Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2015 Tyler Paranormal Conference

I will be speaking again at the
2015 Tyler Paranormal Conference.
Date of conference: April 25-26
Where: Tyler Civic Center.

There will be some fantastic folks that you will want to see and hear, plus there will be vendors and fun for all!  So come on out to Tyler, Texas, the "Rose City."


The conference was great as usual and there were 2 days of speakers.
George Jones of Jericho's Tours of Tyler did an outstanding job, as always.

I enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones. 

And me, I must have done OK, at least there was a lot of Q&A during my presentation, so here's to another conference and another day!

Thanks to everyone for showing up and ffor friends who came to see me.  You are very dear to my heart!

~ Sunny



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