just continued walking totally amazed at what had just happened to me. Im 57 yrs old now and although some other things have happened to me in my life (I will not go into) this has been the only prominent sighting I have had. I live in Amarillo TX and am always going back and forth to Roswell on a regular basis (weekly, monthly) so I always keep my eye to the sky. Over the years I have spoken with many ol timers and have heard many strange stories. I even met a man who was in the Airforce(stationed at Roswell)at the time of the 47 crash and he told me It happened and he knew the nurse personally who saw the greys .... So thats my story after 34 years I decided to share it with you. What it comes down to is everyone is a skeptic untill you see one close up for the first time and then you KNOW something IS GOING ON ! SEEING IS BELIEVING ! ...... thankyou .. B A


Object Trailing Sparks In Skies Over Tennessee, also Mars Probe Update

Depiction- SW/LITS

Witnesses report having observed an object trailing sparks as it traveled across the sky over Tennessee.

[This report is unedited.]


MUFON Case #  34688
Date:    2011-12-30
Time;   18:15
Status:    Assigned
City:    Nashville
State:    Tennessee
Shape:    Fireball,Flash
Duration:    00:02:00
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    Large trail of sparks with two falling pieces

We were driving down I40 headed into Nashville after the 40/24 split and saw what looked like a civilian plane with an engine on fire traveling roughly north to south. There was a stream of sparks which looked to be over 60 long trailing behind a plane (its hard to estimate distance at night). The sparks could clearly be seen and it was below five thousand feet. The only reason Im guessing it was a plane was there appeared to be blinking lights which correspond to civilian airplane tail/wing marker lights. One piece came off still trailing sparks and began to fall slowly towards the earth. Then a second piece fell off and had the same rate off decent. After both of these fell and tail of sparks ceased we were expecting this plane to start to fall from the sky assuming it was a dual engine passenger plane breaking up. Our focus then shifted to the two falling objects second of which reversed direction and travels towards the first. As they overlap the first goes out and the second continues in a near horizontal trajectory. While watching this we had lost focus of the plane which is catching back up with the second sparking object. Just before the plane reaches the object it goes out.At this point both of us have no idea what we just witnessed. By no means do we think it was extra terrestrial in origin but we are unable to find ANYTHING on the web. My friend who witnessed this posted a topix thread in the Nashville forum and received one quality response so far. I am aware there is an international airport and Air force base at the Donelson exit, but this was in no way near an approach for either being several miles west of both. I have also seen military flares first hand (Magnesium and phosphorous) and they are single points of light with faint reflection of smoke at night. These were however tails of sparks and not a traditional flare.

            *                         *                         *

Mars Probes will soon drop back to Earth.

Phobos Grunt Re-entry
Depiction courtesy Space.com

The crippled Russian Mars Probe known as Phobos-Grunt, is likely to make re-entry on January 15, 2012.

Weighing in at over 13 tons, the stricken Mars probe could make quite a mess, if it's toxic fuel and massive parts aren't burned up on re-entry.

Where those charred remains will fall is still anyone's guess. -SW

Video tracks stricken Mars Probe


Friday, January 6, 2012

Boomerange Object Over Breckenridge, Texas- 2008

Illustration by SW/LITS.


A Breckenridge, Texas couple have reported a 2008 sighting, of a boomerang-shaped object.

Gee, right here in my own back yard... -SW

[This report is unedited.]

MUFON Case # 34661
Date:    2008-10-15
Time:   20:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Breckenridge
Texas:    Texas
Shape:    Boomerang
Duration:    00:01:00
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    A boomerang abject passed directly over my house, very large, 90 degree shaped wings, no sound, heat haves coming off wings

On approx. this date above my wife and I were sitting on the back deck of our house when from the southeast a boomerang shaped object came over head. We were both shocked. I would say it was as big as a 747 jet flying low enough to look about 6 inches across if you were mesuring with a ruler. Maybe that way you could get a heighth . There was no sound , flying very, very slow with what looked like heat around it. It was a clear night and the shape was as easy to see as the trees aorund the area. It flew over straight going north west. Some ask how we saw it at night. Now that is a dumb question. On a clear night you can see the outline of trees, houses, or what ever. The point is 2 weeks later we saw the same shape coming out of the south but much, much higher, glowing a golden color and traveling very fast. It again went straight over our house. But then again,2 weeks after that the same object came out of the southwest , higher again this time and traveling so fast I could just barely catch that it was the same object. I looked on line about the Kaufman County UFO that someome took a daylight photo of and it is the same shape. But then again we saw an object that flew straight over the house from the north to south about a year ago that the wings were swept back just a little. It was harder to see but was a little higher than the fisrt object we saw but was slow, no lights, and no sound. My wife and I asked ourselves why we have seen these over the house and I guess it is because we sit out and star gaze.Just to let you know though. I do not belive in little green men. I do believe that the US has been able to do alot more than they will ever say. Look at what Germany was doing during WWII. I would love to know what they are though. I think the American people can handle antything. Thanks for your time.


