Friday, July 13, 2012

Surveillance Camera Captures Orb Near Breckenridge, Texas



I was checking the videos from my surveillance camera and aside from the usual bug zipping by the lens, looking exactly like all the flying rods I've seen on countless videos, there was nothing much of interest, until...

Suddenly I began noticing that several videos were void of the usual bugs and there seemed to be no movement, that would lead to the triggering of the motion activation.  As I watched each video, I suddenly came upon the one that you see above.

In the video, you see an orange light at the far left of the screen.  It appears to drop down over the top of the fence, pause, then move out of frame.

The light appears to be an orb that is generating light.  The light is reflected off of the chain link fencing and the T-post.  The post is 5 feet high.The object appears to be approximately 1 foot in diameter.

I did not see the video as it was being recorded, however, shortly after that, I let my dogs out into the fenced area.  The dogs began barking and my usually tough older, larger dog started barking like he was afraid.  I open the door and he nearly knocked me down trying to get into the house. 

I stepped outside and looked around, thinking maybe our cat was in the yard.  I saw nothing to indicate that anything was around.

After examining the video, I watched each subsequent video.  None of those videos had any indication that the object was still in the viewable area.  Whatever it was, it had vanished, or simply flew away.

What this object is, I am not certain but it does seem to match the many orbs and spheres witnesses are reporting.

Have you seen an object like this?  If so, please report it.

-Sunny Williams, LITS

Note:  Cameras and program - Uniden Wireless Surveillance System.


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