Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Unknown Light Seen Covering Tip of Crescent Moon

Witnesses over 200 miles apart saw the same light covering the tip of the crescent moon, on Monday morning, January 11, 2010.
These are their reports.
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MUFON Case # 21450
Event Date: 01/11/2010 05:45
Location: Dallas, Texas
Summary: UFO in front of moon

I was driving to work in the Dallas area at 5:45 am on January 11 2010 and I noticed the moon. There was what appeared to be something blocking out the bottom tip of the crescent moon. Further out from where the tip of the crescent moon would have extended was a white light. The obaque object "sat" staionary from the time I left my house to the time I got to work (approx. 30 minutes). I came back outside after the sun had come up with a coworker and it was gone. Never seen anything like it. That afternoon, there was an abundance of chemtrails also. Atleast 10-15. I attached a rendering of what I saw. This is not a photo.
Original photo

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MUFON Case # 21452
Event Date: 01/11/2010 00:00
Location: DarDanelle, Arkansas
Summary: red flashing star on tip of cresent moon  

my 17yo daughter was taking me into work so she could drive to school that day. i am very observant of the skies these days , i looked at the cresent moon and yelled at alicia to look, i asked her if she saw the flashing star on the tip of the cresent moon and she did, we pulled over on the shoulder of the road and i told her to start taking pictures. i called my girlfriend whom i was going to give her a ride to work too and told her what i was seeing and to go look at the moon. i asked my daughter if the flashing star looked red to her and she said yes. we drove very slow down the mountain and i took pics with my cell phone too.when we got down to the bottom of the mountain the star appeared to be further away from the tip of the cresent moon and it was a white star. i went to work and looked out on the back porch and there was a star still further away but i think this was a normal star.my first thought was a ufo because i have had some unusual sightings of unexplainable lights since april of 2009 and several years ago too.the red flashing light was on the lower tip of the crescent moon. i dont remember any certain rythm of flashing.at times i thought it was flashing white. we pulled off the road a couple of times to get pictures and being a wooded area we only had full view here and there. when we got to the bottom of the mountain and down the road a ways , i asked alicia if the light appeared further away from the moon and i think she agreed, i was still very excited. i dont think my friend could see anything . i will call her today and get her details because i feel the need to start writing this down in a journal. i cant download pics now but we do have them on our phones and camera. i havent had a good look at the pics on the camera because i was very tired yesterday and rested all the evening.

I received an email from the author of MUFON Report Case # 21450.

Witness states: "My name is (name withheld by LITS) and you posted my MUFON case (#21450) on your blog.  Thank you for spreading it, I have been googling this since yesterday morning and am quite surprised no one else has really reported it.  I got to work and still saw the object in the same position so I phoned my mother in law and she went outside (she is staying with us right now).  And she saw the same thing, but said it had a reddish tinge to it.  I thought it looked more white.  Needless to say, I made sure I now have my camera with me since I dont want to miss this again!

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A witness brought to my attention that other witnesses (from Colorado), also saw the strange light near the moon.  Here are their reports.

MUFON Case # 21443
Date/Time: 01/11/2010 05:55
Location: Denver, Colorado
Shape:    Star-like
Duration: 01:07:00
Summary: This morning while driving to work, I saw a bright white (planet sized) object that was stationary with the moon.

This morning while driving to work, I saw a bright white (planet sized) object that was stationary with the moon. I live in the Denver area, and was traveling south on 470 to I25 South (0555). The object was as bright as Venus would be, and was 2 degrees to the right of the moon in a stationary orbit. I kept an eye on the object that was in the same position relative to the moon (2 degrees). The object stayed in the same position to the moon for the duration of the observation (1hour). After traveling on I 25 South until 0700 the object disappeared with the moon as the sun came up. From an educated guess the object was probably very large as it was in the moons shadow, and did not fade or move. The object could have been at the same position before and after my observation. My other guess is it was a mother ship from the size. I usually see at least 1 UFO a week in this area of Colorado. I reported this object as it was very differnt, and easier to not dispute.
Attached drawing

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MUFON Case # 21444
Date/Time: 2010-01-11 06:30 GMT
Location: Colorado
Shape:    Star-like
Summary: Similar Sighting

Response to : "This morning while driving to work, I saw a bright white (planet sized) object that was stationary with the moon. CO, US Jan112010.jpg" I saw this posted just now. I ALSO saw this bright light by the moon, in the exact position and thought it was a little out of place. Orion's belt was near, so I assumed it must have been a star in that constellation and didn't think anything further of it until now.

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Could these sightings possibly have been of the double star known as Al Niyat, or was it something more?

Personally, I don't think a star blocked out the tip of the crescent moon, so for now, I'll go with "unidentified".

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