Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sign of the times? Sounds heard around the world

Could the eerie sounds heard 'round the world be of Heavenly origin?

Strange sounds have been heard all over the world.  There are rumblings, humming, loud whistling sounds and even what sounds like trumpet blasts.

Sound heard recently in Costa Rica:

Here is what Earth sounds like from space.  It sounds like a symphony:

Now listen to how Jupiter sounds, as recorded by NASA:

And Saturn:




The Sun:

Sounds of the Universe:

More sounds from space:

So what are the eerie rumblings, whistles, hums and trumpeting that people around the world are hearing?  When these sounds are heard, could it be that atmospheric conditions are just right, allowing sounds from space to be heard right here on Earth?

Are these sounds due to seismic activity?  Not likely, as in most cases there were no reports of seismic activity occurring at the time these sounds were heard.

Is there a possibility that these sounds are due to some type of communication?  If so, then from who, or what?

There is some unseen, unknown force at work here.  It's most likely natural but for now it remains a mystery. -SW


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