Note:  If the witness sees this, please contact me. -SW

P.S:  I'd like to apologize for being out of pocket lately.  Had a death in the family...

            *                    *                     *

I received an email this evening, from an Air Force veteran who along with his family observed a boomerang-shaped craft over Frisco, Texas, on November 2, 2011.  Here is that email:

  With regards to this boomerang object, my daughter, my wife and myself all saw it on 2 Nov 2011. It was in Frisco TX. My daughter saw it first then my wife and then I. It was interesting because I had just read on this sight 2 weeks earlier that it was spotted in Plano TX. I had the same feeling as that witness. My first thought was birds flying a v pattern before I realized it was too straight, solid and was lit on the bottom from the cultural lighting below. It was silent and I estimated it to be the size of 737 or so. We did not feel the need to report this because my family and I believe they are real and we frankly do not care what anyone else believes. I am a 20 year Air Force vet with a flying background. I am well attuned to flight characteristics and this was not something known in the Air Force inventory. It is either non-terrestrial or it was ours using anti-gravity propulsion. They are out there, no question. And I can confirm, the Air Force does have an undisclosed helicopter squadron. It is referred to as the "Ghost".

You don't have an anonymous option on your blog, so i couldn't post. Feel free to put this statement on your sight, just leave me anonymous. Thanks....


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lights Over Pecos, Texas: 1/1/2012

Illustration by SW/LITS.

At 10:30 p.m. on Sunday evening, January 1, 2011, several witnesses observed a semi-circle of red/orange lights in the night sky over Pecos, Texas.

Here is that unedited report, as it was submitted to MUFON.


MUFON Case # 34536
Date:    2012-01-01
Time:    22:30
Status:   Assigned
City:      Pecos
State:    Texas
Shape:    Circle,Fireball
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:    The object had red-orange lights that was heading west but changed direction and went north.

On 01-01-2012 at approximately 2220 my wife went to the store to buy our baby some milk. I sat at my home with my 5yr old son playing my xbox and waited for her to return. While i was waiting i heard a car approaching my home honking it was now approximately 2230. I looked out of the window and saw my wife jump out of the car, she was yelling "hurry come out here". I then ran out of my house as my son followed. When i got outside in the front yard where my wife was she then point in the sky and said "look". I stood in amazement at the object in the sky. It was huge. From what i could tell this object appeared to be at least a football field big. It formed a semi-circle in the night sky. There were six buring lights spaced a good distance from each other in the sky that formed a semicircle. The object was moving west at first towards our location. The object then appeared to begin to move North away from our location. The lights were moving together as one. When the object began moving north, the lights began to fade out one at a time. All the lights had pretty much faded when the object was already traveling north away from us. All of the lights were almost gone execept the last two lights they were dimmed almost all the way but they were still visible if you would focus on them. At this time a truck passed by our house slowly. The vehicle then went in reverse and a man asked "did you just see that" He told me he had been watching it from a nereby store parking lot. My wife didn't even end up at the store to get the milk before she raced home so i could see the object, so she again left to get milk. I then went outside in the back yard to turn off the christmas lights, so i could continue to observe the sky hoping i would see something else. At approximately 10 minutes after the sighting, i saw 3 jets coming from the west towards the location of the sighting. There was also 2 jets that were coming from the south towards the location. I then watched the jets in amazement because the jets appeared to have there afterburners on. After a few minutes of observing the sky i noticed the jets had left the location of the sighting and were moving west. Later my wife and I were inside the house dicussing what we had seen. I then relized that was she had seen since the beginning was completely different from what we were seeing together. She had seen basically the whole craft. I only saw a semicircle. I only saw part of it. We then went out of the house back to where we had seen the obect. This is were i realized that there were no stars in the sky during this incident, even though at this time the sky was clear and full of stars.



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