Saturday, January 9, 2010

Navy Vet Saw Crippled 'Bogey' Crash Into Sea

MUFON Case # 21408
Reporting Date:    01/09/2010
Event Date:          02/01/1962
Location of Sighting: Johnson Island S. Pacific
Shape: Cigar,Cone,Cylinder
Distance: Over one mile
Entity Type: Human-like,Apparition,Other
Summary: About 200 yards long- taveling parralle to the horizon approx. 2500 feet above sea level.

To whom it may concern, you may contact me regarding my personal knowledge of the Navy’s deep sea UFO / USO 1961 deep sea salvage attempt in the South Pacific, during Operation Dominic-an unprecedented series of atmospheric nuclear tests.

After 48 year , I like many ex-military service personnel are coming out of the wood work to share their UFO/USO experiences – this is mine. I am hoping it will fill in and add to the early 1960’s UFO/USO sightings not reported in the area of the South Pacific. What is amazing to me after all these years I still get a visit from one or two unknown strangers suggesting I think twice before going public with what I know about what I witnessed back in 1961/1962 while serving onboard a US Naval Escort Destroyer.

It was during one of our ships many sea operations back in 1962- patrolling restricted sea and air space. While serving onboard a US Navy Destroyer Radar Picket Ship, I and a dozen other selected crew members was ordered on deck to observe a crippled ‘Boggy’ or UFO about to crash into the sea, not far from our ships location. Later, I was to learn the subject UFO was accidently struck down by a powerful high altitude atomic test missile.

Years later in 19--, while stationed at Guantanamo Bay Cuba I met a Chief Navy Diver who said he was going to write a book about his involvement and a secret Navy attempt to extract a UFO from the bottom of the ocean floor in 1962 during Operation Dominic. I was shocked to learn it was the exact same UFO/USO I witnessed on its way to the sea bottom.

About week later, after our conversation on the UFO topic the Master Chief Diver died under strange circumstances- a day before his 30 year retirement in the Navy.
I have a lot more information on the subject when it comes to UFO and USO human connection, on a personal level. If you want to learn more- I will share documents and a picture taken by a Navy Pilot in 1961, of a UFO near the exact same UFO crash site in the South Pacific.

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Note:  Report is 'as is', no corrections.

It is my hope that this case will be thoroughly investigated, as I suspicion that the Navy Vet has much more information to add.

I'd like to add that I hope he stays safe and thank him for his service to our country.

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