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Boomerange Object Over Breckenridge, Texas- 2008

Illustration by SW/LITS.


A Breckenridge, Texas couple have reported a 2008 sighting, of a boomerang-shaped object.

Gee, right here in my own back yard... -SW

[This report is unedited.]

MUFON Case # 34661
Date:    2008-10-15
Time:   20:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Breckenridge
Texas:    Texas
Shape:    Boomerang
Duration:    00:01:00
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    A boomerang abject passed directly over my house, very large, 90 degree shaped wings, no sound, heat haves coming off wings

On approx. this date above my wife and I were sitting on the back deck of our house when from the southeast a boomerang shaped object came over head. We were both shocked. I would say it was as big as a 747 jet flying low enough to look about 6 inches across if you were mesuring with a ruler. Maybe that way you could get a heighth . There was no sound , flying very, very slow with what looked like heat around it. It was a clear night and the shape was as easy to see as the trees aorund the area. It flew over straight going north west. Some ask how we saw it at night. Now that is a dumb question. On a clear night you can see the outline of trees, houses, or what ever. The point is 2 weeks later we saw the same shape coming out of the south but much, much higher, glowing a golden color and traveling very fast. It again went straight over our house. But then again,2 weeks after that the same object came out of the southwest , higher again this time and traveling so fast I could just barely catch that it was the same object. I looked on line about the Kaufman County UFO that someome took a daylight photo of and it is the same shape. But then again we saw an object that flew straight over the house from the north to south about a year ago that the wings were swept back just a little. It was harder to see but was a little higher than the fisrt object we saw but was slow, no lights, and no sound. My wife and I asked ourselves why we have seen these over the house and I guess it is because we sit out and star gaze.Just to let you know though. I do not belive in little green men. I do believe that the US has been able to do alot more than they will ever say. Look at what Germany was doing during WWII. I would love to know what they are though. I think the American people can handle antything. Thanks for your time.


Note:  If the witness sees this, please contact me. -SW

P.S:  I'd like to apologize for being out of pocket lately.  Had a death in the family...

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I received an email this evening, from an Air Force veteran who along with his family observed a boomerang-shaped craft over Frisco, Texas, on November 2, 2011.  Here is that email:

  With regards to this boomerang object, my daughter, my wife and myself all saw it on 2 Nov 2011. It was in Frisco TX. My daughter saw it first then my wife and then I. It was interesting because I had just read on this sight 2 weeks earlier that it was spotted in Plano TX. I had the same feeling as that witness. My first thought was birds flying a v pattern before I realized it was too straight, solid and was lit on the bottom from the cultural lighting below. It was silent and I estimated it to be the size of 737 or so. We did not feel the need to report this because my family and I believe they are real and we frankly do not care what anyone else believes. I am a 20 year Air Force vet with a flying background. I am well attuned to flight characteristics and this was not something known in the Air Force inventory. It is either non-terrestrial or it was ours using anti-gravity propulsion. They are out there, no question. And I can confirm, the Air Force does have an undisclosed helicopter squadron. It is referred to as the "Ghost".

You don't have an anonymous option on your blog, so i couldn't post. Feel free to put this statement on your sight, just leave me anonymous. Thanks....


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