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Man Reports Explosion In Sky Over Granbury, Texas- 6/21/2011

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I received an email from a friend, claiming that on the evening of June 21, 2011, he and his neighbor heard an explosion in the skies over Granbury, Texas.  The explosive sound damaged windows and toppled objects off shelves.

Earlier today (June 22, 2011), the tree limbs that had been knocked down out of the trees by the blast, were withered and the leaves crisp and dry.  He had tested for radiation and though the limbs were "hot" last night, the radiation is now gone.


At exactly 11:37 pm, there was a massive explosion in the atmosphere above Granbury. The sound of this explosion was so strong, that it cracked my sky light in the living room and three other windows are broken. The entire house shook with such force from the initial blast, that every single thing on my shelves and counter tops vibrated to the floor. I could feel the sonic boom on my heart and it actually made my head pound for several seconds. The extremely loud thunder type of rumbling continued for over two minutes and slowly faded in decibel levels, until it faded out completely.

I noticed a very bright reddish-purple glow coming from above the house and through the skylight, just seconds before the sound of the explosion hit my location. I honestly thought that a small tactical nuclear bomb had been detonated at or near the Nuclear plant in Glenrose. There were no storms in the area and there hasn't been any storms or rain here in Granbury now, for over two months. All of the storms from last night and tonight, split up and went around us, as I watched this happen on radar.

This was not lightning and thunder from storms!  Even my cats were scared out of their wits and had arched backs, with the hair standing up all over, for several minutes after the event. My neighbor even came out and looked up into the sky, at the same time that I did. He said: "What the Hell was that! Did a house in the neighborhood explode or something?!

We found his front window cracked and heard several police sirens in the distance.

I will let you know if I find out more about this strange phenomena. Should this have been the result of a rogue lightning bolt, that arced from the storms fifty miles south of us, this would be the first one of this magnitude, that I know of.  One thing that scares the hell out of me and is just way too coincidental...

Let me know if you hear from any one else, that experienced this same explosive effect.

BTW- The temperature, at the time of this event was still at 94 degrees. There was a very slight breeze out of the south, and the temperature 12:22 is 77 degrees.
The coolest temps we have had here in Granbury at night, for the last two weeks, has been only 84 degrees. Our high temps have been from 101 to 114! and absolutely not one single drop of rain! The grass and weeds are all dead, and all of my trees are starting to die off now! I have only had 00.75 inches of rain, since Jan. 1st!

I would swear that I am experiencing weather manipulation warfare. I can't explain it any other way.

Then today he writes:

I forgot to mention, that four large branches broke off of my cottonwood tree during the event. They were
the upper most branches and I tested them for radiation. They were pretty hot! So my neighbor helped me to move them to the farthest back corner of my property. There was absolutely no wind last night too!
I went out to look at the branches a few minutes ago, and the leaves are already brown and will crumble in your hand with ease. They were still green last night! No more radiation though. Pretty darn freaky!

(Name withheld by SW/LITS)


Note:  If you are in the Granbury area and heard the explosive sound on the evening of June 21, 2011, please contact me. 
Thank you,
Sunny (SW)



  1. Something doesn't add up here. A blast of that magnitude with very low half life radiation close to a nuclear plant and the authorities don't know what happened. IMHO - It was either a conventional explosion in some part of the nuclear plant that handles low half life radioactive materials or a dry run for a terrorist's dirty bomb.

    Either way it is frightening.

  2. OK .... I live in belton Texas. My boyfriend and I were sitting in the car in his driveway. We saw a bright orange, red even blueish explosion in the sky. It was huge. How far are you from belton, tx

  3. We just heard an unexplained explosion that shook our house, just North of Granbury. It sounded like it came from south. My first thought was Glenrose. WE drove around to a look out point and don't see anything. we put the news on and nothing. It was so weird. I googled and found this post about it also happening last year.


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