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Triangular-shaped Objects Over Ft. Collins, CO & Tulsa, OK - Photos

Images cropped from original photos. - SW

MUFON Case #  29416
Event Date:    2010-02-09
City:    Fort Collins
State:    Colorado
Shape:    Other
Summary:    Tetrahedron

My Family and I were having a very late Christmas celebration at my apt in Fort Collins. We went outside to take some photos of the kids by a snowfort, someone had built.
My sister in law and my brother made a comment about something in the sky. they thought it might be a hang glider or one of those motorized kites that people can fly around in. I saw it in the distance. Which was west of where we were. I took a few close up photos of it. I do recall that it seemed to be flashing from underneath but I didn't photograph any light coming from it. It actually seemed to be rotating. My Brother and I used my binoculars to look at it. The out side seemed to have a covering of octagonal bumps. Like you find of the shell of a sand turtle. I have attached some of the photos I took which also show it enlarged. There was no noise associated with it and it seemed to be a great distance away. I could not estimate the size of this.
I do recall thinking it is going to go away now and it most certainly did by drifting north towards Wyo. I have never heard of anyone here seeing this.
At one time I attempted to bring this to the MUFON conference in Denver. I was asked then to make this report. I would be willing to talk about it with a researcher.

In the last photo you can enlarge it and see the stripe at a horizontal angle. I didn't know this until I uploaded the photo to my new computer.
I have a total of 5 photos and one was taken with my iPhone for GPS tagging of my location.

Original Photos:
Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Note: I might have dismissed the Ft. Collins report as an IFO (identified flying object, i.e., trash bag), had it not been for the next two reports from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

MUFON Case #  29401
Event Date:    2011-06-04
City:    Tulsa
State:    Oklahoma
Shape:    Fireball,Star-like
Distance:    Unknown
Entity Type:    None
Summary:    Phoenix Lights revisited

I had just picked my wife up from her babysitting job and we were going to my mother's house to spend the rest of our evening there. We were in a Toyota car and as were approaching her house I noticed in the southern sky about 15-20 amber-colored lights, arranged in a perfectly spaced crescent formation. They were stationary and did not move even when I stopped my car for a few seconds. They just stood there like beacons in the night sky. They were very obvious, anyone facing south tonight could not have missed them. They did not shimmer, flicker, pulsate or blink.

I immediately pointed them out to my wife and we both started watching them as I was driving about 15 mph on one of our neighborhood streets in the direction of the lights (south). My first thought was that it was fireworks, because they looked like the fireballs you see on the Fourth of July. But they weren't moving or fading at all after 10 or 20 seconds. My next thought was that it might be some astronomy club demonstration of some sort, because the shape they were in resembled the shape of the big-dipper to my eye. But they were much to high and perfectly spaced and none of them seemed to be drifting. That was when I realized I was witnessing a UFO. It reminded me of the Phoenix Lights.

I sped home to my mothers house as fast as possible to tell her so she could them too. I arrived there about 20 seconds later and ran inside and told her to go out and look. Then all three of us went into the backyard and watched the lights. We could just see a few of the lights through the trees that line her backyard fence.

The lights then started moving north very slowly, first in a formation then slowly separating. There was not wind tonight. They were definitely being propelled by something other than wind because they were moving quite fast, yet not as fast as a helicopter or plane.

I could then see three of them together in a triangle shape. We all stood quietly and my wife and I could hear a sound coming from them. They made a soft whirring sound like a quiet fan would. Or maybe it resembled a small electric motor. It was not loud at all, you would not be able to hear it if you someone was talking next to you, it was quite soft.

I was excited by this time and so I ran to go to the park by our house so I could get an unobstructed view but before I made it there the lights had already passed over my position at the same speed but there were only 3 or 4 remaining. As I watched the last few they seemed to be growing dim, like a spark or ember. I thought, "are they perhaps chinese lanterns?" I've never seen a chinese lantern before in real life so I don't know. But how could they stay in a perfect, symmetrical shape and move together in unison like that if that's what they were? Besides, they were much much too high to be anything tethered to the ground.

