Monday, November 2, 2009

Black Disk UFO Seen In Tomball, Texas

Location: Tomball, Texas (NW of Houston)
Date/Time: 2009-11-01 21:54

(Minor grammar/spelling corrections made.)

MUFON- I arrived home around 9:50 p.m. on November 1st. I was opening the refrigerator when I heard what I though was a plane.

At first I thought nothing of it since our house is in the flight path of a nearby small airport. The sound got so loud it seemed as if a plane was going to crash into my house or a rocket was blasting off, which caused me to look out my back door.

When I looked outside there was a large disc shaped object, which lit up as I stared in horror. I stared at the object in shock for about 10 seconds, and the ran to my parents room, screaming about what I saw.

It was so surreal, like something from a movie.

The craft appeared to be a dark metallic object, not silver more like black. It was shaped like 2 plates put together with the top half scalloped like a coffee filter.

There was a ring of rotating lights around the center of the craft, 2 colors that stood out were yellow and blue.


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  1. Yah I think I got pulled over by one of those a month ago.

  2. Last night i was taking pictures on Facebook when I looked out the window and saw two really really brights lights next to each,they started moving from the woods to my house and suddenly like five min later, I saw a UFO (its lights were orange and yellow or white)hovering over my house. I almost had a heart attack, I didnt want to get taken by them. I called my sisters and they came to the house from a place called Cluckers. And we all went back into the woods an hour later to see if we could find anything, but we didn't
    Oddly enough my sister (Im a identical triplet by the way) went to Galveston and talked to a weird looking homeless women the other day on the beach and the homeless women said, "you and your sisters are special and she just went on about how we are different then other people and aliens already watch us" and then she said, "since you just talked to me, aliens will start visiting you" she also claimed she has gotten taken by the aliens before.
    My sisters and I has always strongly believed in Aliens and we have always believed we had a connection with them. A while ago my had a strange experience also.
    Please write back, I would love to hear your comment, thanks.

  3. Hello. I live between Tomball and Houston tx. Off 249 and Spring Cypress. Last week I witnessed an orb of light changing colors very dramatically and diming to almost nothing. The next night I came looking for it and it was gone. Finally a week later it was back. Finally I didn't feel crazy and could show my wife what I saw . To her disbelief she witnessed it also. I googled it and also found video of what I saw. People in other states and around the world are seeing these objects also. the YouTube video was disco ball star. This is not the first time I have witnessed a UFO here in spring.4-5 months ago I also witnessed a bright star looking object lower than any other star. I stood there watching for 10-15 secs. Then it shot up in the air and was gone. It was like it knew I saw it!

  4. Oh wow, Tell me what did the disc look like that was above your house? The disc that was in my yard looked like a coffe filter stacked upon a plate. It had solar panels on the top im sure of it, I recognized the pattern. No windows, very bold square shaped lights pulsated, literally.. I was horrified. It looked like a graphic. The sound, I will never forget the sound it made. If it wasnt for that I would never have looked out the glass door.


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