Monday, January 2, 2012

We Will Still Be Here In 2013- Predictions


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Why we will still be here in 2013

OK, so there seems to be more major storms, even earthquakes in Oklahoma and Ohio, Tsunamis and just about any kind of disaster you can think of.  So does this mean the end of the world is nigh?  Uh, no.

The Earth is a living planet and by that very definition, we are here and we survive and thrive.  Storms will come and go, tides will rise and fall, meteors will whiz by and some smack down, Momma Earth will belch and far... You get the picture.

Does anyone remember Y2K?  You know, the New Millennium, January 1, 2000?  Weren't we all supposed to be destroyed then, or at least all the computers in the world crashing at once?  Give me a break...

People like a good scare and some people are just big worry warts.  Just think of all the money that's been made off of "End of the World" movies, not to mention all the underground bunkers, missile silos turned condo and  MREs (meals ready to eat).  Hey, the end of the world is big business and people will pay out the "ends" to insure their survival, while the rest of us get Kentucky fried.

So just what is in store for our world in 2012?  Well, the Earth is still going to turn and wobble on it's way around the sun; the moon will be an inch or so further away from our planet; disaster will still strike (as usual and in some form, fashion and place), people will whine and bemoan the end is coming; hoarders will go broke from buying all those MREs and underground bunkers; there'll be several Arks for sale; people will still be reporting UFO sightings; and I will still have to pay my taxes.

So there are my predictions, worth about what, 2 cents?  You can use the PayPal button to help me out... I need to stock up on ammo.

Happy 2012!


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