Sunday, January 15, 2012

UFO Sightings in 3 Rivers, TX- Report

Map submitted by LITS investigator.
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A South Texas LITS investigator has submitted a UFO sighting report, for January 10, 2012. 

The sighting occurred north of Three Rivers, TX, south/southeast of San Antonio, Texas.


LITS Investigation
Time: 6:45pm
Place: HWY 72E, City limits of Three Rivers,Texas
Sky: clear,cloudless,dark(before the moonrise),no wind
Temp: 52*F,

I got a call from a colleague who lives 6 blocks away. "If you want to see a UFO go look above your house right now. There is one headed your way."  Sure enough, there it was, headed eastward.. It was triangular and about the size of a quarter held at arm's length. The 3 white globes of light on the underside almost touched each other, covering the entire surface of the object and cast a matte glow. Heading due east it passed the star Betelgeuse revealing the rear of the object. My colleague said he saw 3 red lights across the rear but I did not. It was too far off for me to see. He was at a different vantage point than I was and he saw it bank to the north and continue on til it was out of sight.


Later that evening, we decided to set up a sky watch. We went 12 miles north of Three Rivers to an area known to have sightings in the past.  We set up watch on CR233 and took note of security lights and oilfield flares on the horizons, noting this for triangulation purposes.

At 9pm we noticed a star low on the south horizon  suddenly had a partner. It sat there momentarily and then drifted to the west. After a 25 minute wait, an object had come into view and silently drifted overhead above my right shoulder following Interstate 37 on a due north course.

It appeared to be triangular, 2 inches long (at arm's length). 2 bright white lights on the front corners were flanked with 2 red flashing lights and 1 green solid light on the tailing point.

It seemed odd that this triangular object was flying with the pointed end following it instead of leading it, but was... There had been 2 identifiable aircraft noisily flying overhead during the 2 hour watch, but this was definitely different. It was silent and not a light pattern I had seen before.

End report


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