Thursday, January 28, 2010

UFOs- Our Imagination, Our Reality

There are objects in our skies that we sometimes can not identify, or even relate to.  It's a definite possibility, that not everything in our skies are of a terrestrial origin, at least not of this Earth, our atmosphere, or even 'our space".

It's quite possible that some of these objects seen flying, floating, cruising, wobbling, hovering, or streaking across Earth's day and night skies are simply put, from "someplace else".

And just where do these strange and unidentifiable objects come from?  Well, for most it is a mystery, others merely speculate and a few think they actually know.

Ours is a mysterious universe.  We have yet to discover everything in our own world, our own back yard, let alone the trillions upon trillions of miles of space.  That doesn't even suggest a glint of knowledge about other universes, other dimensions of space and time.

What if some of the strange phenomena that thousands witness every week, every month, are not even of this time, or space?  What if they are time travelers, seeking to understand the past, hoping for a better future, as we ourselves hope for?  Surely we can't step into a time machine and fling ourselves back to the days of the dinosaurs... but what if we could?  Wouldn't we?

And what if the aerial acrobatics of a seen, yet unknown vessel is piloted by alien space travelers?  Do you think that they are going to stop and ask such primitives as ourselves, how to get to Alpha Centauri?  About all we can do, is point out a star.  But is that 'their Alpha Centauri' and how many of us humans even realize that Alpha Centauri is not just one star, it's a system of 3? We're still searching for planets around those stars closest to us and the discoveries come slowly.

What would these aliens want with us?  I'm afraid the list would be quite lengthy but for some, it is evident that 'they' want the bountiful resources that our planet has to offer, including us, or at least our DNA.

Are the Extraterrestrials (ETs/Aliens) setting us up for world domination?  I'd assume that would be a simple task, as it would appear they have already conquered space and most likely other worlds, some possibly more advanced than ours.  On a scale of 1 to 10, the aliens being 10, I guess we would rate at about '1.5', no more than a '2'.

Again, what if some of those anomalous lights in the sky are creatures and not mechanical, driven devices?  Are there living beings that can live in the vaccum of space, then glide through our upper atmosphere on their way to new feeding grounds?  If so, do they live on stellar dust?  Solar radiation?  Just what are they, how do they survive and are they even aware of us?

What about beings from other dimensions, parallel universes?  Can two objects occupy the same space, at the same time, yet be "out of phase" with our reality, thus they exist as we do, yet on a different plane of existence?  Are they simply different realities, or different lines of time, or both?  How can we see them?  How do we see them? Do they see us?

What if you knew that T-Rex just tromped through your living room and was devouring a Triceratops in your back yard?  Sounds rather freakish but actually quite possible, according to some theoretical physicists, such as Michio Kaku.

One thing can truly be said about human beings: what we can imagine, we can achieve. In less than 100 years, we went from horse drawn wagons to the Space Shuttle and beyond.  So why is it so hard to believe in other worlds, other dimensions, time travel and alien beings?

Parallel universes, multi-dimensions, time travel, aliens from distant galaxies, possibly our own back yard phenomena.  The imaginations are limitless.  So are the possibilities.  Something to think about.

Keep watching the sky! -SW
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