Thursday, January 26, 2012

San Antonio- Strange Beam of Light Captured by Security Camera

Photo of 'beam of light' anomaly, taken by a security camera.


I received an email from a gentleman who lives north of San Antonio, Texas, just outside the city limits.

On January 26, 2012, just minutes after midnight, his security camera captured what appears to be a focused beam of light shining down from above and in front of the camera.

I spoke with the witness on the phone.  He told me that his motion detecting security camera emails the photos directly to him, each time the camera is triggered.  He simply forwarded the emailed set of photos to me.

The anomaly shows up in only one photo in the set.  The first photo shows the light beam and the second photo (below) was taken 11 seconds later.

Photo taken 11 seconds later.


Original email:

The attached photo was taken last might at 12:04:59 AM. It was taken by my security camera on my front porch.

This camera is  motion detection activated and takes 4 to 6 photos when triggered. This is the first photo of a series, and shows what appears to be a strong focus light beam on my front yard. In the next photo 11 seconds later, the light is gone.

When the camera is triggered, the camera sends me an email with the series of photos. Just thought this one might interest you.

Location: Just north of San Antonio City Limits.

[Note: If you have seen this anomaly, or noticed anything strange in the San Antonio area on this night, please contact me directly.  Thanks- Sunny]


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