Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Square UFO Seen Over Dallas, Texas



A witness in Dallas reports a square-shaped UFO,

MUFON Case #     35362
Date/Time:     01/22/2012 07:15
Location:    Dallas. Texas
Viewing Distance:     21-100 Feet
Sighting Duration:     Undisclosed
Object Features:     Unknown
Object Flight Path:     Straight-line path
Object Shape:     Square, Rectagular
Weather Factors:     Unknown
Summary: square craft lights on each corner red light in center

I was working in the back yard installing wall motions lights at my residence shortly after dusk. As I glanced up to the sky, I had noticed a square box as large as a SUV.On each corner it had a bright light shinning straight down and a red light in the center was flashing.It was moving in a straight line.It was moving too fast to be a blimp and too slow to be an airplane. I heard no noise coming from it. I ran across my backyard keeping my eye focused on it as it continued to move EAST until I lost sight of it. After it was out from my sight, I tried to reason as to what it was that I had just seen, but logically I could not decipher what it could have been. But I am certain I know what it was not.Even though I believe of the possiblity of UFOs I was too embaraced to share my experience with co-workers.

Note: I've been working a case north of the DFW area, concerning box-like UFOs.  If you have had a sighting of these box-like/square UFOs, please report it.



  1. have there been anymore sighting since the first one?

  2. This my second time sighting this bright light over dallas..my first one was like a month ago over the same location it seem over Hawn 175 Freeway when we were coming home..bright light no sounds and i saw it move toward west then all the lights disappeared. Tonight, march 25th, 2012 my in-law was coming back from the movie 10:30pm , he too noticed the bright light and he said he saw a red light in it as well. I went outside to see and i told him that i had saw the same light over the same area. Then within 45 min, the bright light disappeared again..huh..what could be..

  3. I saw a huge box shape the size of a building hovering over a field around 7 am. It didn't make a noise it has sharp edges and it was dull metal no lights it hovered,it was dark grey.

    1. I saw exactly the same thing in Bingham Nottinghamshire UK on 16th July 2009!

    2. This is spooky as this was hovering over a field at 7.30 am! I couldn't believe what i was seeing. I travelled the same route to work everyday and had never seen this before. Hovering cube shape with sharp edges.

  4. My partner and I saw one this morning approximately 10 over downtown moving east.

  5. I would appreciate more info, such as distant from you to the object, exact time, location, a description of the object, etc. You will remain anonymous.
    You can send this information to either email address, located on the Contact Us page. The link is at the top of this page. Thanks!

  6. It was 10am January 1. We were headed east on I30 @ the Beckley exit, the object was rectangular and appeared to be over the downtown area. It seemed metallic or reflective and moving too slow to be an airplane. It quickly moved out of view but when we got on 75 north clear of downtown you could see it off in the distance to the northeast. We see planes flying in and out of Love Field all the time and this was like nothing we had ever seen. It wasn't as long as a 737 but was taller.

  7. i saw one like this once.. it was almost like the one in the pic up there. it was eight white lights in a rectangle formation with one orange light in the center. it made no noise. it was very big. it flew exactly like you described. like it floated along. it was low. almost scraping the hill tops. this is in eastern kentucky. i look online to see if anyone has reported anything like it all the time.. thats how i found this. i doubt if i will ever see this thread again but i thought i would leave a comment. this is the closest i have ever seen to it . if anyone ever sees anything like i described i would like to hear about it ..feel free to email... rcflywheel@yahoo.com

  8. Last February or March near Wooster, Oh my husband took the dog out to relieve herself and he came back in the house shaking. He is definitely not a believer of UFOs and makes fun of me because I do believe. He said "I just saw the biggest plane I have ever seen" and went on to describe it as huge, square and silent flying low over the trees. He was so shaken by this that he will not and would not discuss it again no matter how I tried to get him to talk about it. I think he had to tell himself it was a plane because he shatters his belief system and scared him visibly. It was around 9:00 at night, completely dark out with no moon. I reported it to some sight but don't remember which one.

  9. Today, 20/08/2005 about 0:35 am, in Da Nang, Vietnam.
    My brother, he saw a square ufo when watching.
    He said: "It absolutely look like this image!"

  10. Several years ago, 3 or more, I saw a large square object over Dallas. It seemed to float around different areas of downtown area, but when it moved to another location, it moved fast, then just floated there.
    I did report this sighting at the time, but after a while I started to believe my eyes had played tricks on me. I could not find any sightings like what I saw. Then now I run across this site and reading about what I saw... More details about what I saw.. It was just before dawn, but you could see, clear night, the object looked gray, I saw no lights, it was hugh. It looked like it would fit 3 or 4 big buildings of downtown Dallas in it.. I watched it for over 30 minutes as it moved around the Dallas area, then it started fading in and out, then it disappeared. Odd thing I also noticed, there were no planes flying at all during this time. After about 5 or so minutes after it disappeared, I started seeing jets flying around the Dallas area, at that point I came in to research what I saw, and reported it...

  11. Very interesting! It must have been huge! Thank you for sharing more info on this sighting.


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