Sunday, April 13, 2014

Boomerang Over Round Rock



Sighting reported to Lights in the Texas Sky
Location: Round Rock, Texas
Date:  April 9, 2014
Time: 8:57 PM
Shape: Boomerang

Tonight, as I was walking my dogs, I looked up to see a boomerang shaped cloud flying North at a very high rate of speed.  At first, I thought it was some type of reflection, but there were no clouds in the sky for any light to be reflected.  It is a clear night. 
This object was completely silent.  My wife also saw this thing.  I thought maybe it could have been ducks or geese, but I have never seen them fly as fast as this object was moving.  This is my first experience with a UFO.  It's truly something I can't identify!  Wow!

I asked a couple of questions and received this response and photo.:

Yes, I saw this object at 8:57pm Central Time.  The boomerang shaped object was not clearly defined, as it appeared cloudlike.  However, it was definitely shaped as a boomerang with the angle of the boomerang being the front.  There were no lights, no sharp edges and no sound.  Really weird.
See my sketch...

Name withheld by SW/LITS

          *          *          *

Note:  Witness is a professional in the medical field.

Did anyone else in the Round Rock area see this object?  If so, please send me your report.   Thanks!~ Sunny


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