Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hypnotic Regression- A Reader's View

I received an email from a dear friend, who is also a witness and a follower of this site.  She has graciously allowed me to post her response to one of our recent discourses.


I'm very much aware of how controversial hypnosis can be, especially on this subject. I think you and I both have had experiences we cannot deny and memories of various events that defy explanation, if not to the scientific community, at least to ourselves and perhaps any others that shared those events with us.

To gently rebut the article I'll leave you with one little story I experienced at the hands of a beginner hypnotherapist years ago. She was an x-nun undergoing a personal metamorphosis on the edge of metaphysical type studies ( a far cry from Catholicism) though maintained a rather oddly rigid view of the psychological world. In her view, I found out later, any regression that hit upon abduction scenarios was more likely a mental construct to cover childhood sexual abuse. She was working with test subjects to gain experience with age regressions. Her intent was to take one back to infancy and possibly the birth experience to ascertain whether or not the individual had buried traumas and then perhaps help to work through them via the tool hypnosis gave her. She took me back through several ages until we reached about the age of eleven. For whatever reason, I seemed unable to move past that age, so she decided to work with it and began to take me through a more detailed assay of my life at that general time period. Essentially she asked me to move to a specific day.. and night.

I'll say again that I feel I am a poor test subject for hypnotic recall in the abduction arena, simply because of the volume of information I have read. I in no way suggest what I'll relay in a moment to be an absolute truth, mostly because I do not remember this event on my own without hypnosis.

She took me to the evening in question.. and led me through the night. I suddenly saw what looked not unlike a dental or surgical light above me, though there was no mirrored bulb, merely a glowing round circle above, a dark room of indeterminate size and shape around me and the -sense- of people or presences around the table I was laying on. I have no idea what I was wearing though a slight sense of something covering my midsection was sensed. I do not recall any sense of fear .. more like a foggy sense of curiosity or just.. fogginess. I saw absolutely no one, not human or alien though the nearest sense was that of someone near my head.. a female presence. I tried to look around the room as per her ( the hypnotherapists) instructions but could only see darkness except for the diffuse round light hovering above.

That was it, mostly. I was unable to see anything else until she brought me forward to the next morning. She asked me to look around the room I was in, and suddenly my recall was incredibly sharp. I could see my old room in San Antonio very clearly. From the horrid orange and yellow shag carpeting, to the yellow orange curtains with white daisies and green puff ball lining, to the old bed I remembered. It was almost shocking how real it was in my memory. The recall of that room remains with me to this day, as does the dark room I was seeing via her assistance.

Once we had finished that particular scene, she was able without further resistance to guide me through an infancy regression. She later shared with me her disbelief on almost anything alien related and that she thought I was merely shuttering some event in my past that was too difficult to recall. Who knows? I have absolutely no recall of any sort of abuse at the hands of anyone either in my family or outside of it.

I once considered becoming a hypnotherapist. I've read a fair bit on the subject though my focus would have always been some sort of regression work. Did you know there once was an Indian mystic type who considered hypnosis to he a 'rape' of the mind and discouraged his followers from attempting it? He believed that hypnosis poked 'holes' into the consciousness and left people too open.

I do believe that it can assist one to move through various states of consciousness, not unlike a guided meditation can do, providing one with a slightly heightened access into ones sub and unconscious minds. Utilizing it as a tool can be beneficial so long as the tool isn't allowed to become a crutch. This is, in part, why I am looking for someone who doesn't have a particular agenda or set-in-cement belief system in place about the abduction scenario. I don't want to be led into someone else's wish fulfillment ( or my own !) .. though I do want someone experienced enough to detect the needs that might come up during a session that may end of exploring such a scenario. Also, I probably won't be doing more than 1-2 sessions unless a valid seeming link is discovered... -if- that. Just as with the recall of the regression above, I'll likely hold almost anything that is remembered with a healthy bit of skepticism. So why seek it? Mostly because it seems to me that each time I have let myself experience such things, it begins to loosen other memories from the cavernous subconscious we all seem to be in possession of. For me, its a matter of baby steps.

If anything has happened in my past, or perhaps remains an occasional occurrence even into my middle age, I do want to know, though perhaps not yet the totality of it all. I know, through what you have said, that you have had some rather harrowing experiences. I very much appreciate your caution and experience in some of these matters and certainly take heed of the sheer volume of similar reports I've made the effort to explore.

You know intuitively when you are ready to experience more and/or have ways to cope with unexpected events, such as with your paranormal investigations. I see you as someone who can be rather courageous and 'tough' when push comes to shove... even in the midst of the unexplained mysteries that have peppered your life. I think, at this time, I am ready to take a small if hesitant step in that direction. Hopefully in moving in slow measured steps, a precipice can be sensed before it is fallen into.;)


Note:  My friend was seeking a local, reputable hypnotherapist.  I sent her this article, which she made  reference to in her reply. -Sunny.


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