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Unidentified Objects Viewed Thru Airplane Windows During Flights

MUFON Case # 21333
Submitted Date:    01/03/2010
Event Date: 12/27/2009 02:00
Location: About 500km WNW of Shanno, Ireland
Shape:    Chevron,Triangle
Duration: 00:10:00
Summary: Triangular-shaped lights blinking over North Atlantic Ocean (viewed from plane)

Date of Sighting: 27 December 2009
Time of Sighting: approx. 2:00 AM GMT
Location: North Atlantic Ocean, approx. 500 km WNW of Shannon, Ireland or approx. 800 km W of Glascow, Scotland

Three bright red lights in a triangular (isoscoles) shape over the North Atlantic Ocean, seen from a window seat (facing south) on Delta Airlines #106 flight from New York (JFK) to Frankfurt, Germany. At about 2:00 AM GMT, I was awake on the transatlantic flight at the time the cabin lights were dimmed and many people were sleeping and there was very little to no activity going on. I looked out the window at the stars, and noticed three bright red lights overhead in the one- to two-o'clock position in the sky. Thinking this was a reflection of cabin lights, I cupped my hands over my eyes to block out any reflecting light. The lights were bright and clear overhead, so I then immediately thought these were outside lights. I looked down over the wing lights, and noticed that the right wing light was white; since I couldn't see the tail at all from the window, I realized these were not tail lights. In addition, they were overhead, where I had to actually look up from the window, so I realized these lights were neither part of the plane nor were they land lights, since this was over the ocean.

As this was also in the middle of the non-eventful flight, the cruising altitude had not changed, so the three red lights in triangular form must have been at the very least, 60,000 - 80,000 ft. high. The lights also had a blinking pattern which uniformly looped over and over for the ten-minute sighting: the two left side lights blinked once, followed by the top right light; then the two top lights blinked once, followed by the bottom left light; then all three lights together blinked in unison. This pattern of blinking was happening during the entire time.

In addition, unlike seeing another plane in flight, these red lights were stationary - with the Delta airplane moving away. It was like seeing bright blinking lights on the ground - but in reverse. The blinking lights were above and we were flying below, moving more and more out of view. After about ten minutes, the stationary blinking lights were moving out of view as the plane moved further to the "left," or east. After they were out of view, the view out the window looking in same direction was pitch black; it was then, when I realized this was clearly not a reflection but an actual set of lights in a triangular form, blinking in patterns and 'hovering' over the North Atlantic Ocean.
Original photo

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MUFON Case # 21335
Reported Date:    01/03/2010
Event Date:    11/30/2004
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Shape:    Sphere
Distance: 500 feet or less
Summary: Large sphere traveling alongside plane approximately 200 feet from wing of plane.  

Depiction by SW

I was traveling via expressjet from Houston IAH to Louisville Kentucky for business. Facing the plane, I sat on the right side of the plane just ahead of the wing next to the window. Once we reached cruising altitude, I started reading a book.I became increasingly bored and looked outside my window. I noticed a sphere about the size of a compact car approximately 200 feet off the wing of the plane.

It was dull in color. An unpolished metal nearly exact in the image of a VERY large ball bearing, it was perfect in it's spherical shape. Always looking for a logical, scientific explanation to anything paranormal first,I assumed it was a tiny bubble in the glass of the window or ice on the glass of the window. I studied it for about a minute and was astonished when i witnessed it move behind a small cloud.

I immediately looked down the aisle and noticed many other passengers were looking outside the window at the object as well. I looked at the object again and noticed it never swayed, dove or maneuvered at all. It was very static in it's position. This made me skeptical. How can any craft fly alongside another craft and never move, in any manner from it's present position? Anything in flight is always fighting the physics of the atmosphere every second i.e. barometric pressure, wind, air pockets, friction, etc...

I looked for an explanation. Maybe some strange tether to a weather balloon or refraction of light on the window? There was no physical explanation. It was what it was. My mind raced as I tried to understand how something so non-aerodynamic could possibly create lift. I looked for some sort of glow or exhaust or any type of radiation to explain it's terrestrial origin. Nothing. It sat at one position with no presence of any mechanical movement. It appeared as if it was observing us, though there were no visual ports or windows.

I didn't take my eyes off of the object as I knew I was witnessing something extraordinary and oddly beautiful. I, for the first time in my life was truly in awe. We traveled into a thick cloud formation. I witnessed the sphere pass through a patch of thick cloud and never resurface. as soon as it appeared it was gone.

Here is where things got weird. I looked down the aisle to hopefully catch eye contact with someone who was witnessing this event and could discuss this. What I witnessed next shook me to my core. All other witnesses, approximately 20 plus, just leaned back into their seats and continued reading their books, newspapers and laptops as if nothing happened. Why was I the only person who felt as if I just witnessed a magnificent moment? Whether it was a higher intelligence or something we created, it was a beautiful moment.

I reflected on this for several minutes up to the final hour of our flight. Once we reached our terminal,I had totally forgotten the entire experience. How could this happen? How could I forget an experience that shook my entire core and being? Several years later I started to slowly recall my experience. Why did the other passengers not even have any sign of expression on their face after the incident? Why did I totally forget the entire experience until many years later?

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  1. you were instructed to forget and then told never repeat you instructions,you may recall the episode intirely in a trance hypnotic induced subconcious trangression! seek out the communications you received,its reveling!!!!


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