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Texas UFO Reports for first two days of 2012

Illustration by witness.  MUFON Case # 34504

MUFON Case # 34504
Date:  2012-01-02
Time:  23:30
City:  Houston
State: Texas
Summary:  UFO spinning in all directions with 6-7 lights with a spotlight beaming going all the way up to the clouds and down again

Last night around 11:30-11:45 just before midnight 2012 a party of five of us witnessed a UFO in Houston, TX in the SE side of the city. We were on the balcony patio of my apartment with a great view of the sky looking to the west from the SE side of Houston in La Porte. It had 6-7 bright lights in the shape of a circle spinning around in all directions not just from left to right. It also had a spotlight that seemed to extend about 20ft out from it that would come on at random times. It was going all the way up to the fog and flying fast across the SE area. The lights were changing from red, blue, green, gold, and white. It was amazing. I was looking thru my telescope viewfinder and could see the lights clearly spinning in formation in a perfect circle but there was nothing in between the lights or the center of the aircraft. We had binoculars as well. Five of us saw it and a friend of my girlfriend at another house was looking at it and may have gotten video. I'm going to see if it comes out again tonight. Never seen anything like it. It was either some amazing very large remote controlled device or a real life UFO. But based on the fast darting speed, nothing seen in between the lights or in the center and that it hovered at times in one place and went up to the clouds it had to be out of this world. I hope it comes again because I have my camera ready. It was only there several minutes, went down in the horizon and a few moments later came back up for several more minutes. The lights spun left to right and up and down and at angles. It was nuts! I can't find any remote controlled devices like that anywhere online. It wasn't a jet, plane or helicopter. I see those all the time around here. Also, based on how plane's look in the sky from our patio this thing could have been as big as a plane or slightly bigger.

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Illustration by witness.  MUFON Case # 34530


MUFON Case # 34530
Date:    2012-01-02
Time:   14:10
Status:    Assigned
City:    Kyle
State:    Texas
Shape:    Cigar,Sphere
Distance:    20 feet or less
Summary:    Mid-day Dark hovering objects over Kyle TX

My wife,son, & I just returned from picking up our SUV from getting an oil change. When as soon as we pulled up into the driveway, I noticed something unusual in the sky. As my wife got out of the SUV and I got out of the other car, she began to reach for our son in the carseat, when all of a sudden I noticed this strange black/greyish ball just hovering in the sky. From my perspective, it was in the same direction of the Moon. I asked my wife, "What is that?!" I got her attention, and she said "What?" looking at me. I said, "Look! Look there, do you see that black ball?" she says "Yeah, I see it." and I said, "What the heck is that? It's just sitting there!" I turn around quickly to grab my smartphone from the carseat, and as I look back, the object was gone.

After that happened my wife took our son inside, but I stayed outside to try and find it. I turned around slowly 360 degrees and the object was nowhere to be found. As I was looking around I spotted what appeared to be a jet at a higher altitude off to the far left and it looked like it was using its afterburners. As soon as I looked back at the jet seeing that it was even further, I noticed an object that looked like a long black line, almost cigar shaped, heading in the same direction as the jet, but at a lower altitude, and as I watched it, it seemed to disappear right in front of me. Then it just completely vanished out of site.

The attached photos have been manipulated to show what I saw, and are in no way geniune photos of the actual UFO's.  I was unable to capture the UFO at the time of viewing, but I used the photos to give a view of what I saw.

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MUFON Case # 34508
Date:    2012-01-01
Time:    19:05
Status:    Assigned
City:    Como
State:    Texas
Shape:    Cigar
Distance:    Over one mile
Summary:    Bright orange light over tree tops, craft passed over us, had windows on bottom.

I came outside to see why the dogs where barking, they stopped when I opened the door, very typical. =) I live in the country where city light dont effect my wonderful view of the stars. So I stood on the ramp to the porch and was looking around when I noticed a very bright orange light over the horizon, right over the tree line. I thought it might had been a helicopter because of how it was hovering, so I opened the door to tell my 7yo son to come look, since he likes to watch and listen to them go by. But as it got closer I noticed it had no sound, as it past directly over us I saw it in good detail. It was cigar shaped, I couldn't tell the color as it was dark. Neither of us saw wings but there were 2 sets of 2 white lights on each side of the craft. They flashed but a lot slower that airplanes lights do, it had 3 oval window like things on the very bottom and their was a soft yellow light coming through them. I told my son that I didn't think it was helicopter, and it kind of looked like an airplane, my creative son said it was a space craft looking for us. It continued on without sound, I didn't watch it very long after as it is really cold and I had to get my son inside. After an online search showed no airplanes or anything like this I decided maybe I should report it in hopes of maybe someone else seeing it or having a similar account, or even knowing what it was. Thanks =)


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