Monday, January 11, 2010

Triangle UFOs Over Ohio

A report of over 100 triangle UFO sightings has been submitted to MUFON.
My question is, if these sightings are real, why don't more people report them?  That many unusual objects in the sky should warrant some attention.
Report is "as is", no corrections.

Depiction of Sighting by SW.
MUFON Case # 21433
Date:    01/09/2010 22:52
Location: Tarlton, Ohio
Shape:    Triangle
Duration: 00:04:00
Summary: Surreal Triangle, I'm still in shock...

Over the past few monthes begining in Summer of 2009, I have personally witenessed atleast 130+ sightings of 'black triangles' literally in my front yard. I realize that yeah, I should've reported each and every sighting, and I had planned too, but these reports take awhile to fill out and Ive seen them so many times Ive become used to seeing them. I'll look at them and laugh out loud and watch them until they fly away and put it aside. They always look and appear the same way; a very bright yellowish/white/amber light in the distance and once they reach a certian distance the light dissappears, leaving only an odd triangle craft that slowly hovers across the sky. The belly has a multitude of red, white and blue blinking lights in a strange almost eye-like pattern. The only noticible noise is a low humming or buzzing sound, kinda like a transformer or a power station. Ive seen these things so many times that its honestly funny; ive seen one slowly crawling at an altitude of 200 ft. shining some strange searchlight into the pine trees across the road. Ive seen 4 of them flying almost one after another across the night sky. Ive even brought friends/family to my house to see them, most leaving saying "What the [cms/tg/pd] dude, why show me that, thats scary!?" and becoming firm believers. Tonight was different . . .

Just like the first time I saw one, I was taking my dog outside to potty. Immeditally I saw the bright light in the distance and recognized it as a triangle. I chained the dog up and as always I stayed to watch it fly over. But I was soon shocked (my cigarette litterally fell out of my mouth from awe) by how vastly different it was; firstly, the sheer size of it. ATLEAST 300+ ft. across (typical triange I see is 90-100ft across)and the dazzeling lights which were vastly different from regular triangles. Unlike other triangles, the bright light on the front didnt go off; it was clearly visable that it was a collection of 3 amber/white lights on the front. Because it was pitch black outside I was unable to clearly define the outline of it, but I was almost directly under it with a small side view. Tons of white, red, blue and one green light, some blinking rapidly others staying on. Since I am limeted by my frugile human memory, I really couldnt describe the exact formation on the lights but there where a lot more than any typical triangle.

Two other huge differences where the CLEARLY visable outline of some kind of 'cargo-bay' on the back, almost like the kind you'd find on a milatary jumbo jet used for dropping and loading cargo. There where 4 whitish lights of the corners of the 'cargo-bay' and a noticible slant to it. The other difference was . . . I want to say 'rabbit ear' protrutions from the sides of it. Like if you took a regular black triangle and put two 'Z' shaped wings on the top/side of it, thats what youd have. On the tips of them there were elongated ovals, like a small jet engine. The usual humming noise and soft roar probly caused by the massive displacment of air it caused. Ive already ruled out the jumbo jet idea and the possibility of it being a V-22 Ospery, simply because ive seen V-22's in action; theyre loud and not this big. Altitude of 500-600ft, moving South-to-North.

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