Friday, November 27, 2009

1991 Canadian UFO Landing

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1991 - Bob Exler, a former former NASA Mission Specialist, received a tape in the mail, along with strange documents and a fingerprint from a source known only as 'the Guardian'.

The video tape enclosed showed an object apparently on, or hovering above the ground, a possible UFO landing on a small farm in West Carlton, Ontario, Canada.

According to Optical physicist Dr. Bruce Macabee, the object appears to be "disc shaped, with rather unique looking appendages."

Macabee also determined that the craft hovering above the field appears to be 25 feet in diameter, and he doesn't feel that it is the work of a Hollywood special effects team.

Dr. Macabee goes on to say the "this was a real event witnessed by some people other than guardsmen, which makes this an important case and in my opinion it's not a hoax."

Denis Dehaitre of the Royal Canadian Mounted police disagreed, saying the craft is real but nothing unusual. He believes that it is nothing more than a helicopter. Dr. Macabee disagrees.

Editor's Note: I, along with an expert on helicopters of all types, agree with Dr. Macabee.

I asked retired Army helicopter specialist and technical inspector SSG J. Williams, to examine the photo and video of the object. He emphatically stated that the object in the film "is not a helicopter."

So just what is the object in the film and who is, or was the Guardian? We may never know but one thing is for sure, we will continue to search for the truth behind this and other sightings.

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  1. This is not the whole video, they cut out the main part, the so - called alien. Bob Oechsler resigned form his work because of the heat this tape brought him ( Freemason's Illuminate ). I spoke to him by phone in 1992 and he seem like he was doing well with no stress. Bob, am sorry I didn't speak to you that day in the library, playing dumb have been the greatest weapon ... if anyone is wondering, no am not Guardian .... am the offspring of whats about to take place though. Because of the murder of William Cooper and John Todd, plus the incarceration of Fritz Springmeier, I've no choice but to but to come out of hiding because of what they done to them and many more. There's a old saying that says " be careful what you wish for ". luciferians waged war against the earth and the heavens - judgment day is yet hand.


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