Saturday, January 21, 2012

Recent Sightings Reports: Ring of Fire in Tennessee; Helicopters chase UFO in OK; Meteor turns to orb in South Carolina; 15 amber lights in Florida; Triangle and sphere in Illinois


These reports are 'as is', with no corrections.

Mountain City, Tennessee


In Food lion parking lot, Mountain City , Tn. I pulled in to park and everyone
was looking at the sky above the store. As I walked toward the entrance a woman asked me "whats that"? I looked up and saw a ring shaped object < 500ft
above the store. there was fire coming out the bottom of the entire ring like a rocket, but no smoke, no trail. the center appeared hollow. it moved slowly across the sky towards the west.


Near Tulsa, Oklahoma

2 UFOs chased by a helicopter

Im using my smartphone so please forgive my grammer. On 1/19/12 around 7:30 to 8pm I heard a loud noise in my house it sounded like a low flying helicopter. I went outside and stood im my front yard and looked to the east (tord Tulsa) an observed 2 objects with red lights being followed by a helicopter. They were flying low but could not make out a shape of the 2 objects i could only see red lights. Im thinking the red lights may have been cabin lights they were not navigation lights. It couldve been aircraft flying in blackouts
I can only hear the helicopter which was behind the 2 aircraft about a quarter mile at the most the helicopters navigation lights were on. They were flying so low i know someone else had to see them not to mention the noise the helicopter gave off.


St. Stephen, South Carolina

Green colored meteorite falls vertically then orange orb appears and flies out of view.

My wife and I walked outside to walk our dog. We walked over to our fence facing due north. We were looking in the sky and to the north-northeast a very bright green "meteorite" was falling vertically to the ground. It is a path that was inside our atmosphere and not just skirting it. It left a burn line from about 30 degrees in elevation to about 15 degrees in elevational view. After it burned out, about 4 seconds later an orange orb lit up and just hovered there. It appeared about 5 degrees below where the meteor stopped being visual. It then began heading to the south, just glowing orange at first, then it developed a pulse, then mimicked airplane lights as it flew out of sight due to the forest across the road. This happened at 11:06 pm. The skies were clear and there was no moon in the sky. There was no sound involved with the sighting. I have since purchased a night vision camcorder. I could not believe we were seeing another one so soon after the last one I reported just yesterday to this site.


Kendall, Florida

15 amber lights in linear trajectory over Kendall, FL

I went outside to smoke a cigarette after dinner and saw what I could best describe as "ember" lights in the sky. Very similar to the color of when you blow on a camp fire. These lights were slow moving in a linear fashion. There was no sound, and they were traveling WNW. After the first appeared, I initially mistook it for a standard plane, however there were no running lights, or no flashing blue/red lights, just the solid ember light. They were emitting their own light and a VAGUE outline of a equilateral triangle could be mad out, however it was a bit obscured. The odd part was that all air traffic was VERY distant, and these lights were moving linear. I counted 15 in total, however there may have been more before I stepped outside. They had absolutely no sound and no ill effects on the surroundings. After the lights, there was a fast moving jet (possibly military) that followed their exact path. I asked my girlfriend to step out when I saw them. Neither of us have EVER seen anything like it before. I lost sight of the crafts when they passed over our apartment complex. Roughly 15 minutes after the fast mover, all air traffic resumed as normal.

Note: the time listed is within 10 minutes of actual viewing time.



Triangle shaped craft 100ft above car.

I am reporting this for my daughters boyfriend. He was exiting from a park he had been at with some friends, before pulling out onto the main road he noticed a bright light off in the distance (NW). He told me that he thought it was just a helicopter and didnt think much of it, until in a instant, the craft was right above him as he was driving down the road (heading E), at that moment he observed that the craft was triangler in shape and had three bright white lights at all three corners with one red light that was blinking in the middle towards the back of the craft inbetween two of the bright white lights, after observing the craft it proceeded off to the East.


Decatur, Illinois

Redish-orange sphere to close for comfort.

It was 10:40pm, the dog wanted to go out, as I opened the patio door which faces West, comeing over the top of the house from the East, a bright redish-orange orb, sphere, ball shape, about 8-9 inches in diameter with a tracer tail "stopped" 22 feet in front of me at around 7.5 feet above the ground and then blinked out. It really scared me! I slammed the door shut and went running for my husband, I have no idea what it was, but it was to close for comfort. Needless to say, he had to let the dog back in.

Source: MUFON


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