Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lights in the North Texas Sky

This report and photos were received via e-mail and is presented 'as is'. 
My thanks to the witness for sending it in.


This morning we had a little snow, so it was very cold this evening (by Texas standards), but Twiggy and I bundled up and set out for our walk about 7:30. I had mentally told our friends in high places I didn't need any photos tonight, but would sure love a visit. About 10 minutes into our walk I happen to look in the north and saw a blinking white light approximately 40 degrees up. It is hard to say how far away it was, but I got the feeling it was not too far, but was rather a small craft. I stood there watching for a few minutes to see if I could identify this light as an airplane, but it was not moving. It just went blink...blink..blink.. I signalled to indicate I was watching and it continued to blink a white light. I began to blink my flash light in tandem with it. I thanked them for being here and jumped for joy as I am always so grateful to see them. I told them I was very honoured to have them visit me.

As I watched a couple of military jets came from the south and flew north, but gave my friend a wide berth and did not go near it. It was a good comparison to see the jets travel from south to north as it stayed in its position for at least 10 more minutes. Then suddenly another little light appeared right beside it; they rotated around one another and then the new light began to move to the west/southwest, also blinking white. Then this new light made a quick turn around and came back toward the first light and flew by it, this time heading north /northeast. It flew out of site as the first one remained in the same position.

As soon as the second light was out of sight, another very large red light appeared over the tree line to the west moving east. Much lower in the sky and much closer. It was travelling in a straight line quite fast. It was also blinking at a steady rate. Although it was pretty close I heard no sound. I was taking some photos of the first 2 smaller lights (it was pretty small and in the distance so photos are not so good), but I got a really good one of the red lighted craft  (see 2 attached photos).

Then another military jet came from the south heading north, this time right toward my friend. The little white blinking craft dimmed significantly as the jet flew directly over it. As soon as I could no longer see the jet the little white light blinked for me a couple of more times then faded away. I bid it good bye and thanked them again for stopping by.

Last night was rainy and cold and I had spent about an hour meditating. I usually don't make it that long with a formal meditation, so I felt it was a show of support for my efforts as I do believe they really want us to spend some time in deep meditation. I also have been having some very active dreams the past week or so, but am still having difficulty remembering them.

As evidenced by my other photos tonight there were several small orb shaped craft here as well that I could not see with my eyes.

Both of these craft showed up again on 3 subsequent nights after this sighting!


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