Then I walked back to my house and my mother and wife were standing at the end of our street. I guess they were walking to join me at the park and get a better look.

Suddenly a car pulled up and stopped. It was our neighbors a couple of doors down. They are a married couple, and friendly acquaintances of ours. My mother asked them if they just saw the lights and they told us that they indeed had and their description was exactly what we saw. They were beside themselves with excitement just as we were. The man said they also saw a shooting start in the eastern sky just a second or two before he noticed the Lights. We talked for about 15 minutes, puzzled about what we had just seen and trying to reason what they could possibly have been.

I asked them if they had heard the sound but neither had, maybe because they were in their car. The man said he tried to snap a photo of it on his cell phone but couldn't snap a shot, for some reason which I forget now. Maybe his battery was dead I think. I didn't have a camera on me but even if I did I don't know if they would have shown up on a digital camera.

Evidently, while I was walking to the park, my mom called our next-door neighbor and told her to come outside and see this, whereupon she came outside, observed them for a minute and was said"what IS it? What is it?That is REALLY WEIRD!"

My mother tried calling the airport but nobody answered. She called the police and the dispatcher said that they had about 7 calls about them. She said the number of lights reported by others was 25-50. I could only see 15-20 but perhaps that's because there were tall trees all around that partially obscured my view.


MUFON Case #  29414

MUFON Case #  29414
Date:    2011-06-04 
Time:    23:10
City:    Tulsa
State:    Oklahoma
Shape:    Oval,Square/Rectagular
Distance:    Over one mile
Weather:    None
Summary:    Large red elliptical shapes in eastern sky

It was about 23:10 Saturday 6-4-2011 when my wife took the dog out back. I was on the couch where I had been all day with a touch of a stomach flu. Within about a minute of her going outside she came back in demanding me to get up and come outside to see "something is wrong with the sky". I begrudgingly got up to go out back and investigate. When I came out she was at the end of the pool deck facing the eastern horizon and pointing in that direction demanding to look. As I came out of the door, past the stoop and at the end of the deck I noticed numerous large red elliptical shaped objects in the eastern sky. These objects were moving from a south to north direction at about the speed of a slow moving prop plane or helicopter, maybe a bit slower actually. These objects were red in color, with no pulsating lights, no strobe, no change in color, no flickering etc. They were just a constant red glow. The objects all moved at the same rate of speed, same direction and at the same altitude. They never drifted apart from one another always maintaing the same distance from one another. They were very large and you could not have missed them much, much larger than landing lights or marker lights of planes etc. When these objects came to a certain point in the sky, roughly above my neighbors house, the lights would turn off. No fading or flickering, again, just like a light switch and they were out. I followed one to that point and when the light went out I could make out an outline of a rectangular like shape briefly before it was obscured by trees.
If I had to judge I would say the altitude was between 1,000 and 5,000 feet. Speed would be less than 100 knots and approximate location (direction or landmark it was following) would have been centered over Memorial Drive, give or take.
I know Memorial Drive is a common approach land mark for planes flying into TIA however, these were not planes. There was absolutely no noise coming from them and the amount that were there would have made a racket. In fact, it was oddly quiet for the city on a Saturday night further adding to the no noise.
All in all I would say that there was approximately 25 or so of the lights. They seemed organized yet random, if you catch my drift? One grouping had a formation, 5 objects, like geese but without the lead bird.
This was my first ever experience of anything that I couldn't put a rational explanation to. It left my wife and I a bit excited, to say the least. My wife took several pictures on her phone but only one came out. I think she was shaking so the objects appear smeared. If you notice in the upper part of the picture you see many more smaller red "orbs" I had not noticed these until today.

Original Photo


Note:  If you look closely at the cropped images, you can see that the lights are attached to what appears to be dark triangular objects, eerily similar to the object photographed in Ft. Collins, Colorado.
I noticed in the original photo that the lights were attached to something, so I cropped and enlarged the images, only manipulating the "levels" in order to see the triangular objects.  Otherwise, the photos are "as is". -SW


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