Monday, January 25, 2010

Bright Objects Seen In Texas Skies- January 24, 2010

From several locations, bright lights were seen in the Texas Skies on the evening of Sunday, January 24, 2010.  Was it possibly the same object?

Here are three (3) reports that were submitted to MUFON.  Some spelling and grammar have been corrected. To view original reports, click on case number.

MUFON Case # 21630
Reporting Date:    01/24/2010
Event Date/Time: 01/24/2010 19:28
Location: Brownsville, Texas
Shape:    Sphere,Star-like
Summary: Moving object from west northwest to east southeast

While outside with my dog walking around the house, I noticed this huge bright object moving smoothly from northwest towards an east southeast direction. I would calculate altitude around 8 thousand feet based on airliners passing overhead continuously during the day over 10 thousand feet.

The sky is clear, cool, light breeze. I called my wife out to see it and the object made a smooth 45 degree turn towards the east for about 3 seconds then turned just as smoothly towards a southern direction. No sound, no anti-collision lights, just one big yellowish sphere.

This object was bigger than the current planets out tonight or any star on the Orion Constellation. As it moved south it just dimmed out and disappeared. As big and bright as this thing was it would have been visible for another 2 or 3 minutes as it moved along. Even my dog just stared at it.

*     *     *

MUFON Case # 21640
Reporting Date:    01/25/2010
Event Date/Time: 01/24/2010 22:00
Location: Austin, Texas
Shape:    Star-like
Summary: Single point of brilliant white light moving extremely fast. The light got much brighter and disappeared.

I went out on my front porch at about 10pm CST. I saw a point of light at roughly 20K feet moving in a north-by-northeasterly direction. It was moving extremely fast in a manner I can only describe as smooth. The speed was incredible, I've never seen anything at that height moving remotely close to that speed.

I watched as the light moved in my direction and, apparently, slightly upwards. There were clear skies with not a cloud in the sky. After 3-5 seconds, the brilliant white light got much brighter, approximately 2-3 times as bright, then disappeared. There was absolutely no noise. This was near Braker Lane, just east of I-35.

*     *     *

MUFON Case # 21641
Reporting Date:    01/25/2010-01-25
Event Date:    01/24/2010 17:10
Location: Unspecified location in Texas
Longitude:    -102.791
Latitude:    33.0189
Shape:    Bullet/Missile,Cigar
Summary: Bullet/Cigar shaped object hovering high in the sky S/W of McKinney, TX

At 5pm on Sunday Jan. 24th I had a strong feeling, almost a physical need to go in West direction from my house. While driving West on Eldorado Blvd., I noticed a bullet/cigar shaped shiny silver object hovering high in the sky, in the SW direction from McKinney, TX. It was not moving at all, which is exactly what drew my attention. I was pretty exited and was hoping not to loose the sight of the object while finding an appropriate parking spot. I parked my car, got out and proceed watching this object. After a few minutes the object got very bright and vanished. I felt happy,joyful and exited during and after this experience.

It's hard to say an exact location, over which this object was hovering, but it looked like it was in proximity of DFW airport, but did not look or behave as a conventional aircraft. Plus, there were a few airplanes going at the same direction, but they were flying much lower, then the location of this object.

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