Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sky Noise Phenomena - What it isn't


What The Sky Noise Phenomena ISN'T

It's not a hoax, I've heard it. IF it comes to YOUR area - you may have to admit it too. Perhaps, you aren't listening closely enough, or, can't believe it IS happening when you hear it. Because, once you hear it - the soapy slippery slope is just ahead. After all, the MEDIA isn't even reporting it - BIG surprise there, right?

But, UDCC has already covered the `WHY reason' that the MSM may very well let the Sky Noise Phenomena (SNP) be where it is - IN THE SKY and ON the Internet. It literally IMO is TOO HOT for the MSM to cover as I stated in this post. For lots of reasons (click above link for more on that angle).

After all, what in the HELL is it?

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Note: There is a debate going on as to just what these sounds from the sky really are and what is causing them.  Is it the sound of 'end times'? 

Personally, I don't think so but perhaps someone wants us to think so. 

What is your opinion?- Sunny

Sign of the times? Sounds heard around the world


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