Monday, November 23, 2009

Alien Abductions Part 1: Stories of alien abductions, missing time, physical examinations, sexual experiments and evidence of human/alien breeding experiments.

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Part 2: Discussing how hypnosis is often used to help people cope with the UFO abduction experience and a Harvard scientific analysis shows that abductees truely believe these events took place.

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Part 3- Why abductions occur and are aliens conducting sexual experiments for breeding purposes, or are they just scientific experiments meant to save humanity from destruction?

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In a recent report to MUFON, a truck driver claims that in 1978, while on a haul to San Fransico, he was abducted after driving into a tunnel in Navada. Here is that report:

Depiction by SW
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MUFON Case Number: 20680
Date/Time: 07-16-1978  02:35 MST
Location: Nevada
Entity Type: Unknown
I was headed westbound on hwy 80 as I've done many times before, taking a load to San Francisco.

It was about 0200-0230 as I was approaching the tunnel, it's located about half way thru Nev.,when I started to feel really strange.I remember entering the tunnel and then nothing...

The next thing I knew I was in McCaren 76 truck stop, coming up off the steering wheel, feeling completely disoriented,and wondering what had just happened.

What astounded me even more is that I when looked at my "el-cheapo" truck stop Timex I noticed it had stopped, it's battery opperated! and was working before!!.

I somehow had arrived at the truck stop approx. 4 hours earlier than expected, and by all means the truck I was driving could only run a max speed of 68 mph.

This happened about July of '78. Since then I have had several encounters with "outworlders" or their spacecraft. sincerely Edward C.

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