Monday, April 9, 2012

Lubbock's 'Blue Light' Mystery Likely Solved

Video capture from "Tracy, California Blue Light"- solved.


Blue Light 'Specials'

It appears that we may have a copycat amateur aerialist (maybe more than one), flying remote controlled gliders and drones in a number of cities around Texas.

Here is an example, which took place in Tracy, California.
U-F-No: Tracy "blue lights in the sky" mystery solved

I've received a number of sightings reports, more from Lubbock and cities as far south as Cedar Park, San Antonio and even Harker Heights.

The one in Harker Heights was busted, when LITS received a comment from a Harker Heights fireman.  He claimed to have seen a the glider over the city park.  It's pilot was controlling the small craft from the the weeds across from the park.  According to the aerialist, he had been flying his glider over the park and the local Belton Lake area, for some time.

Another witness reported in, suggesting that the object he had seen could have been a drone, like the one in this YouTube video.

Well, at least one mystery is solved but that leaves several others.  It's highly likely that they too are products of night-time aerial enthusiasts; those who don't mind letting people think that their "blue light specials" are "UFOs".

Sunny Williams - LITS


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  1. Ok. Ya people might think I'm losing it,but me and my family and a few friends have seen this green light hovering up in the sky at night. Yea yea, whatever right? Well, this light has made the news and first said lights like this havnt been seen in the Lubbock sky's since the 1950s. They were called the Lubbock lights. Ya can google them if don't believe me. Anyhow, after the news broadcast, some fart from some hobby lobby remote airplane store appears on tv saying they are lights from a radio controlled hobby airplane. He said he's seen them all the time. How convinient for this guy to come out and say exactly what it was right!? People around here have posted sites aboutnthese lights, anyhow guess what? Me and my wife have been waiting around till we see the light again and sure enough we just saw it about an hrs ago. Our theory is that if it a remote control aircraft of any kind, some should be directly under it controlling it right? Well, we followed the light and got directly under it. No sign of any one controlling it. As we chased the stupid light I noticed some people chillin outside, I didn't know these people but i stopped and asked them about the light. They didn't see it at first bc the dumb thing turns on and off and u would think when it would go off, if someone was controlling it, you would be able to see it right? Nope, we were right under it and when it would go out,we could not see anything up there. The people I stopped and asked about the light thought I was some kind of aircraft, not a remote control,when he saw it move, he freaked and said it had to be huge. When we left to chase it some more, we noticed their eyes were glued to the sky as this thing was up there(some girl,a guy and 2 kids) anyhow, my wife noticed about four houses down, this guy was standing outside looking up a the light. Didn't know this guy either, we still pulled over. He thought he was losing his mind from what he was looking at, some girl was with him talking on the phone,might have been his sister. She was telling the person on the other end of the phone and us they were aliens and how it was 2012 ( the end of the world) blah blah blah, anyhow, I just mention them bc more than us saw this green light and none of us could explain what it was. Me and my wife drove off chased I a bit more trying to find someone on the ground controlling this light. This light turns on and off and as we are following it my wife is hangn out the window sitting on the door. It goes out one last time and disappears . Well as my wife is still looking for it in the sky, she sees this thing shoot across the sky at a fast speed, the front of it was white and it left this cloud of smoke behind . Was it that green light? Couldn't tell u, but she said it freaked her out bc of how fast it went and how it looked. We thought if it was a remote control, let's go in the direction tha thing went to see if it was landing, we did, still didn't see anything or anyone. Say people, please post and let me know if anyone of you have seen this light or anything similar to it. I live off of 98th and university. And this light usually appears somewhere in the vicinity of university,82nd, I27 and 98th st. So post if ya see anything, THANKX!!!!


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