Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The 1994 Lake Gosford, Austrailia Incident

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What was it in 1994 that had residents around Lake Gosford, Austrailia townsfolk so bewildered and

Numerous upstanding and highly credible people, such as policemen, retired acedemics and business owners claimed to have witnessed a shiney, round metallic object sucking up water from a nearby lake.

The object was also seen to show some interest in motorists, as at least 2 witnesses mentions that the object shown a light on their cars and followed 'some distance'.

Dozens of calls were made to the local police and there was a write-up in the newspapers, describing what people reported.

So many of the more recent sightings provide evidence, that some UFOs are not hiding the fact that they are here.

It is becoming more apparent that disclosure is coming bit by bit, from the ETs themselves.

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  1. 1994 Gosford UFO

    Hey there,
    Don't know how the "Lake" reference ever crept in, but the small city of Gosford (no Lake) is located near the open-to-the-sea salt-water expanse of Brisbane Water which is itself part of a much larger salt-water complex north of Sydney on the east coast of the state of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia (note spelling - only one "i"). Lots of small and large bays but no real lake in the immediate vicinity except some small lagoons and a small lake nearer the actual coast.

    David from Sydney.


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