Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Video Of UFO Over Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada

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fftimes- An unexplained flying object was seen hovering in the sky on two separate occasions early December in the Fort Frances area. This video was taken with a home camcorder in Alberton, Ontario. and the Fort Frances Times will follow up on this sighting, ultimately revealing the amateur videographer.

Note: This looks very similar to other videoed sightings.  It would be of great interest, to know how many people actually saw this object at the time it was recorded.


In response to "Pep", I found this report submitted to MUFON

It is Case # 21488.

Witness reports:

"no flash game camera, infered on location in woods behind the house.

a number events recorded over the last several months.

please note flash at 14 seconds on deer 223. and we have no idea what was photographed on deer 232 but this was at 9:15 am and that was on 11-9-09

the last one was just an unusual flash then darkness.

would be greatful for any ideas."

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  1. I wonder if this gentleman submitted his film for study..Is their a case file on this?



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