Friday, January 20, 2012

The Search for Extraterrestrials



Let's pretend for a moment, that aliens have never visited Earth, that their craft never graced our night skies.

Would you throw out a beacon of welcome, to strangers who might take advantage of what we have?  I mean come on, should we put out the welcome sign to any Tom, Dick, or Harry in the universal neighborhood? 

What if these alien visitors are thugs?  Or worse yet, what if they are the extraterrestrial version of Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel?  Yikes!

That said, meet S.E.T.I (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).  I have to admit that some years ago I racked up quite a few SETI hours on my old PC.  Then it dawned on me like anvil dropped on my toe, that no matter how many hours you allow your PC to be used by SETI's signal searching screen saver, if the signal does show up, you're probably not going to hear about it.  Oh wait, it's already has... "Wow!"

And if aliens were to announce their presence, would you really know just what to say?  Hmm, I might tell them not to drink the water.

-Sunny Williams


Listen to BBC & "Discovery Seti, the past, present and future"

Or listen [HERE]

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