Friday, December 25, 2009

MIBs, The Feds And MUFON

There is a claim that MUFON is connected to the government and that their "Star Team" took almost a week to interview a witness of a close encounter of the "second kind".

MUFON's quick response "Star Team" appeared to wait a week even though the witness complained to them about reported  burns and sickness the day after the event, which were due to a direct attack by the unidentified flying object.

According to the witness, the day after the reported sighting, two men in a dark sedan drove up and questioned him about the sighting. The witness just assumed they were from MUFON.

Later that same day, MUFON called to confirm their appointment with the witness, which was scheduled for later in the week.

Including the visit by MIBs, the witness experienced harassment by helicopters.

Read more about this subject here>>

When you Report a sighting and agree to a third party being notified, does that equate to a visit from the MIB, government agents and black helicopters?

I'll let you know...

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