Tuesday, January 12, 2010

UFO may have left evidence in a Grandfalls, TX landing

MUFON Case # 21440
Date/Time: 01/09/2010 22:00
Location: Grandfalls, Texas
Shape:    Sphere,Teardrop
Distance: 100 feet or less
Vallee Index: CE2
Summary: A bright light that descended to the ground and left a mark

My sighting started as we were going home after attending Saturday evening mass and going out for dinner afterwards. As we drove toward home, we stopped at the Town and Country and picked up a gallon of milk and a case of Pepsi for the house and I picked up a pack of cigarettes. As we headed home and talked amongst ourselves about the week ahead. As we approached Grandfalls, my wife asked me if I could see that plane in the sky, I looked up and saw a large, intensely bright, white light. I told her that the light could not be coming from an airplane since the nearest municipal airport was in Monahans which was about 13 miles away and the nearest large airport was Midland International about 50 miles away. We watched as the light, changed shape from round, to more of a tear drop shaped and got lower and lower in the sky.

My wife asked if it could be a helicopter, but I honestly don’t remember seeing a helicopter out this way and this late at night. I told her it could be, but if it was it must belong to one of the oil companies and they must be checking the pipelines. We watched as the light got lower and lower and eventually came to rest behind the old power substation. As we watched it land, the light eventually faded, but the sky around the power station got lit up like a spot light was being shown at the station. We were curious and decided to take the road toward the substation and check it out for ourselves. We turned down 5th street and as we drive past the old power station we saw a large shiny object floating there. It stayed there for a few seconds then it shot off toward the north and looked like it shot over the water tower and toward the direction of Monahans.

This scared my wife who demanded we go home and go home right now. She says she did not feel safe being there in the dark. I returned home and we talked about what we saw, but neither of us could really get any sleep. The next morning as I headed out to work, I drove by the old power station and to my surprise; there was a big black circle where the object had been. I called my wife and she got upset that I had gone back. I looked up on the internet about this and it lead me here to this site and now here I am reporting this to you. I do not wished to be called, I have a reputation and a career to think about, This is a very small community and very tightly knit, I do not want people thinking that I am crazy. The old power station is easy to find and so is the circle that the object left. This was something that we will never forget.

Note:  The witness does not want any contact with UFO investigators, yet he reports the sighting.
How many people could have witnessed this same object?  I live in a small town and I know how talk gets around, like a prairie fire.

Grandfalls is also in close proximity to Monahans, where other alien craft have been seen to land and their occupants observed.

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